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by: Miss Shea Frami

ElementsofComputerSci COSC100

Miss Shea Frami
GPA 3.59


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Shea Frami on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COSC100 at Duquesne University taught by LorraineSauchin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/221276/cosc100-duquesne-university in ComputerScienence at Duquesne University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Study Guide for Exam 1 Format of the Exam The format of the exam will be 80 Fill in the Blank Multiple Choice Matching TrueFalse This portion will be delivered in Blackboard 20 will be from 2 Short Answer questions at 10 points each these may also include quotexamplesquot ie list 3 examples of storage devices This portion will be answered on paper The exam will be closedbook Chapter 1 Computers and You Pg 6 definition of computer 4 operations of a computer def n of hardware peripheral devices and software Pg 9 0an of communications network Pg 11 0an of PC types of PCs define or give examples of these desktops allinone notebooks tablet PCs netbooks smartphones Pg 14 Types of computers for organizations define or give examples of server mainframe supercomputer Pg 16 The digital divide define discuss why this is a societal issue NOTE for each chapter recommend you go through the end of chapter reviews and try the sample questions that pertain to the above topics Also you can go to wwwpearsonhigheredcomgcazf to access the online review exercises Click Companion Web site and then select a Chapter number at the top Chapter 2 Inside the System Unit Pg 44 0an of bit examples are 0 and 1 0an of byte Pg 45 bits per second is used in data transfer like an Internet connection bytes are used in storage like KB MB etc be able to put in order KB MB GB TB PB from smallest to largest Pg 47 0an of system unit Pg 48 0an of motherboard be able to name typical components found on the motherboard Pg 49 0an of chip CPU what is role of CPU quotbrainquot of the computer Pg 5053 machine cycle and its 4 steps def n of databus system clock expressed in GHz parallel processing know what quotcore duo quotquad corequot means Pg 57 0an of RAM role of RAM what it holds volatile how it works memory addresses def n of virtual memory Pg 58 0an of cache memory any type will speed up computer performance Pg 60 0an of USB why quotuniversalquot what is latest version of USB USB 30 just out in 2011 Chapter 3 InputOutput and Storage Pg 69 0an of input input devices keyboard pg 70 QWERTY keyboard and virtual keyboard Pg 73 2 trends in keyboards for future virtual laser keyboard and flexible keyboard Pg 74 0an of pointing device be able to give examples as in Figure 37 Pg 76 be able to give examples of input devices other than keyboard mouse microphone scanner digital camera etc Pg 78 0an of output device monitor or display LCD means a quotflat panel display 2 measurements critical to monitors screen size in inches and resolution be able to recognize a figure like in Fig 315 represents resolution in pixels Pg 80 0an of printer know and define inkjet versus laser printer discuss advantages and disadvantages Pg 81 be able to give examples of output devices other than printer monitor speakers plotters projectors etc Pg 823 be able to comparecontrast memory versus storage important examples of storage devices Pg 845 def n of magnetic storage explain how a hard disk works multiple platters magnets readwrite head deletes Pg 86 remote storage sometimes called quotcloudquot example is SkyDrive def n of flashdrive and SSD Pg 87 0an of optical storage examples CDDVD how an optical drive works lasers reflections pits and lands Pg 88 0an of BluRay and its advantage higher storage capacity Pg 89 0an of solid state storage device be able to give examples how it works memory chips no moving parts Pg 90 0an of smartcard and uses def n of EyeFi and uses Spotlight 2 File Management Pg 98100 def n of file folder drive extension be able to give examples of common file extensions as in Fig 2C Chapter 4 System Software Pg 111 def n of system software 2 major components def n of OS Pg 112 5 major functions of the Operating System Figure 41 and also throughout this chapter what is quotbootquot process Pg 113 6 steps in the startup process Figure 42 be able to listdescribe these def n of kernel and BIOS ROM Pg 114 goal of startup is to move Op System from disk to RAM def n of registry driver Pg 115 how does the Operating System quotmanage applications in 12 sentences def n of multitasking Pg 116 how does the Operating System quotmanage memory in 12 sentences def n of virtual memory Pg 117 how does the Op System quothandle inputoutputquot in 12 sentences def n of interrupts Fig 46 the Task Manager Pg 119 what is User Interface def n ofGUl icons and desktop Pg 121 be able to give 23 examples of most popular Operating Systems Windows MAC OS Linux Pg 125 def n of Open Source software LINUX is one example Pg 129 def n and examples of system utilities Pg 135 Windows Update is meant to keep your OS up to date with fixes keep it turned on good idea to keep an emergency boot disk has a reduced version of the OS in case of emergency Pg 137 Always shut down all apps and documents before powering off danger of file fragments or damage to OS STUDY GUIDE for EXAMZ COSC100 Chapter 5 Application Software note for this chapter some definitions are better in the PPT p 157 definition of application software know examples of general purpose applications p 160 def n of le compression p 1734 def n of beta version def n of software license p 177 what Installing application software does what uninstalling does also on PPT slide 23 Chapter 6 Internet and W p 201 definition of Internet p 204 def n of of interoperability TCPIP is the set of protocolsstandards for the Internet p 207 Internet vs WWW Internet is the hardwarenetwork Web is documentspages p 2078 definition of Web page Web browser Web site p 213 purpose of a URL purpose of domain name give examples of each or be able to recognize p 225 give examples of the most common Internet services as in Figure 624 Chapter 7 Networks study also the PPT for this chapter p 260 definition of network LAN WAN p 261 definitionpurpose of NIC modem router switchdifference between router and switch p 2612 definition of WAP wireless access point def n of le server p 2656 concept peer to peer vs clientserver networks including Figures 78 and 710 p 2701 LAN protocols Ethernet and WiFi what are they used for know that WiFi is 80211 p 279280 what is needed for typical wired home network ie Ethernet and devices in Fig 723 p 279281 what is needed for typical WiFi home network ie WiFi and devices in Fig 725 Study these differences Also range of WiFi is 100300 feet Chapter 8 Wired and Wireless Communication see also PPT p 291 def n of communications p 292 def n of bandwidth broadband bandwidth is represented in bps Kbps Mbps Gbps p 293 def n of modem p 2945 Examples of Wired Media def n of twisted pair slowest coaxial cable beroptic cable p 2967 Examples of Wireless Media def n of microwaves and satellites p 300302 What is last mile problemquot be able to give examples of last milequot technologies eg DSL cable broadband leased line FIOS etc See PPT also p 303 def n of WiMax range of WiMax is up to 30 miles p 3045 cellular broadband and that 1G 2G 3G 4G are the generations of cellular why cell phone coverage has holes Figure 819 p 309 def n of VoIP Internet telephone advantages examples are skype and vonnage p 313 def n of GPS describe in general how it works p 316 GPS in cell phones are locationaware examples of Locationaware services Chapter 9 Privacy and Security see also PPT 335 p def n of privacy why is this an issue p 338 def n of cookie how these may be used to violate privacy p 341 def n of RFID how these may be used p 346 considerations for privacy at work review bullet points p 347 def n of Identity Theft an example of computer crime p 348351 def n of malware spyware virus worm Trojan Horse p 364 def n of encryption that encryption is used to secure WiFi and Internet transactions p 364 how to recognize if a Web site is using encryption also in PPT From PPT general how antivirus software works see relevant slides in PPT Don t forget to review the Chapter Summaries and chapter exercises that are relevant to the above COSC100 Elements of Comp Science Skills to Know for Lab Final NO TE 39 I am listing Advanced Skills here so this list will not be allinclusive I assume you have basic competency with saving files editing text formatting text and numbers printing creating slides etc MS WORD EIEI El EIEIEIEIEI Find 8 Replace text formats3637 9495 Using Format Painter47 139 ShowHide nonprinting marks 139 Multipage Views 86 margins 87 Orientation hardsoft page breaks page numbers 8890 Headerfooter cover page section breaks wdifferent headerfooterorientation 9193 Character Spacing Expanded text 140 Tabs borders page border shading columns widths and breaks alignment indents leftright line spacing 143151 S EXCEL El El El El El El El El El El Cells cell references formulas 321322 Arith Operators display formulas 329330 Insertdelete rows columns 331 Autofill fill handle 334 Add delete rename worksheet 340 Merge 8 Center cell heightwidth cell shading borders wrap text 341346 Number formats 344345 Counterclockwise alignment 346 Insert Clip Art 351352 Page setup landscape fit page headers and footers Add Comments 353356 MS POWERPOINT El El El El El El El El El Know various PPT Views 806809 Design themes 820821 Insert ClipArt movies photos 828830 Insert image from Web like Freefotocom Animations transitions 831832 Custom Animation 833 Annotating a slideshow 841 Print handouts 843 Capture a Screen Print Screen amp paste it into WORD or PPT as in Lab9 EIEI EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEI El EIEIEIEIEI EIEI EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEI Using styles 159160 164 Automatic Table ofContents 171174 Tables mergesplit cells 197199 Table styles 205206 sort entries Insert picture text wrap pic styles220222 Insert symbol 226 Use table as a flyer exercise 2 on p 236 Insert Comment Track Changes change user name Markups Reviewing Pane 251256 Accept Reject changes 260261 View side by side synchronous scrolling 263 Absoluterelative references F4 381383 Functions SUM Average MIN MAX COUNT A TODAY and NOW 387392 TIP box on page 390 proper use ofSUM IF function 399400 Charting pie clustered column column 437442 Noncontiguous data ranges pg 440 Linking EXCEL data to a WORD document Paste Special Link as in LAB7 Adding a shape to a chart 458 Use slide template 869 Use Outline view to quickly enter text 881 Modify background on all slides 895 Insert headerfooter with date amp slide 897 Reuse slides from another file 888 Create SmartArt types text pane 952954 SmartArt colors styles layouts 955957 Recolor images 973 ALSO Know how to download and unzip files like we did from the course Web site including importance of mapping or Extracting All Files You will not need a storage device for the Lab Final


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