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Lecture Notes from 10/5-10/9


Lecture Notes from 10/5-10/9 CHEM 2302

Marketplace > University of Minnesota > Chemistry > CHEM 2302 > Lecture Notes from 10 5 10 9
U of M
GPA 3.46
Organic Chemistry II
Dr. Taton

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About this Document

My lecture notes from last week for Taton's class. I took them right over the slides so that they are available for reference. I hope they help!
Organic Chemistry II
Dr. Taton
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by EMMYSOTO on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 2302 at University of Minnesota taught by Dr. Taton in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry II in Chemistry at University of Minnesota.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Mcdnmisms 9 f1 39 HO 0 gt HOc lt V I WWSAL39L What is 39UM AimeHow oF 7mmbvium7 39 Eyrth MOVE more molecuus 50 equilibrium lus to W lLH 970 WSL WW 41N 43726 AM Will bl couwin oolau1 lavhumans om kss stuola ale mosl nut ve usz 5P3 hlemoiize Organometallic Reagents are Synthetically Equivalent to Carbanions R Li alkyllithium organolithium R Mg Br Grignard reagent organomagnesium halide R CEC Na alkynylsodium Computed electronic structure of CH3Li All of these react as R9 Generating Organometallic Reagents 1 Deprotonation Not common Works for alkynyl some Sp2 anions but not for sp3 because alkanes are not acidic enough Examples CH3 CEC H NaNH2 gt CH3 CEC Na NH3 hexane OIquot I N BuLi O N L39 Etzo c9 cyo gt CL 39d39e I 1 9 e E L Alkoxiau HzcCH2 L39 gL5 I Ex 9 CHs cac H NH 7 quot Hag LEC NA NH3 A 39M A PM 25 Agnian PM 35 Generating Organometallic Reagents mosl comvnon wowI 0 saturate orjmomtalic my L s 2 Metalation of an alkyl halide Common for Grignard reagents sp3 alkyllithiums Examples CI 39 39 EtZO mm I IVI93 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Br hexane L39 I 2LIs LiBr quot39l violaH1 l solid l 33 I Generating Organometallic Reagents 3 Lithiumhalogen exchange Common for sp2 alkyllithiums Not useful for sp3 alkyllithiums Example imrei l not LiBr commerCIaIIy commerCIaIIy available available Reaction is driven by 6 formation of more more stable 9 stable carbanion A than A Reaction of Alkylmetals With CO Bonds H 1 R MgBr gtO gt H H e Ro 2 H H gt ROH H Ketones and aldehydes are more electrophilic than esters and acyl haHdes H r 5 formaldehyde primary alcohol 3 2 E RI 1 RI 6 2 H RI 63 RLi gto gt RO 39 gt ROH g H H H gt i aldehyde secondary alcohol E a R39 I U 1 R e 2 H R R Na O gt R o gt R OH RII Rquot Rquot ketone tertiary alcohol Double Addltlon of Alkylmetals to Esters and Acyl Halldes R39 R39 1 R Li R39 e 2 H R39 gt or O R O R OH CI CH3O R R an acy ester chloride One Ru and then another equivalent of gtO equivalent adds RLi adds R unavoidably 5 8 Why k 8 RJKR R39 AchHo Lone pair donation by oxygen reduces partial positive charge on CO carbon 61 H IL 09 M cl L 039 3zHso H H Workuf39 Stdf AllwxioU haw 4mm n3qu boa L watt 4 Mala Primwnj alcohol a QB I Coe 2 I430a H L39 39I39 gtLHr39o I woka J 0H AldLHdL Alluxidk cec ws m9 W 9 Ho C I Hsc csc Na Lgt 9 Z wow OH Alcohol Ketones from Lithium Dialkylcuprates Synthesis of dialkylcuprates Li Cul R39C gt R39Li gt R39ZCuLi orithium halogen exchange Addition of dialkylcuprates to acyl chlorides R SOCI2 R R39ZCuLi R gto gt gto gt o HO on R39 Unlike other alkylmetals cuprate adds only once Carboxylic Acids from Alkylmetals Grignards and CO2 Open Epoxides 1 co2 O 1 R MgCI R MgCI L CH3 L CH 0 3 o6 4lt RN R De H3C CH3 OH 0 2 H3O RN 2H30 R4 lt 39 OH H3C CH3 Another way of making new CC bonds with alkylmetals Cl CHI 6 Jig LI z N L 2 fm hr OH O O 3634 I in lust


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