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by: Samuel Oppong

Week11.pdf FINE_ART 101

Samuel Oppong
GPA 2.7
Fine Arts 101
Pamela Lee

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About this Document

Fine Arts 101
Pamela Lee
Pamela lee
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This 5 page Reader was uploaded by Samuel Oppong on Tuesday November 11, 2014. The Reader belongs to FINE_ART 101 at Washington State University taught by Pamela Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 236 views. For similar materials see Fine Arts 101 in Fine arts at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 11/11/14
Week 11 11122014 Video Lecture Fresco among the oldest of arts Came from prehistoric people who painted on the walls of caves using natural pigment Discovered in Crete as early as 1550 Fresco art of painting on wet lime plaster Fresco painting developed as a practice Rather than an artist It is essentially a lost art Fresco means fresh in Italian Brushes are made from boars hair Pigments are gathered naturally The ceiling must be wet before plaster is put on The water must be distilled so that the wall stays pure Otherwise the plaster would lose its moisture lntonico final layer of plaster About the seven virtues For the piece they did not want all the humans on the artwork to be white so that in a few hundred years that people could identify with images Used animals because animals are universal Faith Justice Temperance Peace Hope Fortitude Charity The before model of the fresco starts with the cartoon The cartoon is traced so that the artist can map out all the sections for the fresco At 13 Balma declared he was going to be an artist He started out drawing and sculpting where he found a passion in medieval paintings Balma settled in Florence where he learned from the master s paintings Minnesota college commissioned him to make a three paneled work The first was fresco His budget did not allow for aged lime that he could not import So it had to be made on site Took four years for Balma to paint his first fresco Each color has to be mixed each day or the color would become burned by the lime Process starts like a watercolor but moves slowly For hope he used a worker in his group and his baby as his inspiration The artist wanted to revive the almost lost medium of fresco The plan was to train a new generation of fresco artists Oaka yellow color From the earth Charity study slide o 2 years of planning and 2 years of painting 0 A year and a half passed before he went back to change it 0 Third time they got it right 11122014 Exam 3 o If there is a question from any exam that does not pertain to a study slide then the question can be asked in exam 3 o No new questions from the older chapters Old ones are fair game 0 Any vocabulary are also fair game 0 Unless it is a makeup exam there will be completely new slides Lecture Packet pg 70 o The School of Athens Study Slide Very large fresco painting Located in Vatican City 18 feet high 26 feet across Raphael worked on the whole room in 150911 He had many assistants Located in the Stanza Della Segnatura He was commissioned by the pope The pope wanted to create art to sustain his legacy Pictures make you feel like you can walk into painting The innovations of mathematics during the renaissance were created by artists Or artists were mathematicians Linear Perspective device that creates realistic pictorial space All parallel lines receding into space will converge at a horizon line where they seem to disappear at the vanishing point 1 Objects that are farther away appear smaller and objects in the foreground appear larger 2 One point linear perspective all receding parallel lines converge at one single vanishing point on the horizon not on test Two point perspective when sets of receding parallel lines converge at two separate vanishing points not on test When Rafael was painting the School of Athens he could not paint them with linear perspective Everyone is painted as if Rafael is right in front of them when painting All the paintings in the Stanza Della Segnatura are all fresco Four walls The pope commissioned four themes The school of Athens is philosophy Another wall is literaturepoetry Another wall is theology The fourth wall is law Most are tromploei and realism paintings 11122014 This painting epitomizes the Italian High Renaissance ideals of o 1 Formal and spatial harmony o 2 realism and linear perspective 0 3 classicism which refers to the art the tradition and the legacy of ancient Greece and Rome Classical art emphasized rational simplicity order and restrained emotions Renaissance means rebirth inascimento in Italian The rebirth had a lot to do with the reviving of Classical ideals and aesthetics Rafael respected Leonardo Da Vinci so much that his painting of Plato looked like Leonardo Rafael painted OVER other frescos Michelangelo was painted with contemporary renaissance dress Only character who looked exactly like his real person and is the only one to wear contemporary renaissance dress Rafael bribed guards to go see Micheangeo s part Michelangelo was not part of the cartoons Cartoons full scale preliminary drawings for a more finished work of art School of Athens is the first in history to have two linear perspectives 11122014


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