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Leisure in Society

by: Tad Lang

Leisure in Society RCLS 2601

Tad Lang
GPA 3.68

Cheryl Stevens

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About this Document

Cheryl Stevens
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tad Lang on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RCLS 2601 at East Carolina University taught by Cheryl Stevens in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 489 views. For similar materials see /class/221330/rcls-2601-east-carolina-university in Recreation and Leisure Studies at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Study Guide Unit 1 Meanings in Leisure Leisure an intricate and dynamic concept with different meanings depending on the context the people place and time Humanities human creations that describe the human experience Humanism philosophy that emphasizes the importance of human beings Aesthetic sense and study of the nature of beauty Impressionism the idea of portraying snapshots ofwhat the eye would see Ar te virtue physical spirituality and mental excellence through leisure Literature in Leisure 0 magazine articles greeting card verses hymns and novels 0 Americans spend about 25 billion a year on books 0 Literature offers a view of human life including literature Art in Leisure 0 Aesthetic experience 0 Use of pattern 0 Art mirrors what we consider to be both beautiful and important lmpressionisman art style that achieves a vividness simulation reflected light 0 Style of art that presents an immediate impression of an object or even 0 Try to show what the eye sees at a glance Music in Leisure 0 The most basic and universal activity of humankind 0 Leisure is sometimes used as a metaphor in music 0 It reflects much about a society and subcultures within that society 0 Many popular songs describe impressions and meanings of leisure expenences What did you learn about leisure experiences from the literature impressionist art and music shared in the lesson Kingdom of Kush Adornment in Daily Life 0 Fondness for body adornment Oils and scents and tattoos ofthe god Bes on thighs of mummified dancers and servant girls Ancient Greece The leisure Ideal 0 Focus on leisure as a means to the good life 0 PLATO Spiritual and physical rewards to be gained from expression of music and gymnastic o Socrates believed knowledge was required in choosing the best pleasures the good life was a life of right choices and conduct o Aristotle leisure was freedom from having an occupation and was the necessary condition for happiness 0 The power to think to be the most unique of human qualities 0 Lsiure ideal life should be devote to not only thinking noble thoughts but to doing civic and productive deeds a well 0 SCHOLE 0 Religious expressions 0 Olympian one ofthe ancient Greek gods being like the god especially in being calm and untroubled by ordinary affairs 0 Leisure only available to upper classes Ancient Rome SPECTACLE 0 Mass leisure 0 Middle class spectators gladiators fought to death and prisoners criminals and slaves thrown to wild animals 0 Form of social control 0 Ludi public games Ancient China Harmony 0 Quests for harmony lie balance calmness order and peace 0 Educated upper class devoting to fine arts literary and martial arts 0 Following an ideal ofa harmonious body and mind 0 Tang Dynasty cosmopolitan society 0 Rich in music literature an the visual arts 0 Governing and merchant classes of men during dynasty lived in large household with many servants wives concubines children and grandchildren Muhammad s Early Empire Relaxation o Recreate you hearts hour after hour for the tired hearts go blind 0 Paradise for the faithful o Wealthy men spent hours at verdant garden reclining on beautiful carpets next to rippling water playing chess and conversing Ancient New World Societies Ceremony 0 Leisure as a ritual 0 Huge ball courts to play games predate the ancient Greek Olympics by about 500 years c Pok a tok o Losers sacri ced to the gods 0 Ball symbolized the sun and the game reenacted its orbit around the earth 0 By playing and winning the game one became akin to the sun god Medieval Europe The Work Ethic Large estates called kingdoms ruled by wealthy landowners Feudalism fragmented political power in which private ownership prevails o Produced a social class and individual power meaning of leisure based on three characteristics lords vessels and fiefs o Lord was a wealthy nobleman who owned land vassal was a person who grated passion of the land by the lord and the land itself was knows as a fief Obtained land by military service Leisure experience personally owned and bartered Hunting and sport contests The Renaissance Humanism o Revival ofthe arts 0 Those with wealth and in middle class arranged balls and exhibitions banquets and masquerades Leisure class 0 leisure class refers to those people who did not have to work work being defined as anything involving hard labor and drudgerynot fun stuff but who had goods and money to not only support their basic needs but enough for excess entertainments Those who had lots of goods were superior to other classes creating the standard for classism Those in power will try to maintain this status quo The leisure class often participated in education war and affairs ofthe state but not laborious activities These activities were seen as quotbetterquot and helped to establish the place and value of the leisure class as an economic factor of modern life Plato39s central role for education 0 to enlighten the students as how much work was necessary how to use free time and its value to life Schole c an opportunity or freedom to choose to do something Ascholia o the opposite which meant quothaving no leisurequot or in plain English quotToo busy with important things to bother with a less important activityquot Plato39s highest purpose for work 0 To escape leisure 4 Some of the many leisure meaning can be categorized in basically three ways Leisure as Free Time Discretionary time time that is free of obligation 4i Often look forward to weekends and holidays because we will have more free time Leisure as Recreational Activity 9 Leisure activities we achieve relaxation diversion refreshment and re creation of ourselves Leisure as Special Attitude 4L Time and activity are irrelevant only personal feelings count 4 Exercising choice escaping pressure and achieving ful llment 4 Feeling good 4L An entire way of being that produces meaningfulness in life self expression and self actualization 4L Leisure is contextual That is its meanings depends on the place the time and he people


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