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Stage Management

by: Monty Collier

Stage Management THE 300

Monty Collier
GPA 3.86


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Monty Collier on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THE 300 at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/221428/the-300-eastern-kentucky-university in Theater Arts at Eastern Kentucky University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
The Fundamentalist Crisis in Christianity God is believed to have Christians have misinterpreted the Bible deceived by Satan God is revealed in his creation The rst three chapters ofRomans Books model ofrevelation Romans 120 says Ever since It involves hevinninlw Word and the Word ms with God and the Note the Word is aHe 712 and 725 thathe Paul Tim316 quotGodbreathed quot It is impossible How can you allow someone to continue Yeah I could be perfect exp eriences Truth with a capital quotT as Ifany individual mam to have That is considered to be between the believer God does not distinguish on the Contemporary western wlues are inconsistent when we nd fellow believers who have a very different we s Lle be careful Some denominations A Newslette lhe Eastern Kentucky University Community Volume2 0 Number 5 EKU October 16 2000 Candidate Comes to Campus at EKU attracted national attention recently wken Sen foseplz ieberman spent portions offiVe days at tke UniVersitjs Arlington House preparing for kis Vice presidential debate Oct 5 with Dick Clieney at Centre College While in town lieberman Visited tlze campus wlzere lie was welcomed aboVeQ byPresident Hob llustra and Football Coaclz Roy llidd wlzo nowis only four Victories slzort oft1e 300 mark After greeting students faculty and staff in die Powell Build ing Sen lieberman Ventured outside left to meet students manninga Voter registration table He eVen found time to rub tlze toe oft1e Daniel Boone statue for good luck He also made a walking tour of downtown Rickmond Pulitzer Prize Winner Larson to Discuss Scopes Trial Pulitzer Prizeewinning author Dr Edward Larson will speak at EKU Thursday Oct 19 about the land mark Scopes Trial Larson39s book quotSummer for the Gods the Scopes Trial and America39s Continuing Debate over Science and Religion resulted in the 1998 Pulitzer Prize in history for the University of Georgia history and law professor He will speak at 730 pm in Room 116 of the Moore Building as part of the University39s yearelong Chautauqua Lecture Series quotConteme plating An Entangled Bank Perspectives on the Idea of Evolution The Scopes Trial pitted famed lawyers Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan in a legal debate over teaching the theories of Darwinian evolution and Biblical creation in public schools Despite the trials signi cance in the evolutionist vs creationist debate Larson39s book is the rst modern history of the trial and its aftermath The book narrates the trials events but also frames them in a broader social context showing how its in uence has cut across religious cultural educational and political lines quotAs a legal and historical scholar Booklist Larson wrote quotLarson moves beyond the titanic personalities to depict quotthe natural and cultural forces that collided in the Dayton Tenn courtroom agnosticism versus faith North versus South liberalism versus conservatism cosmopolitanism verses localism quotCareful and evenhanded analysis dispels the mythologies and caricatures in film and stage versions ofthe trial leaving us with a far clearer picture of the cultural warfare that still periodie cally erupts in our classes and courts In terming the book quotan excellent cultural history the New York Times Book Review said quotthe Scopes Trial still holds resonance as we continue to litigate the role of religion in public life and the power of the state to prescribe what shall be taught in public schools Larson also is the author of quotSex Race and Science Eugenics in the Deep South and quotTrial and Error The American Controversy Over Creation and Evolution and the coauthor of two technical books on law and medicine He presently is working on a book on the history of scienti c research in the Galapagos Islands He has delivered lectures at universities on several continents and has made frequent television appearances in recent years including CNN The History Channel and CeSpan Larson also will make an informal presentation on conducting research to EKU faculty at 830 am Friday Oct 20 in the Faculty Club Lounge of the Keen Johnson Building Homecoming 2000 Something for Everyone Thousands of alumni from across the Commonwealth and beyond are expected to come back to Eastern for Homecoming 2000 Nov 375 but the weekend isn t just for graduates The weekend features a variety of events and activities for the entire campus community highlighted by a key Ohio Valley Conference gridiron battle between the Colonels and Murray State University at2 pm Saturday Nov 4 Other Homecoming events include an AfricaneAmerican reunion for classes of the 1970s and 80s an Amateur Talent Night EKU volleyball matches a Mozart opera the Home coming Run and Parade Colonel Country Fair and a halftime queen coronation Also numerous academic departments and campus organizations have scheduled receptions A partial list of events follows for a complete list ofevents visit wwwekuedualumni or stop by the Alumni Relations office for a brochure Friday Nov 3 AfricaneAmerican Reunion 3710 pm contact Donna Kenney 62272106 for details about all the Reunion events throughout Homecoming Weekend Amateur Talent Night 679 pm Pearl Buchanan Theatre free Contact Tamara Cole 62271383 or stuacolacsekuedu or Karen McClain 62278121 or laderedyahoocom EKU vs Southeast Missouri volleyball 7 pm Alumni Coliseum free Mozart s quotDon Giovanni 8 pm Brock Auditorium 1 students 2 general public may be purchased at door Saturday Nov 4 23IE1 Annual Homecoming Race 10 am Lancaster Avenue Run walk rollerblade or wheelchair Contact Division of Intramural Programs 62271244 HomecomingParade 1005 am Lancaster Avenue and downtown Richmond Floats bands and local entries highlight event To enter contact Alumni Relations 62271260 or alumnieventekuedu Colonel Country Fair 11 am7130 pm Alumni Coliseum Parking Lot featuring entertainment concessions reunions demon strations and more Class of2000 Reunion 1 pm Colonel Country Fair Alumni Coliseum Parking Lot group photo at north end of tent Homecoming Game EKU vs Murray State 2 pm Queen Coronation halftime ofgame Roy Kidd Stadium For tickets call 6223654 Sunday Nov 5 Mozart39s quotDon Giovanni 3 pm Brock Auditorium 1 students 2 general public may be purchased at door EVUpdateG Events TueSday 0 17 ThurSday39 0 19 Summit Registration Continues Free Forged by FIre39 Summer for the Gods39 Morning Sessmn Tickets Available Sharon Draper Cincinnati Public Schools Summer for the Gods The Scopes TrialIquot discussion of her book quotForged by Fire 7 pm author DrI Edward largo history and law Registration continues for the statewide America39s Promise Summit scheduled for Friday Grand Reading Room Crabbe Library part of profess University of Georgia 730 pImII Nov 10 at Eastern Kentucky University EKU Libraries39 Autumn Voices lecture series Moore 116 sponsored by Chautauqua SeriesI The summit featuring General Colin Powell chairman ofAmerica39s Promise will bring See full story pI 1I communities schools and colleges and universities together in an effort to mobilize volunteer Volleyball Action efforts on behalfofKentucky39s youth EKU VSI Morehead Slam 7 pImII Alumni University Singers concert The morning session beginning at 9 am in Alumni Coliseum will include presentations by Coliseum Brock Auditorium 8 pm free admission Powell Governor Paul Patton Lieutenant Governor Stephen Henry Kentucky House Speaker Jody Richards Viola Miller secretary of the Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children Miss America 2000 Heather French humorist and former EKU professor Carl Hurley and WKYTETV news anchor Sam Dick Breakfast with Author A limited number of complimentary tickets for the morning session are being provided to EK C I I 1b kf I Ih S f Ih communities schools colleges and universities Also a limited number ofcomplimentary tickets G d angle Er EELWI or B will be made available to the general public on a firstecome firsteserved basis from 10 am to 3 October 16 2000 F0 81 a5 EEO r39 V32 Jargon amquot pm Saturday Oct 21 at Alumni Coliseum Tickets may be reserved by calling 62278333 39 am ty Sb Dunge t Ber EHTISIDH Uld Registration for the full conference which includes the Summit luncheon and breakout Elioglsgriu yP eIpar rInen 0L IS OWE kls Dry sessions for communities schools and institutions ofhigher learning is 50 To register u 39 u 1 er me wmner arson W1 ma 8 an download a form at wwwekueduvisitorseventspowell or call 6228244 Friday Oct 20 EKUpdate is published every other Monday during the academic year by the Of ce of University Advancement informal presentation on conducting research EKU U fP d h A P S d Comments or questions should be on the Scopes Trial and his current pmij on s n1vers1ty o rom1se program an t e merica s rom1se umm1tare coesponsore directed to I by the University39s Colleges of Education and Justice amp Safety evolution and the Galapagos Islands For more Information about America s Promise v1sitwwwamericaspromiseorg or call 17 EIWpdate 888 55YOUTH Public Relations and Marketing Volleyball Team Home Jones 308 CPO 7A EKU vs Austin Peay 7 pm Alumni E Eastern Kentucky University Coliseum ce ments 521 Lancaster Ave Richmond KY 4047573102 Saturday OCt 21 I I B award covers eligible expenses up to a maximum 59762272301 quotternauona anquet of7500 per year Junior scholarship recipients PthwebaCSekUedu Volleyball Action Ttekets are 0h sale for the 12m ahhhat can expect to receive a maximum of two years of EKU VSI Tennessee State 2 pm Alumni International Banquet Saturday Nov 11 at 630 support senior scholarship recipients are V S d Vicegnprgd Coliseum Pm 1h the Keeh Iehhseh Battmem EKU eligible for a maximum of one year of support University Advancement international students will present their native For more detailed information and Ron Harrell SundayI Oct 22 cuisine and culturalIdances and songs from application materialsI mmachrI Gary Editor around the world Tickets 8 general admlSe Kuhnhem Roark 105I or can 93228149 Jerry Wallace Delta Omicron Musicale Sleh ahd 6 for Sthdehts are 0h sate 1h case Application packets should be picked up by Nov Managing Editor 3 pm Brock Auditorium Ahhex 181 tetePhOhe 622 1478 N0 ttekets W1 1 the deadline for submitting completed Karen L Lynn be 501d at the deer applications is Dec 10 Production Monday Oct 23 m e Apply for Scholarship Conference Bridge Available Photography Graphic Design workshop Applications are now being accepted for the University faculty and staff now have access I RIita Fox Graphic Design Invitational Workshop Barry M Goldwater Scholarship Program for fulle to convenient and time saving conference calling EdItorIaI ASSIstant Opening reception 79 pm Giles Gallery time sophomores orjuniors pursuing a The EKU Conference Bridge was purchased by To Submit Items for Next Issue Campbell Building workshop continues through baccalaureate degree who are planning a career the College ofJustice amp Safety with Program of student items must be submitted to the NOVI 14 For more information contact Betsy in mathematics the natural sciences or Distinction funds in cooperation with Informae Student Development Of ce Main Floor Kurzingen 6224640 engineering Applicants must have a B average or tion Technology and Delivery Services It is P We Bu39ld39wv n later than 00t 13 equivalent be ranked in the upper fourth oftheir available for use at no charge by EKU faculty Facultystaff items may be sent to l d b US d l U S KUpdateI Jones Room 30a TuesdayI Oct 24 c ass an e a citizen resi enta ien or and staff The Conference Bridge is capable of CPD 7AI pinweb acsIekuIeduI by national In April 2001 scholarships will be accommodating 3724 callers from both on and Oct 19 If poss ble please do not Sexton on Education Reform awarded to students who will be collegejuniors offcampus Reservations are required to use the send quotem as attaChments t e39ma I or seniors during the 200102 academic year In bridge To set up a conference call contact Jenny but rather incorporate items Within the Gal l g GFOUHd Ten Years Of Educallon I I I I I text of the email message Items also reform III Kentucky Dr Robert F Sexton order to be considered students must be McWilliams of the Training Resource Center at may be faxed to 5221595 EKUpdateIS executive director he Prichard Cumming for nominated by their institution The scholarship 62276671 or ekujjtapaolcom telephone number is 6222301 I Academic Excellence 730 pm Kennamer EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIvERSITv IS AN EOUAL I OPPORTUNITvAEEIRMATIvE AC ION EMPLOYER Room POWEH BmldmIg Sponsored EKU 8 AND EDUCATIONAL NSTITUTION AND DOES NOT Center for Kentucky History and Politics DISCRIMINATE ON BASIS OE G E COLOR RELI ION SEgtlt SE UAL OR NTATION DISABILITv NATIONAL ORIGIN OR vIETNAM ERA vETERAN STATUS NTHE DMISSION TO OR wedneSdayI 00t39 25 PARTICIPATION IN ANv EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM OR ACTIvITv WHIC IT CONDUCTS OR DISP CRIMINATE ON SUCH BASIS IN ANv PHASE OE Women Photographers Honored MPLOyMENT INCLUDINGBUT NOT LIMITED I TO RECRUITING HIRING PROMOTION AND seelhg Amertea women Photographers COMPENSATION THE BOARD OE REGENTS OE v EASTERN KENT W UNIVERSITY DOES HEREBY between the Wars Melissa McEuenIhistorian 7 REAEEIRM THE UNIVERSITY S COMMITMENT TO pm Crabbe 108 part of EKU Libraries Autumn PRovIDING EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES TO ALL OUALIEIED STUDENTS REGARDLESS OF Vhlees teethre senes ECONO ICOR SOCIAL ANDENSURING THAT PARTICIPATION IN ALL UNI ERSIT SPONSORED ACTIvITIES WILL BE ADMINISTERED Woodwind Quintet Concert IN Avav THAT E RTH RS HE PRINCIPLES OE EOUAL EMPLOYMENTAND EDUCATIONAL EKU Faculty Woodwind Quintet 8 pm OPPORTUNITIES ANv COMPLAINT ARISING Bv REASON OF ALLEGED DISCR M NATION SHOULD BFUCk Ahdlthhhm BEDRECTEDTO THEEOUALOPPORTUNITv 39 II I II FFIC OE THE UNIvERSITvUONES BU LDE I I I I I I I ING ROOM 409 COATES CPO 37A 859762278020 Thursday Oct 26 t I 39 5 quot quot39 quot 9 O EDIRECTOR OETHE OFFC EOR 39 cIvILRIGHTSUS TMENT OE EDUCATION WASHINGTON DC THE BOARD OE REGENTS HAS ADOPTED AND SUPPORTS AN AEEIRMATIvE celonels H05 Tennessee If Questions amp Answers EquotUpdateamp Institutional Research Helps University Chart Course EKU s Institutional Research of ce works behind the scenes to shed valuable light on a variety of issues that affect the University Director Dr Karen Carey talks about the of ce s role and how the research helps Eastern better serve its students Q2 What is Institutional Research A Basically we do research about the University Institutional research is responsible for providing the of cial university data to other of ces Part ofour role is to describe the institution accurately so that others can plan and make decisions IR people are usually involved in analyzing policy alternatives and in trying to identify the best case for a particular situation or decision Institutional research supports the planning and assessment processes of the University too by supplying impartial evidence of program or institutional effectiveness It39s not the academic research people normally think of but is specific to EKU and its environment Q2 How has your eld changed in the last few decades A Institutional researchers have always been interested in retention but in the 1950s and 3960s we assumed that when a student didn39t graduate it was some fault or behavior pattern of the students that caused them not to succeed Over time we39ve learned that39sjust one part of the picture and we need to look at the quality of the experience they have at college i the quality of teaching the curriculum even the satisfaction of alumni after they graduate When the public started questioning whether higher education was doing what it was supposed to do then institutional researchers were called upon to demonstrate the quality of the educational experience So we began doing evaluation studies more work on program review and became more involved in planning and policy analysis Today we still have to do all the descriptive evaluative and analytical kinds of research but we39re also expected to be proactive and anticipate problems We used to look at the data and see that there39s a pattern that maybe indicates there39s a problem But now data is available so much faster and this is a time where knowledge is the main currency so everyone needs more information and they need it to be more accurate and they need it quickly But being in institutional research is like being a highereeducation detective You get to use a wide range of research methods 7 statistical analysis surveys focus groups interviews environmental scanning and data management 7 to shed light on a variety of issues Q2 What are the primary responsibilities of Institutional Researc A We tend to be in the middle ofa lot of things and work with many other of ces on campus Some are very basic Every year we do a Fact Book that includes some of the statistics people requestmost often We distribute it to all the deans department chairs administrators librarians and anyone else who might need it We also put mostofthat information on ourWeb site wwwirekuedu so that people from within and outside the institution can access the informa tion We also respond to at least 40 external surveys each year Some of them are used for ranking purposes We also do several ofthe IPEDS surveys which are reports to the state and federal government We also produce a lot of internal reports that have to do with enrollment retention and success of students in developmental programs And we39re part ofAcademic Affairs so we support all the efforts of planning Every year we develop an Institutional Research notebook that we send to the deans and department chairs that has the most recent versions ofa lot of our standard reports like the enrollment by major the degrees awarded by major and a portrait ofthe graduating class I think doing that graduating class portrait for the rst time a few years ago was interesting in a couple ways It showed for one thing that almost 50 percent ofour graduates are transfer students and I don39t think we really knew that before For accountabile ity purposes we report the sixeyear graduation rate in foureyear programs but we learned that many of our students take eight or 10 years to graduate and it may be related to the fact that they have families responsie bilities and they39re going partitime Some ofour data analysis is what pointed out the fact thatwe have a large group of nontraditional students who have may have different needs in terms ofscheduling and curriculum We also get lots ofad hoc data requests from administrators and faculty We try to respond to all requests and it really helps ifpeople send me their requests in writing or in email Q2 What kind of research are you conducting now A We39re involved in providing data for academic programming review as well as for aspects of assessment Every year we conduct the surveys of re ect those of the 12 Wingspread Principles of ood Practice and Undergraduate Education a national highereeducation study group And now the survey addresses practices of teaching such as using groups and methods other than straight lectures which seemed to be the assumption in the past So it39s now useful to courses that involve practicum a lab or a lot of smallegroup discussions The IDEA can be used as a formative evaluation to give faculty information about how they can improve their teaching We39ll be working with EKU39s Teaching and Learning Center to identify areas the faculty may need to improve in so the center can offer workshops in those areas Q1 What have we learned about the quality of teaching at EKU from IDEA and other gt surveys f A We39ve done faculty member by name that39s an indicator of quality that you really can39t get at numerically but it does re ect something about how much they value the relationship they have with faculty mem ers Q2 What does your research tell us about students A We


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