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Visual Editing

by: Jamar Davis

Visual Editing COMM 3362

Jamar Davis
GPA 3.9


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jamar Davis on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 3362 at East Carolina University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/221346/comm-3362-east-carolina-university in Communication at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Advanced General Psychology PSYCH 4000 Section 001 MWF 900 7 950 Classroom Rawl 208 Office Hours MWF ll00l200 MW 200 Professor Dr Amy Lyndon 400 and by appointment Of ce Rawl 316 Email lyndonaecuedu Phone 3282589 Course Objectives This course is designed to hone and practice critical thinking skills in the area of psychology We will examine psychology as a science and learn how to differentiate it from pseudoscience You will apply those principles to current topics in psychology and the real world As a capstone course we will explore many issues that have been touched upon in your prior courses as well as new issues Overall you will exercise your critical thinking skills learn to see through illogical arguments engage in meaningful discussions and strengthen your communication skills Texts Stanovich K 2006 How to Think StraightAbout Psychology 8 11 Ed Reguired Scott J M Koch R Scott G M amp Garrison S M 2002 Psychology Student Writer s Manual 2quotdEal Reguired McBumey D H 2002 How to ThinkLike aPsychologist Critical Thinking in Psychology Optional Attendance Attendance is necessary for an interesting class and for a good grade You automatically receive 40 points at the start of class You are allowed 3 absences You will lose 3 points per absence after the 3rd Ten or more unexcused absences will result in an automatic F Absences are excused only with written documentation Attendance is taken with Daily Responses Please come to class having read the assignments and be prepared to discuss the issues Inclass exercises and discussion will rely upon your having read the material before class Participation Class discussions are central to the success of this course Therefore the extent to which your contributions to each class are thoughtful and active will help you to earn a high grade Expect a lower grade if you miss class sit passively and allow others to carry the conversation or make lowquality contributions eg confused and poorlythought out contributions comments that throw the class off track long rambling monologues Please arrive to class in time to get a seat review your notes and get focused Blackboard httpecublackboardcom You will use Blackboard extensively throughout the class All class documents will be posted on Bb including the syllabus all handouts and articles to read links etc you will turn in all of your papers via the Digital Drop Box in Bb Papers There are no exams in this class 7 only papers All papers will be in APA format typed doublespaced Times New Roman 12point font and turned in electronically through the Digital Drop Box You must turn in your source materials in class All papers will be graded with an eye towards content grammarspelling and APA style You must clear all paper topics with me Website evaluation We rely heavily on the Internet to obtain information How do you know whether these websites are reputable and valid Select a search topic I strongly suggest using the same topic as your pseudoscience paper and find two websites 7 one that is reputable and one that is questionable Using class materials describe the criteria are for making this decision and apply them to the two websites 56 pages Due Monday 25 Pseudoscience Take a popular pseudoscience concept Mozart effect ESP graphology astrology phrenology therapeutic touch etc and evaluate it using scientific principles we ve been discussing in class in handouts and your text Explain why the pseudoscience is attractive why people might believe in it and why they might ignore or rationalize evidence against it What is their proof How would you then test it using real science 79 pages Due Wednesday 37 Comparative theoretical paper You will choose a topic in the field of psychology that we may or may not be covering in class You will research all sides and use at least two separate theories to explain the phenomenon This shows your ability to use your previous psychology classes to demonstrate that behavior is multiply determined and to use those critical thinking skills 57 pages Due Monday 42 Social policy Select a current social issue and apply your knowledge of psychology What are the issues to consider What does the evidence suggest as the best directions to take Evaluate the research and suggestions Here s a few examples Sex education the return of veterans reducing prejudice avoiding job burnout Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters increase eyewitness accuracy juvenile competency in court terrorism etc 56 pages Due Monday 430 Academic integrity is a fundamental value of higher education and East Carolina University therefore I will not tolerate acts of cheating plagiarism falsification or attempts to cheat plagiarize or falsify Should I determine that an academic integrity Violation has taken place I reserve the right either to assign a grade penalty or to refer the case to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for an Academic Integrity Board hearing The minimum grade penalty that I will assign is an F for the assignmentcourse Should it come to my attention that you have had a prior academic integrity Violation or if there are other aggravating circumstances I will refer the case directly to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities Should the Academic Integrity Board determine that you committed an academic integrity Violation you may be assigned a grade penalty andor any other sanction allowed in the student Code of Conduct up to and including suspension from the University Help with writing High quality writing is expected in this course I am willing to meet with you about your papers to discuss them and make sure you are on the right track but I am not available to read drafts of your pieces You are expected to use The Psychology Student Writer 3 Manual during every step of your papers from choosing a topic to searching for evidence to writing editing and APA style You are encouraged to show your writing to others outside of the class for feedback on the writing and structure of your piece The writing lab provides tutors to assist you with these skills The phone number for the center is 3282820 More information is available on their website http wwwecu eduwriting w quot39 Grading Participation 40 pts Attendance 40 pts A 90 Webpage evaluation paper 80 pts B 80 Pseudoscience paper 100 pts C 70 Comparative theory paper 100 pts D 60 Social policy paper 100 pts F lt 59 Total 460 pts A reminder Your grades in this class are earned by you not giV by the instructor You have a number of opportunities to learn the material and demonstrate what you have learned I will do whatever I can to help you learn and do well on assignments Please do not embarrass yourself or the instructor by asking or expecting the instructor to give you points toward your nal grade or by suggesting that your grade was somehow the responsibility or fault of the instructor General Information In the event of a weather emergency information about ECU can be accessed through the following sources ECU emergency notices httpwwwecuedu alert ECU emergency information hotline 252 3280062 East Carolina seeks to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA Students requesting accommodations based on a covered disability must go to the Department for Disability Support Services located in Brewster Al 14 to verify the disability before any accommodations can occur The telephone number is 3286799 Outline Date Topics Readings and Due Dates Friday Syllabus 15 Monday 18 Psychology is Science Reading Stanovich Ch 1 Wednesday Psychology is Science 110 Friday 1 13 Psychology is Science Reading Shermer M 1997 How thinking goes wrong Twenty ve fallacies that lead us to believe weird things Why People Believe Weird Things Pseudoscience Superstition and Other Confusions of Our Time WH Friedman amp Company New York Monday l15 Martin Luther King Jr Day 7 Class not meeting Wednesday 117 Plagiarism lecture Friday ll9 Plagiarism lecture con t Monday 1 22 Falsi ability Reading Stanovich Ch 2 Wednesday 124 Falsi ability Friday 1 26 Evolution vs Intelligent Design Reading Shermer M 1997 Confronting creationists Twenty ve creationist arguments twenty ve evolutionist answers Why People Believe Weird Things Pseudoscience Superstition and Other Confusions of Our Time WH Friedman amp Company New York Monday 1 29 Operationalism and Essentialism Reading Stanovich Ch 3 Wednesday Operationalism and Essentialism 13 1 Friday 22 Testimonials and Case Studies Reading Stanovich Ch 3 Monday 3 19 Converging Evidence Wednesday 321 Behavior is multiply determined Reading Stanovich Ch 9 Friday 3 23 Behavior is multiply determined Monday 326 Invalid psychological disorders Wednesday 328 Invalid psychological disorders Reading Development of DSM handout on Bb Friday 3 30 Invalid psychological disorders Monday 42 Culturally bound disorders DUE Comparative theoretical paper Wednesday Probabilistic Reasoning Reading Stanovich Ch 10 Friday 4 6 Holiday 7 Class not meeting Monday 4 9 Insanity Defense Reading CrimeLibrary Insanity Defense handout on Bb Wednesday Insanity Defense 41 1 Friday 4 13 The role of chance Reading Stanovich Ch 11 Monday 416 The role of chance Wednesday 418 Social Policy Reading Stienberg L amp Cauffman E 2001 Adolescents as adults in court A developmental perspective on the transfer of juveniles to criminal courts Social Policy Report XV 4 Friday 4 20 Social Policy Monday 4 23 FalseRecovered memory Reading Braun K A Ellis R amp Loftus E 2002 Make my memory How advertising can change our memories of the past Psychology andMarketing 19 1 123 Monday 4 30 FalseRecovered memory DUE Social Policy paper The schedule is tentative Depending upon the level of interest and discussion we may spend more or less time on the topics


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