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Astronomy II

by: Amy Gerhold

Astronomy II ASTR 1020

Amy Gerhold
GPA 4.0

Richard Ignace

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About this Document

Richard Ignace
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amy Gerhold on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASTR 1020 at East Tennessee State University taught by Richard Ignace in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/221368/astr-1020-east-tennessee-state-university in Astronomy at East Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
ASTRONOMY H STARS AND GALAXIES ASTR 1020 Fall 2009 Prof Richard Ignace REVIEW FOR FIRST EXAM This review sheet is intended to be a broad guide to help you prepare for the examination Some of the exam questions will test basic knowledge of the material iiei knowing just the facts but others test understanding of the implications of these facts So you will be tested on knowledge and application This is NOT an exhaustive listing Material for the 1st exam will not be limited to what appears here but if it appears here I consider it to be important Calculators will be needed Expect 35 multiple choice questions with a few being quantitative problems Focus your study on my lecture notes and the homework problems Treat the book as supplemental And of course if you have any questions feel free to see me at of ce hours walkin or arrange an appointment 1 Historical o Ptolemy and the geocentric model Aristarchus Aristotle Pythagoras Eratosthenes o Copernicus and the heliocentric model understand how retrograde loops motivated the helio centric approac o Kepler and his three laws of planetary motion know about ellipses and jargon such as semi major axis and eccentricity o Galileo s contributions to modern astronomy especially the heliocentric model 0 Hooke central forces 0 Newton and his three laws of motion terminology forces inertia speed velocity acceleration L H A 39 I 77 o Kircho s three laws different cases 0 blackbodies know what these are plus Wien s law and StefanBoltzmann law 0 Bohr atom know about electrons protons neutrons nucleus energy levels absorption emission ionization recombination and relation to Kircho s laws 2 Science 0 scienti c notation order of magnitude metric pre xes o Gravity know the formula circular motion under gravity meaning of escape speed gravity explains orbital motions of Kepler s laws 0 Planck s Law photons and photon energy 0 Blackbodies Wien s law and StefanBoltzmann s Law 0 Flux ice the inverse square law of light luminosity 0 Doppler shift connection to motion use of redshift and blueshift o Electromagnetic spectrum 7 different kinds of light wavelengths frequencies relation between wavelength and frequency and speed of light also photons and energy of light 0 Observing with telescopes atmospheric seeing atmospheric transparency why put telescopes in space concept of resolution for image detail angular resolution and spectral detail spectral resolution telescopes as light buckets aperture size o Gases Pressure Temperature Density and the Ideal Gas Law concept of gas as particles in motion thermal speed of particles 3 The Sky 0 Order of the planets from the Sun remember there are 8 now 0 celestial sphere terminology know What constellations are no do not memorize all of the constellations but understand how stars in space relate to the celestial sphere o perspective issues rotation of Earth and diurnal motion star trails revolution of the Earth around the Sun and relation to seasonal constellations circumpolar stars 0 the ecliptic the tilt of the Earth reason for seasons 4 Sun 0 be familiar With general properties ofthe Sun 7 composition different sections core and convective zone etc interior 7 fusion pp chain hydrogen to helium neutrinos the neutrino problem and resolution how long the Sun can live atmosphere 7 the three components photosphere chromosphere corona and general properties activity sunspots solar ares solar Win 0 the solar cycle for sunspots that it is associated With magnetic elds and that the cycle is 11 years EXPRESSIONS WE HAVE SEEN Be familiar With What the equations represent Wave properties of light 1 c Energy property of photons E hl Doppler shift Kepler s 3rd laW for the Solar System orbital period P2 LX a3 Force of gravity Fa GMmcl2 Escape speed vesc 2GMR Circular orbital speed vc GMR Newton s version of Kepler s 3rd Law a3 Law P2 Newton s 2nd law force F ma ldeal gas law pressure P LX pT Thermal speed of gas particles vth LX W Flux of light ux F LX Lcl2 Wien s law Amax LX lT StefanBoltzmann law surface brightness FBB LX T4


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