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Introduction to Communication

by: Jamar Davis

Introduction to Communication COMM 1001

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Communication > COMM 1001 > Introduction to Communication
Jamar Davis
GPA 3.9

Linda Vangelis

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About this Document

Linda Vangelis
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jamar Davis on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 1001 at East Carolina University taught by Linda Vangelis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/221345/comm-1001-east-carolina-university in Communication at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Comm Theory 1001 Exam 2 Study Guide 1 Assumptions about relational dialects Relationships aren t linear Rationalized life is characterized by change Contradiction is the fundamental fact of relational life N Baxter and Montgomery are convinced that personal relationships are Undetermined processes of ongoing flux quotRelationships are always in flux the only certainty is certain change U Baxter and Montgomery suggest that people desire to have what in relationshipsa balance between dependence and independence 5 Dialectial tensions a lnclusionSeclusion desire to withdraw from others vs desire to interact with others i autonomy vsconnection must sacrifice some independence but too much connection causes individual identities to be lost 039 ConventionalityUniqueness conforming to social norms vs creating a unique pair identity i predictability vs novelty people strive for predictability in relationships but also seek mystery spontaneity and surprise c RevealmentConcealment what to reveal about the relationship to others i openness vsclosedness each possible advantage of self disclosure or closedness is offset by a corresponding potential danger 5 Watzlawick s view of family systemsfamily therapy in order to understand the movement in any single figure in a family system one must examine the communication patterns among all its members each family member plays a oneofakind game with homemade rules 6 Franklin family 0 039 9 Mike smokes to relax but his family gets upset about that making him want to smoke more which causes more tension Stanfather denies his son s problem think he will grow out of it Soniamother covers for Mike by lying to the school and getting him out of drinking tickets Lauriesister forces her straight edge friends upon him hoping he ll get in with the quotgood crowd 7 Punctuation interpreting an ongoing sequence of events by labeling one event as the cause and the following event as the effect 8 Metacommunication communication about communication quotThis is howl see myself this is howl see you this is howl see you seeing me 9 Symmetrical interchange Equal power both Laurie and Sonia are skilled in different areas therefore neither tries to control one another Movement to yield control of the exchange each perform without the other claiming dominance 10 Complementary exchange Difference in power Sonia s mothering is strong on control and she treats Mike as a child therefore maintaining dominance Movement to gain control of exchange She hides his drinking lies to school officials to cover for him and hires lawyers for him 11 Family homeostasis keeps the family in balance 12 Refra ming changing the view on the situation by stepping outside and re determining what it means like fighting kicking and screaming in a nightmare and then waking up 13 Doublebind contradictory statements in a relationship quotYou ought to love me love can only be freely given quotBe spontaneous spontaneity on demand is impossible 14 Selective exposure the tendency people have to avoid information that would create cognitive dissonance because it s incompatible with their current beliefs 15 Cognitive dissonance the distressing mental state that people feel when they find themselves doing things that don t fit what they know quotSmoking is dangerous I smoke cigarettes a Focus on the belief and attitude changes that take place because of cognitive dissonance 16 Postdecision dissonance strong doubts after making an important close call decision that is difficult to reverse the doubts after buying a car or doubts after quitting smoking 17 Minimal justification a claim that the best way to stimulate an attitude change in others is to offerjust enough incentive to elicit counterattitudal behavior 50 to 100 of an offer would cause one to change their behavior 18 51520 experiment 1 was just enough to cause compliance to say the experiment was fun Those who got 20 later revealed they found it to be a dull task Dissonance is created by a person doing something against his or her values for a small reward 19Requisit functions of effective decision making a Analysis of problem determine the nature extent and cause of the problem 039 Goal setting establish a goal in which tojudge proposed solutions 0 Identification of alternatives generation of options to sufficiently solve the problem 9 Evaluation of positive and negative characteristics testing the merits of each option and weighing the pros and cons 20 Obstacles of completing group tasks ignorance of the issues faulty facts misguided assumptions sloppy evaluation of options illogical inferences disregard of procedural norms undue influence by powerful members 21 What do most comments from group members serve to do Promote problem analysis goal setting discovery of alternatives and evaluation of these options 22Stoh and Holmes contention about most reallife groups they have a prior decision making history and are embedded with a larger organization 23 What are researchers who map out social discourse called Ethnographers 24 Pacanowsky argues that culture is not something an organization has but is what A culture is something that an organization is 25Thick description the intertwining layers of common meaning that underlie what a particular people say and do 26 Purpose of thick description it explains not only the behavior but its contents as well which makes it meaningful to an outsider 27 What are the three types of stories that Pacanowsky claims dramatizes organizational life a Corporate studies tales that carry management ideology and reinforce company policy how businesses were started 039 Personal stories individual based stories tales told by employees that put them in a favorable light 0 Collegial stories positive of negative stories about others in the organization descriptions of how things quotreally work 28 Consent according to Deetz s theory actively but unknowingly accomplishes other s interest in attempt to fulfill their own 29 Why is Deetz s theory considered a quotcritical theoryquot it reflects upon the practices of a society uses a set of standards to determine what is fair and what is not 30 Managerialism a systematic logical set of routine practices and ideology that values control over all other concerns strategic control 31 What are the 4 ways a corporate decision is made a Strategy and consent managerial control excludes voice of people who are directly affected by decisions b Involvement and participation codetermination open dialogue among all stakeholders 32 Deetz is convinced that meaningful democratic participation in corporate decision making is important to whom Citizens 33 Deetz s critical communication theory seeks to balance corporate and human interests 34 To enhance stakeholder participation Deetz recommends what about quality info Open negotiations of power and stakeholders should have a say in corporate decisions 35 Aristotle definition of rhetoric discovering all possible meanings of persuasion 36 Logos to reason logically 37Enthymeme premise based on the beliefs of the audience deals with truths we are familiar with so they excite us deals with common sense knowledge can have several right answers most effective when they tap into beliefs we already have 38 Ethos perceived credibility through ethics human character 39 Pathos emotional proof 40 Five canons of rhetoric Invention discovery of convincing arguments Arrangement organization of material for best impact Style selection of compelling and appropriate language Memory mastery ancl rehearsal of content ma a5 Delivery coordination of voice and gestures 41 Criteria of audience analysis epideictic speaking considers praise and blame for the benefit of present day audiences


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