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by: Edgardo Swift

BasicPhilosophicalQuest UCOR132

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Edgardo Swift
GPA 3.54


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edgardo Swift on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UCOR132 at Duquesne University taught by StephanieAdair in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/221272/ucor132-duquesne-university in Core Curriculum at Duquesne University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Second Paper Assignment Paper Requirements Four ve pages Times New Roman font size 12 double spaced A hard paper version of the paper must be handed in on the day that it is due in class If the paper is late the student will be docked 5 points for each day that it is late Late papers can be submitted via email If you submit your paper by email please save the le as doc not docx Only papers late due to a documented emergency will not have points docked Plagiarism will not be tolerated Any student who plagiarizes will receive a zero for that assignment and the plagiarism will be reported to the Academic Integrity Committee such reports could potentially result in the student s expulsion Do not Plagiarize If you are having trouble with an assignment then email me or visit of ce hours instead Of ce Hours Thursday 1012 in the Starbucks in the Union Due Date Wednesday April 20Lh last class Paper Format This Paper has amp parts Choose a value which is important to you how you live your life and how you interpret the world Be sure to formulate this value as a statement which indicates how you value it Ex Friendship is good Friendship is the most important thingHow good one is can be judged by how many friends one has etc 1 Draw on Laches to explain why Socrates believes that it is important to clearly de ne important things such as virtues Include at least one quotation 2 State and de ne the value you have chosen Then criticize this value in a Socratic style and attempt to form a new de nition of your value which takes this criticism into account 3 Explain why Descartes chooses to doubt things Why is it important and use ll to employ systematic doubt What does he seek to achieve Include at least one quotation 4 Following Descartes model in the rst meditation nd things which will allow you to doubt the importance of the value you have chosen or even to assign it a negative value rather than a positive one 5 What does Nietzsche say about the connection between philosophers and the philosophy that they put forward Among other sections you may think speci cally of 6 and 187 Include at least one quotation 6 Follow Nietzsche s suggestion and analyze your value What do you aim at in striving for it What drive is behind it Why did you choose it Where did this drive come from in your personal history Does this value ultimately hurt or help youis it life affirming or life denying Grading Criteria You will be graded on How well you have understood what each philosopher aims at in l 3 and 5 Proper use of citations to support your response to l 3 and 5 How well you apply the philosophical ideas to your chosen value The quality of your writing You will automatically lose points if you Write a long unnecessary introduction Do not package your paper in uff Just jump right in The answer to part 1 is your introduction Do not follow the format that I have laid out for you Use long unnecessary quotes that are not crucial to your argument Final Exam Review Guide 7 In Progress Nicomachean Ethics VP 4 V39 9 90gtl t O O N 15 Book I 39 What is the goal of ethics What are the two types of purposes activities can have Give examples of each What are the four common beliefs about what happiness is and why are they awed What is the difference between a practical science and a theoretical science Which category does ethics fall under for Aristotle Why What implications does this have for ethics What does it mean for happiness to be complete and selfsuf cient What is the lnction of each of the three categories of living things plants animals humans What is Aristotle s nal de nition of Happiness What are external goods and what role do they play in Happiness for Aristotle BOOkI Wicomachean Ethics What is virtue for Aristotle How are the passions involved in Aristotle s ethical system Does being a good person mean eliminating the passions Name four virtues their states of excess and de ciency and the passions object to which they speci cally relate Why does Aristotle think it would be dif cult for a vicious person to change their ways Are actions voluntary Are character states voluntary Explain your answers by detailing the relationship between character states and action Avatar and Philosophy What is a conceptual framework and how does a conceptual framework work Happiness and Education What are Noddings criticisms of the modern day school system What are Noddings criticisms of religious views of happiness 17 What are some of the problems we run into if we take happiness as a llly subjective issue Judith Butler 18 Butler compares two different theories of gender in her article What are the two different theories Explain each Which one is Butler s Beyond Good and Evil 19 Preface amp 1 Nietzsche starts by saying that truth is a woman What does he mean by this and how is it different from the traditional view of truth 20 Sections 6 amp 187 What does Nietzsche think we are really doing when we philosophize 2l 24 How is loving simplification and falsification loving life What is the relationship between the will to knowledge and the will to ignorance Explain 22 40 290 What is the relationship between the profound and masks 23 32 55What are the three moral periods What is valued positively and negatively in each What must be sacrificed in each What determines how actions are judged in each 24 260 What is the difference between Master Morality and Slave Morality Why are they different What is the goodbad in each


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