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Lodging Management

by: Rene Dickinson

Lodging Management HMGT 2100

Rene Dickinson
GPA 3.8

Alleah Crawford

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About this Document

Alleah Crawford
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rene Dickinson on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HMGT 2100 at East Carolina University taught by Alleah Crawford in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/221286/hmgt-2100-east-carolina-university in Human Development at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Guaranteed Reservations holding a credit card or prepayment NonGuaranteed Reservations a hotel will hold a room for you until a certain time The Reservation Process Inquiry finding what the customer needs and then selling the room Confirmation Maintenance anything after confirmation is considered maintenance Avenues for reservation booking Central Reservation Systems affiliate networks and nonaffiliate networks affiliate networks Nonaffiliate networks Both networks are linked to the hotel PMS through a network that communicates reservation transaction as they occur Global Distribution Systems CRS connect with one or more GDS Largest and best known SABRE Galileo Amadeus and WorldSpan lntersell Agencies CRS that contract to handle reservations for more than one product line llone call does it allquot Property Direct phone mail email or fax Internet options internet based travel agency Expedia that utilizes GDS Property Management System a computerized system to record guest reservations financial information and other data related to the operation of a hotel s front office 3 Phase System 1 PreSales Phase we create the awareness of our hotel 2 Sales Phase signing the contract 3 PostSales Phase Anything done after signing the contract and servicing the event Leadership Types Autocraticleadership approach that emphasizes a lldo it my wayquot philosophy doesn t produce team players Bureaucratic leadership approach that emphasizes a lldo it by the bookquot philosophy does not motivate employees Democraticleadership approach that emphasizes a lllet s determine the best way to do itquot philosophy LaissezFaire approach that emphasizes a lldo it the way you want to do itquot approach creates employees that become independent 2 Theories of Motivation Herzberg s 1 Motivational Factors an internal force that drives employees to do something to reach a goal they provide the conditions necessary to motivate employees 2 Maintenance Factors do NOT motivate employees Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs 1 Physical Needs Safety and Security Social Needs SelfEsteem ex Awards recognition SelfFulfillment when a person is satisfied with themselves in life 9159quot Block Rooms reserved exclusively for members of a specific group Used as in quotWe need to create a block of 50 rooms for May 10 h and 11 h for the Society of Antique Furniture Appraisersquot Pickup The actual number of rooms purchased by a client in a specific time period Used as in quotWhat was the Florida Furniture Society s total room pickupquot Attrition the difference between the original request of group rooms and the actual pickup of a group For example a group might reserve 100 rooms but actually use only 50 rooms Because the room rate quoted to the group was based upon the revenue generated from the 100 rooms the hotel s standard group contract may require in such a case that the group pay a penalty for its failure to purchase the number of rooms it originally agreed to purchase Tools for Marketing 0 Advertising portray your product in a good light billboard etc 0 Promotion special packaging of products or services ex An ad in a paper 0 Publicity free can be positive or negative when actresses or actors talk about who they are wearing on the red carpet 0 Lead RFP request for proposal Lead info about a potential sale 0 SalesCall 0 Networking 0 Cold Calling just calling people without any leads not very efficient 0 Drop In not having permission to be there businesses will come in to try to sell things solicitating Complaint Management one pa rt of service recovery Service Recovery to have a response ASAP to keep the guest satisfied etc Types of Complaints 0 Mechanical problems with tangible items 0 Attitudinal brought about by hotel staff interaction o Servicerelated problems problems from what a guest expects and what a guest receives 0 Unusual issues that hotels have no control over ex Natural disaster The Guest Cycle 0 Prearrival using the information collected during the reservation process to ready the registration card assign room numbers and print any waiting messages or take packages to the assigned room 0 Arrival and Stay 0 Correctly registering guests is a fivestep process that consists of Greeting the guest Confirming the information on the registration record Securing a form of payment Room assignment Issuance of room keys 0 Departure 0 The actual settlement of the guest s bill includes confirmation of the guest s identity presentation of a copy of the bill for the guest s inspection processing the guest s payment revising the room s status in the PMS to designate the room as vacant and ready to be cleaned Revenue Management designed to measure revenue achievement Yield the ration of actual room revenue to potential room revenue Actual room revenue is the revenue generated by number of rooms sold Potential room revenue is the amount of money that would be received if all rooms were sold at their rack rate or potential average rate YIELD OCCUPANCY X ACHIEVEMENT FACTOR


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