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Statistics for Business

by: Dr. Tyrell McKenzie

Statistics for Business MATH 2283

Dr. Tyrell McKenzie
GPA 3.92

Carl Huber

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About this Document

Carl Huber
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Tyrell McKenzie on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 2283 at East Carolina University taught by Carl Huber in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/221295/math-2283-east-carolina-university in Mathematics (M) at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
111 Lecturer Dr Carl Huber Email address huberca cu edu Of ce Austin 301 Phone 3287 1887 Of ce Hours MWF Noon1pm m or by appointment Reguired Resources 2 11i39l ii ie39jll lll f39i39 cm 5 lliil nnlirjlw l in quot quotConnectquot is an onIine homework tool graded homework is assigned on it for every class 3 A Scienti c Calculator cost 1520 basic statistics Standard Deviation Correlation Coefficients and Regression Coefficients PreReguisites M1065 or M1066 Course Description Descriptive and inferential statistics including graphical and numerical descriptive methods probability random variables sampling confidence intervals hypothesis testing correlation and regression This course emphasizes business applications A student cannot receive credit for both M2283 and M2228 Obiectives To understand basic statistics learn how to apply basic statistical methods to analyze businessorganizational data and how to interpret and use this analysis to improve effectiveness And to appreciate the importance of statistics in effectively operating nearly all businessesenterprises Attendance Policy Regular attendance is expected of all students and is checked daily If you miss class for any reason it is your responsibility to obtain any assignments and 39 d make up any work misse ll vmillll 39 Ml lillllll we r NO MAKEUP QUIZZES automatically a zero if absent No early tests Makeup tests in some circumstances Leaving early or returning late on breaks holida s or weekends does not qualify We Over p2 Chagters Covered 1 13 some or all topics of each MATH IS NOTA SPECTATOR SPORT 1 Doinq the 39 until you 39 39 how to correctly do each type of problem covered Using only class notestry to work the problem twice if still incorrect use quotConnectquot Help and try again If you can t get it after several tries GET HELP go to Math Lab or Pirate Tutoring Center or see me after class or at office hours You should spend at least 3 hours between classes doing homework and studying the next material to be covered Testquiz problems are similar to the homework Do HW ASAP after class while lecture is fresh in your mind and is time to get help before HW due 2 Studyinq the material to be covered in the next class Get familiar with the text39s concepts definitions and examples discussed before the next class Doing this will really help you do well in this class This text is very readable 4 Don t miss classes Every class covers 23 new topics important to understanding later sections Also you may miss an inclass quiz which you can t make up so get a zero on IT S YOUR JOB Come to class work hard on HW get help if confused keep track of your grade average Other Info 39 1 The Math Lab Austin 110 and Pirate Tutoring Center Joyner are excellent places to qet extra help Experienced assistants can help with HW questions test prep missed classes or catching up 2 If you cheat I will immediately flunk you and report you to the Dean for action 3 I will start and stop on time If you are late you will miss important material 4 Mutual respect is expected of all 5 Chatting in class is disrespectful 6 Participate in class I will not embarrass you 9 ECU seeks to comply fully with the Americans with Disability Act ADA Students requesting accommodations based on a disability must be registered with the Dept of Disability Support Services in Slay 138 2527371016before any accommodations can occur Please let me know if you are covered by ADA or believe you have a learning disability it will be held confidential then keep it in your 3 ring notebook


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