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Principles of Athletic Training

by: Markus Dare

Principles of Athletic Training ATEP 2810

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Electrical Engineering > ATEP 2810 > Principles of Athletic Training
Markus Dare
GPA 3.56

Susanne Raedeke

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About this Document

Susanne Raedeke
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Markus Dare on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ATEP 2810 at East Carolina University taught by Susanne Raedeke in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/221326/atep-2810-east-carolina-university in Electrical Engineering at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
ATEP 281011 Evaluation Lab Practical Bony Structures Soft Tissue For muscles know the actions For ligaments know what movement they help prevent AnkleLL Knee Shoulder Deltoid Quadriceps tendon Short and long biceps head Anterior talofibular Quadriceps Pectoralis major Plantar Calcaneonavicular AddUCtOFS Supraspinatus Calcaneofibular Lateral collateral ligament Infraspinatus Anterior Tibiofibular Popliteal fossa Teres minor Posterior talofibular Pes anserine Teres major Posterior Tibiofibular Patena tendon Trapezius Plantar fascia Hamstrings Triceps Dorsal pedal pulse AdeCtOFS Rhomboids Posterior tibial pulse 1TB Three deltoid parts Plantarflexors Gastrocnemius Soleus Dorsiflexors Tibialis Anterior Extensor Hallucis Longus Extensor Digitorum Longus Inverters Tibiolis posterior Flexor digitorum Iongus Flexor hallucis Iongus Everters Peroneol Iongus Peroneol brevis Preoneol tertius Toe extensors Extensor hallucis Iongus Extensor digitorum Iongus Toe flexors Flexor hallucis Iongus Flexor hallucis brevis Special Tests Know what structures the exam tests for and also how to perform the test Special Testing Shoulder ROM Apley s scratch test Three positions Biceps tendon Speed s test Yerguson s test AC joint Bounce Clovicle Test Cross Arm Test Anteriorposterior glide Rotator cuff Empty can Drop arm res r Resis red ex rernal ro ra rion Lif r off res r Impingemen r Hawkinskennedy res r Neer39s res r Ins rabili ry An rerior 6H apprehension res r An rerior 6H reloca rion res r Pos rerior apprehension res r Sulcus sign An reriorpos rerior drawer 6H res r Thoracic s ou rle r compression Allen39s res r Adson39s res r Roo39s res r Principles of Athletic Training HLTH 281011 Final Exam Review Sheet 2011 Head Injuries 1 How do head injuries occur 2 What is the definition of a cerebral concussion 3 In regards to evaluating for a head injury explain how you would evaluate for Inspection Orientation Memory Question unusual sensations Check visual signs Balance Movement in all four extremities Cognitive testingconcentration I Functional testing 4 Remember all those fancy words posturing otorrhea rhinorrhea tinnitus PEARL photohobia n stamus rhomberg test 39ILPTthQpO39nJ Explain the difference between an epidural subdural and intracerebral hematomas along with their ssx 9 What is post concussion syndrome 1 What is second im act syndrome 3 E m l How are head in39uries revented rL M a What are the various MOI of most cervical spine injuries 16 How do cervical sprains strains and fractures occur 1r Knee Anatomy Injuries and Evaluation 1 What are the joint of the knee and how do their articulate 2 Know the various bones of the knee and their important landmarks a Patella b Femur i Medial and lateral femoral condyles ii Adductor tubercle iii Intercondylar notchfemoral groove c Fibula i Head of the fibula d Tibia 3 4 I I I HKD OOI OIU39I WNHO39 4 H 01 Medial and lateral tibial plateaus Gerdy s tubercle ii39 Tibial tuberosity iv Pes anserine insertion Know the various soft tissue anatomy a What muscles make up the quadriceps where are they what are their actions b What muscles make up the hamstrings where are they and what are their actions Where is the patellaquadriceps tendon Where are the various bursa s in the knee why are they there What is plica tissue Explain the purpose of knee meniscus what is its blood and nerve supply like g What structures make up the pes anserine where it is h What are the two collateral ligaments where are they located what do they help prevent i What is the iliotibial band where does it originate from where does it insert what is its action Where is the popliteal fossa Does the gastrocnemius muscle insert on the femur or tibia What is the nerve and vascular supply of the knee region m What kind if swelling commonly occurs in the knee j k I How are following ligaments injured where is the ligament what are ssx of an injury to the ligament Medial collateral ligament Lateral collateral ligament Anterior cruciate ligament Posterior cruciate ligament What is an unhappy triad Explain what a tibiofemoral dislocation is compared to a patella dislocation also what are ssx and MOI of both What is bursitis where might buritis occur in the knee moi ssx What are predisposing conditions for patella subluxation patella tendonitis patellofemoral syndrome chondromalacia How do patellofemoral syndrome and chondromalacia differ How do patella fx occur what are the ssx Explain how patella tendonquadriceps tendons rupture and ssx of the injury What is Osgood schlatter how does it occur what can be done about it What is the Iliotibial band where is it located how does it get injured what are the ssx Where is Plica located how does it get injured what are the ssx what is done for it Meniscus in the knee are located where how does it get injury what are the ssx of a meniscal injury what can be done for it Know all the tests for the knees for each test know what structure it tests how to perform the test and what a positive test would look like Shoulder Anatomy Evaluation and Injuries 1 Know the bony anatomy of the shoulder sternum clavicle scapula proximal humerus including any specific landmarks Greater and lesser tubercle of the humerus spine of scapula Humeral head acromion Bicipital groove coracoid Scapula borders and angles scapula fossas Glenoid fossa clavicle 2 Know the soft tissue structures of the shoulder Subacrominal and subdeltoid bursa Rotator cuff muscles SITS Glenoid labrum Scapula muscles we went over deltoid trapezuis rhomboids teres major Other muscles biceps triceps 3 For each of the muscles know their actions location and how to test them 4 What structures make up the joints of the shoulder SC AC GH what holds them together what action do they allow 5 Where is the brachial plexus and what nerves does it include 6 What artery and vein included with the brachial plexus makes up the thoracic neurovascular bundle 7 where is the axilla 8 How to the GH joint and scapulothorasic articulation work together to include shoulder motion 9 Where is a SC sprain how does it occur what are the ssx how is it tested 10 where is an AC sprain how does it occur what are the ssx how is it tested what are the appearances of the different degrees of injury 11 How do rotator cuff strains occur what are the ssx how is it tested 12 How does bicipital tendonitis occur what are the ssx how is it tested 13 What is a frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis 14 What is impingement syndrome where does it occur what factors can lead to this injury to occur what structures might be involved what are the ssx how is it tested 15 What happens with a glenoid labrum injury 16 Explain how an acute anterior GH dislocation occurs what is the appearance and ssx 17 Explain how an acute posterior GH dislocation occurs what is the appearance and ssx 18 Explain how chronic anterior GH subluxationinstability may occur what are the ssx how is it tested 19 Explain how chronic posterior GH subluxationinstability may occur what are the ssx how is it tested 20 What are the ssx of a brachial plexus injury are sx normally bilateral or unilateral 21 what are the ssx of thoracic outlet syndrome and how is it tested 22 where would you check for circulation for a shoulder injury 23 What is apley scratch test used for three position and what action do each of the three positions test 24 For each of the shoulder tests know what structure it test for how to perform the test and what a positive test result would be ROM biceps tendon AC ligament rotator cuff muscles Impingement anterior and posterior GH instability patellofemoral Elbow Wrist and Hand Explain the various carrying angles of the elbow How can you tell the difference between the anterior view and posterior view of the elbow Understand the different distribution areas of the median ulnar and radial nerves How is the radial head involved in supination and pronation Where do the wrist and nger flexors originate from Where do the wrist and nger extensors originate from What is the difference between the thenar and hypothenar eminences in the hand and how do you tell them apart Explain the location of supracondylar humeral fractures and how do they occur How is the ulnar collateral ligament sprained in the elbow What are the ssx and how is an injury to this ligament tested for 10 What is carpal tunnel syndrome Where does it occur What predisposes people to this problem Explain the ssx What might the course of tx be 11 What is lateral epicondylitis and where is it located What are the ssx Why is it commonly called tennis elbow 12 What is medial epicondylitis and where is it located What are the ssx Why is it commonly called throwerslittle league elbow How can it be avoided 13 Where does olecranon bursitis occur what is the MOI and ssx 14 What occurs during an elbow dislocation What is the MOI and ssx 15 Explain the difference between a colles and smith fracture What is the MOI for each 16 How do scaphoid fractures occur Why do they not heal well Explain the ssx Why might they not show up on a xray right away and what should the course of tx be 17 What is a ganglion cyst and where does it occur What are tx options 18 What is DeQuervian s tenosynovitis Explain the MOI and ssx 19 How would you differeniate between DeQuervian s tenosynovitis and a scaphoid fracture 20 How do boxer fractures occur Where do they occur Explain the ssx 21 What is the MOI for an ulnar collateral ligament sprain the in thumb What are the ssx Why must they be repaired if torn 22 Recognize the difference between a mallet finger boutoniere deformity and jersey finger including how the injuries occur the ssx of each and how each would be treated Nquot 9quot N95 309


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