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by: Edgardo Swift

Global&CultPerspectives UCOR143

Marketplace > Duquesne University > Core Curriculum > UCOR143 > Global CultPerspectives
Edgardo Swift
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edgardo Swift on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UCOR143 at Duquesne University taught by MarinusIwuchukwu in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/221273/ucor143-duquesne-university in Core Curriculum at Duquesne University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
5 Equot 0 UCOR 143 01 Final Exam Study Guide The ten short answer questions will be drawn from the following areas of materials we have covered 1quot The major social changes in favor of Christianity that were approved with the edict of Religious Tolerance of 313 CE by Emperor Constantine No work on Christian holydays 0r Sundays Cruci xion was abolished throughout the empire Clergy exempt from taxes Churches were empowered to receive donations from people The common features of the New Religious Movements we considered this semester Tension between religions amp societies Offer answers about ultimate questions of human life Modern expressions of the older religions Fundamental problems with traditional religions The four lightly caliphs who ruled after Mohammed WHAT THEY DID Abu Bakr Umar ibn alKhattab Uthman ibn Affan Ali 0 O O 0 N The major beliefs of Zoroastrianism that count as important beliefs of all three Abrahamic religions o Monotheism Dualism Resurrection Angels Judgment day The individuals popularly associated with major standardization of early Daoism WHAT THEY DID o Lao Tzu o Zhuangzhi The major beliefs of Shintoism Human nature is lndamentally good Ancestors are worshiped God doesn t judge your morals God created Japan rst Don t focus on death 7 8 Ritual puri cation Worship new life Kami and creation The major branches of Islam WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT Sunni Shiite The major features of Reformed Judaism Focuses on science and society German language Women and men sitpray together Modi cations of dietary requirementsrequirements Women can be rabbis 7 1972 The enabling factors of religious pluralism in American society Salad bowl analogy US promotes freedom of religion 7 1st Amendment 7 separation of church and state Immigration Growing population of foreign religions Appreciation of spirituality rather than religious af liation The New Religious Movements we studied in this class this semester WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT Jehovah witness Scientology Mormonism Neopaganism Aum Shinrinkyo Hare Krishna Theosophy Spiritualism Baha i Uni cation Church Christian Science Church


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