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by: Dr. Mona McKenzie
Dr. Mona McKenzie
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Mona McKenzie on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 251 at Davidson College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/221265/hum-251-davidson-college in Humanities at Davidson College.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Notes on Paul Celan for HUM 251 DenhaIn 15 April 2009 I would like to make a few very basic even simpleiminded by which I mean obvious points about reading Celan reading poetry especially in translation and confronting perhaps understanding artifacts of creative imagination that is of the creative impulse an impulse both selfraffirmative and thus outwardiaffirming of life and of a life communicated thus collective or communal after Auschwitz Reading Paul Celan Paul Celan looms over the best minds the best readers the carefulest listeners of the last two generations His work his oeuvre is a work a labor of gnomic reconstruction By gnomic understand the knowledge of a form parallelogram perhaps given by the shadow cast by the form after the form has fallen away or been eroded But understand also the gnomon as pointer knowledge giver place of recognition Celan Ancel AntscheliPaul gives traces of past for us to recognize even in his name We know born in Bukovina Czernowitz November 23 1920 a town of 100000 half of them Jews German at home Yiddish looked down upon Romanian at school and on the streets French and English also Russian later At home we spoke High German only dialect remmedimformnately uite distant for me he said One friend said that of that linguistic milieuiJews in the AustroiHungarian world after the disintegration of that state Xe had no natural language To speak German was something you had to achieve You could do it but it did not come of itself This can be said too ofKa ia Rilke Arnold Zweig Torberg even Buber Can one say this of any German speakers who are selfraware Perhaps The poetics of German demonstrate a constant selfidetermining both for an ideal language that does not exist yet beyond Walther von der Vogelweide Luther Grimmelshausen then of course Goethe and Schiller and the derivative epigones of the nineteenth century and also a constant reaction against Provencal Latin raging dialects along the Rhine mountains battleilines and confessions against the frontiers against Yiddish against the Bauwarians the Allemans the Flems Dutch and Danes German was created by writers Think ofOpitz or Wieland or Lessing Herder too seeks to find the origins of all language but the quest is for his own And just as it became a perfect beautiful thing a century later crystallized by Ka ia and Rilke burnished by Brecht set in a frame by Mann and loved by Laskeri Schuler German becaIne ash and dust and the language of death Celan had to achieve German all anew from nothing from emptiness in the shadow ofAuschwitz Celan seeks connections metaphors thrice distant from the center in nature in people in his apostrophized du you in holy texts and names and stories always around the corner out of sight In the wind or high tree branches or snowgephemeral gnomic pointers for recognition here it is we have it for a moment Only a moment Your eye looked on looked away your mouth spoke its way to the eye and I heard We don t know you know we don t know do we what counts But Celan keeps trying drawing lines and treading paths and circling He seeks Was his work a quest A drive A cry out for the motherword the mother tongue the mother language His mother was shot unfit for work in the winter of 1942743 in a camp in Transnistria His father died of typhus in a camp about the same time 33 Einsatzkommando 10B a unit of Einsatzgruppe D Ohlendorf arrived in Czernowitz on June 5 or 6 1941Jews were put in ghettos labor camps concentration camps Romania had become an ally of Germany by that point and Romanian soldiers and police carried out German policies of exclusion humiliation deportation and murder seaInlessly Celan himself arrested and in a labor camp though he speaks of plural camps never with details later learns of his fathei s death and his mothei s murder during the winter of 1943 He is already writing then writing writing Rhymed poems ordered by tradition by German Writers by Schiller he memorized and recited as a little boy Language he said in a letter to a friend later doesn t only build bridges into the world but into loneliness His language begins to depart from German and he begins his long journey toward his personal poetics what Derrida calls sovereignties in question Reading poetry For me now something like this fathoming meanings downward plumbing measuring all the while bobbing on the waves moving across and seeking the relationship to the shore to known land That is seeking meanings in dark wet inhospitable spaces wanting to look into them but needing also to look out across For Celan it means among other things looking up into the light and knowing that others make the same move at the same time in other places It is the same time in different places along the same meridian In The Meridian his acceptance speech for the Buchner Prize in 1961 Celan responds to the accusation he purports to readers that poetry has become obscure But the poem does speak It remains mindful of its dates butiit speaks to be sure it speaks only in its own its own individual cause But I thinkgand this thought can scarcely come as a surprise to youiI think that it has always belonged to the expectations of the poem in precisely this manner to speak in the cause of the strangeino I can no longer use this wordiin precisely this manner to speak m be Mme oftye Otheriwho knows perhaps in the cause of a MaoZ Other This who knows at which I see I have arrived is the only thingI can add40n my own here todayito the old expectations Perhaps I must now say to myselfgand at this point I am making use of a welliknown termiperhaps it is now possible to conceive a meeting of this wholly Othei and an othei which is not far removed which is very near HUM 251 April 15 2009 Dr Ewington Totalitarianism in Russia Akhmatova s Requiem People Anna Andreevna Akhlnatova Gorenko 18881966 Nikolai Gmnilev 18861921 Lev N Gmnilev 19121992 Nikolai N Punin 18881953 Joseph V Stalin Dzhugashvili 18791953 Nikolai l Yezhov 18951940 Sergei M Kirov 18861934 Andrei A Zhdanov 18961948 Dates 0 19231940 Akhlnatova s silence 0 Kirov s Murder 0 19341938 The Terror 1933 Lev Gumilev s first arrest 1934 Mandel shtam s first arrest 1935 Lev Gumilev s second arrest 1935 Punin arrested 1938 Mandel39shtam s final arrest 1938 Lev Gumilev arrested for third thne 39 Stalin amp Hitler s nonaggression pact Germany attacks Russia surprise 19411944 The Siege of Leningrad 874 days 19421944 Akhmatova evacuated to Tashkent A Isaiah Berlin visits Akhmatova he is the guest from the future 19 6 Zhdanov attacks Akhmatova she is expelled from the Writers Union 9 9 Lev Gumilev arrested a fourth time and sentenced to 10 years hard labor 9 9 Punin arrested again and sentenced to 10 years in the camps dies there in 1953 19 3 Stalin dies Akhlnatova awarded honorary degree at Oxford amp Akhlnatova dies H O O O H H 4 H 4 4 U1 0 O O O O O O H Socialist Realism Socialist Realism is the basic method of Soviet literature and literary criticism lt demands of the artist the truthful historically concrete representation of reality in its revolutionary development Moreover the truthfulness and historical concreteness of the artistic representation of reality must be linked with the task of ideological transformation and education of workers in the spirit of socialism First AllUnion Congress of Soviet Writers 1934


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