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Earth ScWeatherClimate

by: Mr. Sigrid Stoltenberg

Earth ScWeatherClimate GEOG 1110

Mr. Sigrid Stoltenberg
GPA 3.54

Ingrid Luffman

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About this Document

Ingrid Luffman
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Sigrid Stoltenberg on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 1110 at East Tennessee State University taught by Ingrid Luffman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/221397/geog-1110-east-tennessee-state-university in Geography at East Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
I GEOG 1110 EARTH SCIENCE Weather and Climate GEOG1110 Online Lab Exercise 1 The Geographic Grid System Time Airphoto interpretation Instructions 1 Complete all questions 2 Use the accompanying notes your text and the Internet as a reference 3 Turn in your completed lab to the drop box marked quotLab 1 Note You may work with other students but all answers must be in your own words If a classmate explains an answer to you be sure to rewrite the answer in your own words If you cannot do this then you don t understand the material well enough to properly answer the question yet Source http worldnnlinp rnm tutoria quotImagine a Single Dot on a Table Tennis Ball How Would You Describe ts Location It would be quite difficult The same is true of locations on the Earth s surface Geographers have solved this problem by creating latitude lines and longitude lines I What is Latitude and Longitude The Geographic gird of parallels and meridians is an artifact or cultural thing created by humans as a concept originating in the brain Does this mean that the geographic grid shouldn t be in include in physical geography Latitude lines are imaginary lines on the earth s surface They run east and west around the globe and tell you your distance north or south of the Equator Think of latitude like the rungs of a ladder ladder sounds a lot like latitude Latitude lines run east and west but they tell how far up north you can go or how far down south you can go Nnnh Equamr i f I l 5 l w s Scum Pore quot 1 a Enuth v Longitude lines are imaginary lines on the earth s surface that run from pole to pole around the globe and tell you your distance east or west from the Prime Meridian When you think of longitude think of long tall tel ephone poles because longitude lines run from pole to pole Longitude lines run north and south but they tell how far east you can go or how far west you can go soum w ll Why Are La tude and Long In the held of mathematics crrcles are measured to degrees There are 350 degrees m a crrcle smce the eart s besucally crroular t was deade to measure Iatrtude and Iongrtude in degrees also The rst Iatrtude line was the Equator tequauy u Equator There are a maxm m of 90 Iatrtudeto the north orthe south ofthe Equator ude Measured n Degrees Norm Putz The first longitude line was the Prime Meridian Any meridian could have been chosen as the Prime Meridian because they are all exactly the same The Prime Meridian was selected by international agreement at the International Meridian Conference called by President Chester Arthur in October of 1884 Representatives from 25 nations met in Washington DC All other longitude lines are measured in degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian There are a maximum of 180 degrees on longitude to the east or the west of the Prime Meridian It is approximately 69 miles between two latitude lines parallels For more accuracy in location degrees can be divided into smaller parts One degree can be divided into 60 minutes and one minute can be divided into 60 seconds Later on we will work more with minutes or seconds of latitude and longitude in this course But for now lets see how we put all of this together 5 South Pole Ill How Do I Use Latitude and Longitude If someone asked you the location of the local town bank you may say quotIt is on the corner of Main and Third streetsquot Latitude and longitude are like imaginary streets on the earth It is customary to give the latitude of a place first and the longitude second For example you would say quot35 degrees north 77 degrees west This eliminates the need to say the words latitude and longitude Make sure that you give a direction with the number If you simply say quot66 degrees latitudequot there are two of them one in the north and one in the south To find a latitude line such as 60 degrees north latitude you must do three things 1 Go to your starting line the Equator 2 Determine which direction you must go north or south 3 Determine the distance in degrees you must go 60 This will give you the location of one of your streets To find a longitude line such as 40 degrees east longitude you must do three things 1 Go to your starting line the Prime Meridian 2 Determine which direction you must go east or west 3 Determine the distance in degrees you must go 40 This will give the location of one of your second street If you find the intersection of these two imaginary streets you have found the exact absolute location ofa particular place on the earth s surface shown by the red X on the map below Important The Equator is neither North nor South of the starting line so it is simply 09 latitude no direction needed The Prime Meridian would be 09 longitude no direction needed Notice this on the two diagrams 180 150 120quot 30quot 80D 80quot 0h 30quot 60 90quot 120 150 180 180 150quot120quot 90quot 80quot 30 0 30 80quot 90 120 150 180 Mz IV LatLon Exerc es pmgqueimn 30 um um WW m an m Hm Mn mm 50 an M An EukoPE b ORTH ASIA nN AMERICA E N m D B 1w mum n39Eq m n scum mum In C 1n ocmm m A n rs n r an no ANYARCTICA M Ma mm srrw 1n a m m mu m7 m7 u Wu WW nulmpclo QQPEDIg39Iqns Match the ucztmnsA ndmzted an the map zbuve tn thegeugraphm cuurdmztes be uw 3 The foiiowing iist gives the approximate attitude and iongitude for five cities Piot with a circie and LABEL name the approximate positions of these cities on the map provided on the foiiowing page There are severai ways to do this i Use the drawing toois in your word processing software ii Copy the map to Paint found under Accessories in your Windows program iist and use the toois in Paint to iabei the map iii Print out the map and iabei it by hand then scan it or snap a photo of it saving the image as a jpg fiie which you can then import into this iab using insertgtpicture 19 N 73 E India 95511025Wcsvnil vrmuMniidmn chvemEdeF lm yea my urr 12 we at on 2 e an s we 4v who mm W iz39l f1 I quot 391 I 393 l3 zone mam39mz Image Source L 4There aregtime zones in the world andhours in a day There are degrees of longitude on Earth and therefore each time zone crosseslongitude degrees 5ltis400 pm y39 Timezone l r 39 using the time zone map above or Figure 117 ofyourtext ignore Daylight SavingsTime Mexico City Mexico Moscow Russia Rome lav England mu unvl cai Egvpt Timethetimein Cairo when your airplanetook off was The ight takes 10 hours you will arrive in Cairo at Do you arrive at the airport on the same date m choose one lfthe answer is no which dav difference in time between Houston TX 95 W and Cairo Egypt 31 E a To do that first determine the standard meridians for the time zone each city is in Standard meridians are located 15 degrees apart beginning at the Prime Meridian and so standard meridians are located at O 15 W 15 E 30 W 30 E and so on The standard meridian for a location is its CLOSEST standard meridian The standard meridian of Houston is and the standard meridian for Cairo is E Second calculate the difference in longitude between the two standard meridians Note if you are in different hemispheres remember to take that into account when you do your calculations Using the fact that one hour corresponds to 15 degrees of longitude calculate the time difference between the two locations Cairo is hours 2 ilfl iw l choose one Houston Therefore if the time in Houston TX is 1100 PM Wednesday the time and day in Cairo is 8 An even faster but sometimes less accurate way to do the calculation is to just calculate the actual difference in longitude between these two locations do not use the longitude of the standard meridians The difference in longitude between the two locations is g which corresponds to time zones round to the nearest integer Therefore Cairo is ghours quotrm nil alt liqlll lmil choose one Houston TX Using this short cut you will get the right answer in many cases but not always Did you get the right answer in this case choose one Why or why not GEOGlllO Assignment 2 Instructions 1 5 quot P Work on these questions each week as you complete the readings and quizzes for each chapter Answer ALL questions Submit your completed assignment to the 39Assignment 2 drop box on or before the due date Late assignments will be assessed a 20quot late penalty and late assignments will not be accepted more than 72hrs 3 days beyond the due date without a doctor s excuse NOTES 1 All answers must be in your own words Do not copy from the textbook this is plagiarism unless you use quotation marks and reference your source Please see the syllabus for details on the plagiarism policy for this course 2 To turn in an electronic sketch you have several options sketch by hand and scan it sketch by hand and take a digital picture of it sketch using a drawing program like Paint found under accessories in all Windows computers Chapter 5 questions 1 a Summarize the four major controls on temperature a Study the two Global mean temperature maps in your text one for January and one for July Apply what you know about the four major controls to explain the seasonal pattern Note You may find the Animations CD helpful see the section Global Surface Temps Land and Ocean found in Chapter 5 2 Study the Global Temperature Range map in your text o m Where is the annual temperature range the largest Where is it the smallest Explain this pattern relating it to the four major controls on temperature Two of the patterns you should explain are the effect of the Gulf Stream figure 510 on Great Britain and Iceland also the difference in temperature range in the southern hemisphere compared to the northern hemisphere 3 The thermal equator is a line that connects the dots between the maximum temperature at each meridian of longitude 8 b Explain its seasonal pattern of migration Explain why it behaves differently over land than over water Note Use whatyou learned in Chapter 2 and what you learned in this chapter regarding temperature controls Chapter 6 questions 4 Airpressure a Explain air pressure in layman s terms ie in your own words without using technical jargon b Do a web search to find the lowest air pressure associated with ten hurricanestyphoonscyclones and their rating on the Saffir Simpson scale Develop a hypothesis relating air pressure to hurricane strength and use the data you have gathered to explain how you came up with your hypothesis 5 The jet stream a Use your own words to describe how the position of the jet stream influences surface weather in North America b Research jet streamrelated weather events Choose one and summarize it Your goal here is to provide a concrete example of one instance where thejet stream has influenced our weather c Aflight from Montreal Canada to London England takes approximately five and one half hours yet a flight from London England to Montreal Canada takes approximately six and one half hours Explain this difference questions a Describe this phenomenon what it is and the weather associated with it b Explain its drivingforce in terms of atmospheric pressure and wind Hint you will also want to look ahead to the first part of Chapter 8 concerning air masses and lifting mechanisms 6 Choose either The Asiatic Monsoon or the Santa Ana winds and answerthe following Compare the wind belts in Fig 612 with the ocean currents in Fig 621 One of the major driving forces for ocean currents is wind a Describe the evidence you see in these figures to support this theory b Explain the connection between ocean circulation and El Ni o Southern Oscillation Chapter 7 Questions 8 Relative humidity is the ratio of the air s water vapor content divided by its water vapor capacity and it ranges from O to 100 FYI on very rare occasions air may become supersaturated and humidity may exceed 100 Fill in the following table the first one is donefor you ignore the grey cells Vapor Saturation vapor Specific Maximum Relative Temperature pressure pressure humidity specific humidity humidity 102 mb 17 mb XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX 60 15 C 15 mb XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX 60 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX 18 g 30 g XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX 30 100 F 9 Clouds can be indicators of atmospheric condition and predictors of weather a What conditions must be met in order for clouds to form b Describe how cloud type can be an indicator of atmospheric stability or instability 10 Observe the sky on three separate occasions a Record the cloud characteristics and weather in the table below characteristics direction See Ch6 Beaufort wind b Consider all of the observations you recorded in the table and try to connect them to the observed weather Can you see any trends Explain Just forfun Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica LIMA httplimausgsgov Quicktime video about Antarctic Sea Ice and the Endeavour httpwwwteachersdomainorgresourcesessOSsciess 39 in Idcxhtml Quicktime video about extreme temperatures on the moon httpwwwteachersdomainorgresourcesessCquotl quot quot quotidexhtml Earth s temperature since 1884 YouTu be animation httpMwwwyoutubecomwatchv39llAyLmYSYk Mountain weather interactive animation microclimates and rainshadow deserts httpwwwteachersdomainorgresourcesessOSsciesswatcvcmountweaindexhtml Climber s story about a close call with mountain weather httpwwwteachersdomainorgresourcesessOSsciesswatcvcmountempindexhtml Jet streams and weather httpwwwteachersdomainorgresourcesessOSsciesswatcvclp ietstreamindexhtml Jet stream and horizontal temp gradients httpwwwteachersdomainor resourcesessOSsciesswatcvcietstreamindexhtml Ocean temp and climate patterns htt wwwteachersdomainor resources essOS sci ess watc c oceancur indexhtm Ocean circulation revealed by shipwrecks httpwwwteachersdomainorgresourcesessOSsciesswatcvcdriftersindexhtml Mary Day 3 E06 1110 GEOGlllO Assignment 1 Instructions 1 Work on these questions each week as you complete the readings and quizzes for each chapter Answer ALL questions Submit your completed assignment to the 39Assignment 1 drop box on or before the due date Late assignments will be assessed a 20quot late penalty and late assignments will not be accepted more than 72hrs 3 days beyond the due date without a doctor s excuse 5 quot P NOTES 1 All answers must be in your own words Do not copy from the textbook this is plagiarism unless you use quotation marks and reference your source Please see the syllabus for details on the plagiarism policy for this course 2 To turn in a sketch you have several options sketch by hand and scan or take a digital picture or sketch using a drawing program ie Paint found under accessories in Windows computers Chapter 1 questions A hot trend in geography is to study a problem at multiple scales For example to look at how a local system may impact a global system or how global changes may manifest themselves at the local level eg how global climate change may have an impact on the spatial distribution of fire ants Flip through the textbook andor surf the web for ideas then provide me with two examples of crossscale relationships in geography Be sure to not only state the answer but also to explain 5 a geographic question at multiple scales Click on the links below for full size images of the thumbnails provided a The Living Earth httpzflatplanetsourceforgenetzmapszimageslearthlivinngg Click on the link above for a fullsize image and notice the arid and 7 semiarid areas that appear brownyellow in color Choose three arid 39 areas and describe where they are located with respect to their Iquot Mary Day 3 E06 1110 latitudinal zone and proximity to oceans or mountain chains Describe the pattern that you see tion of the patterns you see b Earth at night httb eolo com articles satellite hotoearthatni htshtm Click on the link above to see a fullsize set of images of Earth at night Use these images along with an atlas or online maps to identify five major urban areas What can you say in general about the relationships between these urban areas and the physical characteristics of the land ie proximity to mountains coasts arid areas 3 Consider how maps might be useful in your daytoday life Search online for a map that relates to your job or field of study and copy and paste it here be sure to include the link 525 quot yinx meme 139 he mk wm 5 osneed Church Hill rz 5S 39 J Valley 39 LBJ m i svm 39 ountain City Rogerswlle I I i 1 Jearuldstown 5 0 o L M Elut KL I 0 ean Station xquot39Af5prlngs TBITUF Jonesroug a f o 1 eville 39 Ti erValev 39 Erwi I Unicofkm 99 39 CREEquot oNew39laamd oHarrell Hill lt 0 r l 58 Clifton o 1 Jefferso f Toddo bids 5 Camp 2339 Linville ga Pond oElakersvill Burnsville 3 5y Creek Mary Day 3 E06 1110 Next describe the map in terms of its scale and projection read Ch1 for more info on map Explain what it is about this map t this type of spatial data is best displayed on a map rather than in spreadsheet form ll u ll ir mni ii I il L l n il lhlsi w Note For inspiration check outJohn Snow sfamous cholera map http M inM ed 39 39 39 39 39 nnM htmll which he created to understand the spatial pattern of London s cholera outbreak in 1854 and ultimately to discover the source of the outbreak and halt it virtually overnight P Remote sensing is a technique used to obtain information about something without actually having to come in physical contact with the subject GIS stands for Geographic Information System and it is a tool to help store analyze and display spatial data The field of natural disasters research and recovery benefits from geospatial techniques for example consider the images from the flooding associated with Hurricane Katrina htt isdataus snet hazards katrina roducts h or maps estimating sea level rise on the Gulf Coast httpvn emite ena govoarglobalwarmin nsfcontentResourceCenterPublication M Investigate and report on two examples where geospatial techniques were used in disaster recovery and mitigation The following links may help you get started htt mceerbuffaoedu infoservice Reference Services remoteSensin as httpwwwesricomlibrarybrochurespdfs isfordisasterrecoverypdf htt s atialnews eocommcom dail news 2001 se 11 nun It Chapter 2 questions oblique diffuse Mary Day 3 E06 1110 5 At the top of the atmosphere energy receipt from the sun is a constant value of 1372 Watts per square meter Look at Fig 29 in your text If the sun s rays hit the earth from directly above ie sun directly overhead then the rays are concentrated onto a smaller area than if they come in at an angle To visualize this use the following analogy Take a flashlight and hold it directly above the table say 12 inches above it Draw a circle outlining the beam of light Next turn the flashlight so the beam of light hits the table at an angle keeping the flashlight 12 inches above the table Outline this new beam of light It should be fainter but larger a Explain this analogy rel ngles i39m liliw39 b Explain the relationship between th day length associated with the annual march of the seasons Eli395llllll1quot1in9 6 Visit httpZsolarsciencemsflnasagov or other sites of your choosing to learn about sunspots and solar wind a Explain these conce liar a39 jml lir m etween sunspots solar w 5 lllllll quotl httpl What did you find out about the current su lEl V i whim may 3 and Plants may be helpfu z39pot Area of vistEe hemisphere 19330 i 940 50 Time ya1 nnuleled r ESGL I 1920 I940 1960 BED 2904 2020 Mary Day 3 E06 1110 7 Read the section in your textbook on the electromagnetic spectrum a Which bands in the spectrum does the incoming energy from the sun consist of Which bands does the outgoing energy from Earth i Hunk all i39m i zuiwa l vim Hymn a Notice that the relative amount of incoming versus outgoing energy is not equal List some of the ways the sun s energy is used by the biosphere your Animations CD Chapter 2 Electromagnetic Spectrum Iwo remote sensing images are displayed in the last figure in Chapter 2 The top one was taken in January Northern hemisphere winter and the bottom one was taken in July Northern hemisphere summer Compare the snow and vegetative cover in the two images and relate this to the variation in the sun s declination throughout the year Be specific ii H 9 Chapter 3 Questions 9 Fill in the following table describing Earth s atmospheric structure Layer Location altitude Temperature Chemical composition Function what is range above trends what elements are this layer s Earth s surface found in this layer purpose Troposphere lt 5mi to 11 mi 50C to 20C Water vapor Weather Mary Day 3 E06 1110 Stratosphere 11mi to 31mi 70F to 32F Oxygen and diatomic Jet Streams oxygen Mesosphere 30mi to 55mi Avg 13OF to Oxygen and nitrogen Burns meteors 45F Thermosphere 300mi to 155mi 2200F Nitrogen and oxygen Protection of UV Rays 10 Your text states that natural sources of pollution llproduce a greater quantity of pollutants than do humanmade sources a Explain why this is NOT a reason to dismiss the effect of anthropogenic pollutants on air quality i l lb 1 quot rm 39 l39 r iF i A t Go to p z rgz and enter the zip co report On the next page scroll down to the section labeled AIR Report on what you found Do NOT simply cut and paste the web page Summarize in your own words and include your impressions Him quot 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 n mn39 il la e 39 Ozone can be both good and bad In the stratosphere it forms the ozone layer which intercepts UV radiation and protects Earth On the other hand ozone at ground level is a pollutant that damages biological tissues children are especially vulnerable Car exhaust is converted into ozone through a series of chemical reactions that create photochemical smog which is a primary air pollutant in our area Recently EPA changed the air quality standard for ozone which has implications for our region since we are very close to llnonattainment status this means that our air quality is close to being in violation of these limits Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia have partnered in an effort to increase awareness and reduce violations of air quality standards for ozone by forming the Ozone Action Partnership Visit httpfacultyetsueduZdeluciaZoapz or another sites of your choosing and 3m 7 l 1 a ll r l quot mll wallicm l Mary Day 3 E06 1110 39 an vum li mg l39nlll39 3W fawn in Chapter 4 Questions 12 Examine the general pattern of seasonal radiation keeping in mind Earth s radiation budget NET R SWin LWin SWout LWout Use your own words to explain the meaning of each term in this equation the Energy Essentials section on your CD has several animations that may be useful ll a 2 vimry ww 7 l 7M 7 7 7 Consider the SWout term albedo Run the Global Albedo Values Animation on your CD or check out the images of planetary albedo found at httpzcimssssecwisceduwxwisehomerbehtml click on the month names to access the albedo imagefor each month Explain the seasonal pattern relating it to snow cover 13 Describe the general daily pattern of radiation all components that make up Earth s net radiation budget and how this relates to 39 lrium Hm r 39 quot daily temperature variations l I 21Jun quot9 Equinox Net Radiation quot v ZlDec Wmquot2 39 U 2 4 6 3 ll 12 14 I5 13 20 22 24 Time hours httpwwwphysicalgeographynetfundamentals7lhtml Mary Day G EOG 1110 14 Use your own words to explain the following he relationship between the Greenhouse Effect and Global Climate Change t Can you relate this to your own experie nu ivzl m w vm Just for fun not to be turned in wwwgeosensene a fun online map quiz game addictive Monty Python s Galaxy song httpMdingocare2comcardstlashZS4091gaaxyswf Geography jokes funny answers to test questions htt eo ra h aboutcom librar misc blhumor1htm GEOGlllO Assignment 3 Instructions 1 Work on these questions each week as you complete the readings and quizzes for each chapter Answer ALL questions Submit your completed assignment to the 39Assignment 3 drop box on or before the due date Late assignments will be assessed a 20quot late penalty and late assignments will not be accepted more than 72hrs 3 days beyond the due date without a doctor s excuse 5 quot P NOTES 1 All answers must be in your own words Do not copy from the textbook this is plagiarism unless you use quotation marks and reference your source Please see the syllabus for details on the plagiarism policy for this course 2 To turn in an electronic sketch you have several options sketch by hand and scan it sketch by hand and take a digital picture of it sketch using a drawing program like Paint found under accessories in all Windows computers Chapter 7 questions 1 An air mass is different from an air parcel Air parcels are small and tend to be related to local weather conditions Air masses are large can be 1000 s of miles across and their interaction with each otherwill determine the weather on a national scale Describe four different air masses that affect North America in terms of temperature and moisture characteristics and where they are most likely to originate and seasonally where they are most likely to migrate 2 For precipitation to occur we need clouds and for clouds we need condensation which requires saturated air and condensation nuclei The easiest way to get saturated air is to force it to rise by rising it cools adiabatically remember Describe two of the four atmospheric lifting mechanisms providing specific examples ofwhere they may occur Note old weather forecasts and photos are acceptable provided that you include a summary written in your own words 3 Thunderstorms hall and tornadoes Use your animation CD yourtext and other resources at your disposal this website may help htt wwwsrhweather ov srh 39etstream tstorms tstorms introhtm a Describe the development of a hailstorm b Describe the development of a mesocyclone and a tornado 0 Explain the pattern of tornado occurrence seen in the figure below Source http wwwsrhweathergov srh ietstream tstorms tornadohtml 4 Annual Average Number of Tornadoes 19532004 The National Weather Service has produced a severe weather warning decision simulator called the hot seat Your task is to learn how severe weather is forecast Use the textbook and other resources at your disposal then go to htt wwwsrhnoaa ov ffc HotSeat indexshtm and start the simulator click on yes bring it onquot in the middle of the screen You will be presented with three scenarios and you must complete at least one of them The deliverable on this question is two paragraphs The first one should explain the criteria you will use to issue a tornado orsevere storm warning and the second paragraph should report on the results of the simulation how well were you able to predict severe weather What worked What didn t work What might you do differently next time Enjoy Chapter 9 questions 5 07 5 Describe several possible routes a molecule can take as it travels within the hydrologic cycle starting at the ocean through the atmosphere deposited as precipitation and then returning somehow to the ocean What I want you to do here is to describe the various ways the water molecule can make it back to the ocean Precipitation data is most commonly obtained from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration s National Climactic Data Center NCDC Go to the NCDC station locator http www ncr lc noaa gov oa climat 39 39 html to search for weather stations in your local area You may search for stations close to your home town or if you are out of the country feel free to search for weather stations near ETSU Report back on your findings how many stations Where located What type of station is it What other data are available from this weather station Other information you could find Do NOTjust copy and paste the station information Groundwater Resources The High Plains Aquifer is an important source of groundwater for irrigation in Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma and Texas however its days as a water source are limited if irrigation practices remain the same a Read Focus Study 92 and summarize the issues b Search online for an update on the situation What did you find c What are your suggestions for managing this important resource 8 Visit http wwwepagovlsuperfuhd ahd explore Click oh Search for Superfund site ihformatiohquot ih purpie oh the right of the page ahd search for superfuhd sites ih your local area this cah be local to ETSU or local to your home towh You may waht to start at the state level ahd theh driii dowh to couhty level a Give a brief descriptioh of iocatioh ahd type of cohtamihaht for two local sites b What are your impressiohs after compietihg this exercise Chapter 10 Questions 9 Koppen Climate Classification System Use Lab 3 the Koppen map in the World Map Reference of your Animations CD your text or other resources at your disposal to a Determihe the climate desighatioh for your hometowh ahd ohe fahtasy iocatioh of your choice make sure the two iocatiohs have differeht climates b Describe the maior factors that ihfluehce the climate ih these two iocatiohs ie oceah currehts air masses eievatioh ITCZ seasohal storms ahd hote seasohal chahgesthat occur ie hurricahe seasoh summer drought mohsooh 10 Read Focus Study 101 Go to http wwweihihohoaagov Surfthis site ahd a report oh the global impact of ah El Niho Do hot limit yourself towhat you fihd ih the focus study ahd be sure to include weather impacts droughtfloodihgstorms aswell as ecoriomic impacts b What is the differehce betweeh El Niho ahd La Niha c What is the curreht El NihoLa Niha situatioh 11 Ruh the Global Patterhs of Precipitatiohquot ahimatioh from Chapter 10 oh theAhimatiohs CD Summarize the effects of the shiftihg of the ITCZ ahd high ahd low pressure areas durihg the year oh precipitatioh patterhs Use specific examplesto highiight key poihts eg the Asiatic mohsooh is caused y Just for Fun we naLE wnsw The Water Cycle W


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