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File Processing

by: Amira Von

File Processing CSCI 2230

Amira Von
GPA 3.95

Vernon Pine

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About this Document

Vernon Pine
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amira Von on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCI 2230 at East Tennessee State University taught by Vernon Pine in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/221375/csci-2230-east-tennessee-state-university in Communication Studies at East Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Linux Commands Quick List Command Meaning Common ags or ltargumentsgt cd change directory up one ltdirnamegt down one ls display directory 1 long listing a hidden files more display file ltspacegt page down ltreturngt down one b back one page q quit cat display file cp copy file ltold filegt ltnew filegt mv change name ltold namegt ltnew namegt rm remove file i interactive r recursive watch out mkdir create new directory ltnew directory namegt rmdir remove directory directory must be empty man display manual page ltcommandgt xman X version of man use only in X session usually with amp pwd print working directory mailx email ltuser idgt help pico simple editor for wimps vi visual editor for the mighty see vi handout yppasswd change password prompts for old and new passwords logout logout exit ends process useful for windows script starts log file exit ends script g gnu C compiler c compile no link o renames output le make automated compiling f filename for nonmakefile makefiles gdb gnu debugger use g with g finger finds user info ltuser idgt history shows recent commands repeat command from history list cmd repeat last alias define macro ltmacrogt ltdefinitiongt od octal dump c character info gt redirect output to file ltfilenamegt lt get input from file ltfilenamegt pipe output to next cmd Example history more set sets shell variables Example set termvt100 echo display shell variables Example echo term ftp file transfer program get from distant machine put to distant machine binary set transfer to binary Function main Required Block Comments main Assignment Project 1 Creation Date 18 Jan 2004 Last Modification Date 25 Jan 2004 Fi1e name maincpp Bi11 Pine Emaii vainecomputerorg Course Section CSCI 2230 201 Programmer Purpose B39Iah b39lah b39lah Inputs Etc Etc Etc Outputs So forth and so on Files Containing Only Free Functions Functions Creation Date 18 Jan 2004 Last Modification Date 25 Jan 2004 File name util cpp Programmer Bill Pine Email vainecomputerorg Course Section CSCI 2230 201 This file contains the definitions of the following free functions that handle miscellaneous utility tasks displayGoodBye displays the closing screen displayWelcome displays the welcome screen pause pause for user response setPrecision sets display precision for doubles FilesF 39 39 Classl 39 quot or Definitions h and 01le Bewee Creation Date 18 Jan 2004 Last Modification Date 25 Jan 2004 File name BeWeecpp Programmer Bill Pine Email vainecomputerorg Course Section CSCI 2230 201 This file contains the implementation for the class BeWee The class BeWee models the behavior of a creature from the planet Gwark All Functions setprecjsjon Creation Date 18 Jan 2004 Last Modification Date 25 Jan 2004 Programmer Bi11 Pine Emai1 vainecomputerorg Course Section CSCI 2230 201 Purpose Set the number of digits dispiayed to the right of the decimai for a11 rea1 numbers Parameters int digits Returns Nothing Other Notes None number of digits to dispiay


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