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Technology And Society

by: Eve Jast

Technology And Society ENTC 3020

Eve Jast
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eve Jast on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENTC 3020 at East Tennessee State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/221425/entc-3020-east-tennessee-state-university in Technology (Entc) at East Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Energy amp the Environmental Problem Sources u Philosophy 9 Llfestylesthalanphaslze eonsumpuon vUns vaguble o Cunsumpuunvs Quamy qu Mercedes onesposuompomepens Env1r0nment assoreeepesksen 11le en nvironmentzl blem Sources roblem Sources u Combustion amp air pollutants u Combustion amp air p0 wants I angler combusan 9 Carry cumbuiuunpmduds 9 Ar mmamxxde vcubmdmxxde vv muse hyrkacarbms pnmary Greenhouse gesj San eke vueeogmxeee Sulpth uxxde Environmental ro Problem Sources u Use orNoneReneweble Resources u Af uence Example Lad o Usebeyundneeds 911155 valuablequotpalulmt 9 Vhthgoyahm5 wh Wu 9F ly e canwur y o Wasteful ufresuurces o Nulmumllyjusu ablema erld ors39amuon Air Pollution CI Primary pollutants 0 Discharge directly to air S02 CI Secondary 0 Formed by reactions in atmosphere Air Pollution Three Categories CI Contamination of local air 0 Automobile exhaust CO and 03 CI Regional air pollution 0 Low altitude ozone amp SO2 causes Acid Rain acid rain Air Pollution Global Warmm Three Categones g CI Global pollution CI Greenhouse effect 0 Stratospheric ozone 3 Three maj or gases desgucgm SFCS b 0 Carbon Dioxide C02 9 F1CS IO more 0m 9 Methane CH4 0 Global warming 0 Chloro orocarbons CFCs CI Natural disasters Heat Engines CI Thermal Ef ciency nthermal 1 39 TLTH Where TL amp TH are absolute temperatures 0 K 273 C CI Steam to Ice 5gt 268 maX Forms of mu CI Fossil Fuels 0 Coal 0 Gas and Oil CI Biomass CI Geothermal CI Nuclear Average Daily Solar Radiation 19611990 p 3 towar the sun Lighting CI Incandescents 75 Wt bulb O Inexpensive 75 each Mostly HEAT 16 Lumenswatt Operating life 1000 hours Total cost for 10000 hr 7889 9999 Lighting CI Compact Florescent 20 Wt bulb O Expensive 29 each Mostly LIGHT 60 Lumenswatt Operating life 10000 hours Total cost for 10000 hr 4871 9999 Solid Waste The 4 Step Path to Enlightenment Reduce r Recycle Treat l Dispos EV Hazardous Waste CI 300 Million tonsyear in US Cl Characteristics of Hazardous Waste 0 Flammable O Corrosive O Reactive O Toxic Hazardous Waste CI Waste Minimization 0 High cost of disposal CI Land Ban 0 No more dumping CI Treatment 0 EPA specs expensive


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