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Gen Physics II Noncalc

by: Iva Cormier

Gen Physics II Noncalc PHYS 2020

Iva Cormier
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Iva Cormier on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2020 at East Tennessee State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/221415/phys-2020-east-tennessee-state-university in Physics 2 at East Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
DH 00 r 9 03 1 00 Physics 2020 Exam 2 Review Questions Dr Luttermoser s Class How is emf different from potential difference What is a load resistance One can often reduce a complicated circuit to a simple circuit How do resistors add in a parallel circuit And in a series circuit What is Kirchhoffls loop and junction rules note that you will not be asked to solve problems with Kirchhoffls rules7 but you still need to know there de nitions What is an RC circuit What is an e folding time and how is it related to a capacitorls time constant How does the charge on a capacitor change with time in an RC circuit both directions Review the summary of Chapter 18 in the textbook and learn the de nition of all boldface terms in this chapter Review Examples lV 3 Problem 18317 RC circuits in the class notes Make sure you understand CAPA Problems 21 reduced resistor and 23 RC circuit Finally7 make sure you understand how to do the Supplemental Homework Problem Set 2 1 Problem 1867 reduced resistor and 3 Problem 18327 RC circuit Describe in detail7 the magnetic eld of a dipole magnet How is north and south de ned What is the orientation of the B eld lines with respect to north and south What is the force law of a magnetic eld What is the unit of measurement of the magnetic eld both 81 and cgs systems What is the strength ofthe Earth7s magnetic eld at the surface How do we know that the Earthls magnetic eld has changed direction over time If the magnetic eld points out of the page and a negative charged particle moves to the left in this eld7 what direction does the magnetic force point Use right hand rule 1 How does one determine the torque of a current carrying loop embedded in a B eld How does a galvanometer work What does it measure How do charged particles move in a magnetic eld What is meant by the radius of c urvat ure Describe Ampere s Law What is a solenoid and how does it work Describe right hand rule 2 the relation between currents in wires7 the B eld they generate7 and forces imparted on other charge carrying conductors How does one determine the direction of the B eld produced by a current owing through a wire Use right hand rule 3 What is meant by magnetic domains Why are some materials ferromagnetic 17 H 00 D H D D D 4 3 01 Review the summary of Chapter 19 in the textbook and learn the de nition of all boldface terms in this chapter Review Examples V 1 Problem 195 strength of E eld B eld and gravitational eld V 2 Problem 1914 force on current line in B eld V 3 Problem 1922 torque on current carrying loop V 4 Problem 1928 radius of curvature and V 6 Prob lem 1948 solenoids in the class notes Make sure you understand CAPA Problems 24 radius of curvature 25 right hand rule 1 and 27 B eld from a current Finally make sure you understand how to do the Supplemental Homework Problem Set 2 4 Problem 192 right hand rule 1 5 Problem 196 force on charge moving in B eld 6 Problem 1915 force from current 7 Problem 1923 torque on current loop 8 Problem 1930 radius of curvature and 10 Problem 1947 solenoids What is magnetic ux and how is it related to induced emf What is Faraday s Law of Induction What is Lenz s law and what does it have to do with the polarity of Faradayls law What is motional emf How do generators and electric motors work What does back emf describe Describe what is meant by self inductance What is the S1 unit of inductance How can one interpret L in an RL circuit How is an RL circuit similar to an RC circuit Review the summary of Chapter 20 in the textbook and learn the de nition of all boldface terms in this chapter Review Examples Vl 2 Problem 209 Faradayls law Vl 3 Problem 2018 motional emf Vl 4 Problem 2032 electric motors Vl 5 Problem 2040 inductance and Vl 6 Problem 2047 stored energy in B eld in the class notes Make sure you understand CAPA Problems 210 inductance and 211 emf of a motor Finally make sure you understand how to do the Supplemental Homework Problem Set 2 11 Problem 203 magnetic ux 12 and 13 Problems 2011 and 2019 induced emf 15 Problem 2037 inductance 16 Problem 2043 RL circuit and 17 Problem 2048 energy stored in B eld


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