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Social Psychology W

by: Miss Mellie O'Conner

Social Psychology W PSY 300W

Miss Mellie O'Conner
GPA 3.97

Matthew Winslow

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About this Document

Matthew Winslow
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Mellie O'Conner on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 300W at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Matthew Winslow in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/221429/psy-300w-eastern-kentucky-university in Psychlogy at Eastern Kentucky University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Psy300 Chapter Outiine NPW Prejudize Slerenlypinq and Disuiminaidn De ned Prejudize ihe A ezlive Component hnsiiie m neqziive 77 mindn nquishzhl qmup ni pennie nwzrd z nrnnp Prejudize SlereDlypinq and Disuiminaidn De ned 5iaediypind ihe Cndniiive Cnmpnnml zhnl z A5ennweisz mnnpnipenni nw hi1 2 mannerisms 239 zssidned n vinnz y7 van mn zmnnq quotI memhers simiynes 239 nn netesszn39ly emninnzlly laden zid dn nnn551ilylezdn dimiminziinn Prejudize Slaenlypinq and Disuiminaddn De ned Disuiminaiinn Ihe ehavinral Component Distriminalinn is all unjustified negative Dr harmful Dw ads 3 menhe nia qrnup simplyhezause Di his Dr her membership in that qrnup Chapter Outiine Psy300 what Causes Pteiuditei 0ne explanalinn int prejudite is that tategdtizatidn sthemas heuristits pmtessing inimmatiun that is 7 what Causes Pteiuditei The iitst stqi in pteiudite is the realiml di gmup if gtuup stimuli into them by l 39 between manhers or a gmun and exaggerating diiietentes between memhas nfdi aenl gmuns NPW what Causes Pteiuditei aiiett inimmatidn pmtessing between inimmatidn pmtessing Ha Ihenryis based ml the distinttidn and what Causes Pteiuditei n in neuter nr gs 5nnyp5 hz we lalnw zhnl 1 in ni fig 2 tnnimiied gmtess we detidew nn n quotI senny what Causes Pteiuditei l stmwiemnesn nniwie new nenteigiiiudnii what Causes Pteiuditei oihe Way We Ihink sdtiaI Cdgnitidn 1 DK zinlwllimlsz mmNV 3 Hziadstm39vvtil Im N nut depends un two things and Psy300 what Causes Prejudite Mnlivan nn and new Fla and nevins mi yyssi inai penple 2r lllnlllzed in aimiaii nzsnns n nspnnd n natks in llnllpllill ii ways Sum Ill mnlinai by nuns and mm by nzsnns What Causes Prejudile 39inai by my nyisyi 39ld nward letkpenplp High internals at in nnnpreiuiliteil ways under tirturrstantes what Causes Prejudite Exlemzl mnivzinn iisins r Beale ndiSPESBMEMSI Wm anneai nanerludlnai lwards Bliknm e Wm hdeaw raganvElmungaham Black nsnyieinaaaiaama lBgallvE imam nan mlels r i m mm ia anysai mnwEludmai imam Black Fairlie in ardel in amid diavviwa nan mlels quh xlmlzls z in llnllpllilldi d ways inii Ilsllzlly nnly when nher penple le 7 7 main what Causes Preiuilite ciinliinatiiins niintanal and external ae passilile ruiqn nn built 7 lnw nll hum 7 ii inisnial Inwexlernzl rlnw inemzl niyn exisinal tii iiiieciiaiging loin ol preymice Changing iiimi iii prejudite Old39fashimled anii Mmien Razism lindllnnai iatisinisnieymini Imus l5 snllllllls zlsn tailed Malian rllslll l5 Illlldlu w Ii maid in suns vanilla hm lumen m ivm tedz uds n unlit n avuiii hum lahdai as ratls NPW Psy300 Changing ram nfpreiudize Gaerlner and Dnv n 1977 dilfus39nn nfrespnnsihilily zlnn wim amen Changingfmmnfprejudize HndsnnDnvI imwaamer znnz admission m allege 3mg mm m mum thiuumsthianms Chapter Outhne V Eongeqqmne Cnnsequmzes anrejudize At a fundammlal level n m elhizal vinlan39nns Cansequems nf Prejudize But here are dsn mare of prelu a both m the angels of prejudize and he pmple whn hnld prejudized beliefs Cnnsequmzes anrejudize Shelsz Amnan de ne as m z r m stint and mam NPW Psy300 Consequeotes oi Preiuoite the i 39 the use whsrshypsopis shmso erpstuiioo zhnl whz soothsrpsrsoo is likn whim h ionosotss how quotmy z nwzld hz pusnn whim zuss hz pusnn n hshm in 2 way toosisisoi wi I 5 r I exped in Wnrd lznnz wcoo 14 demonstrated hz whris Inmviewus osps 39v xpstisiioooihistkioh o s all he toonrrosri hatsoss oi 39ois 39s 39 39os on wars swpariaho Chapter Outhne v39i iow ca1iz39rei yrd39 e er Reduced Cnnsequmzes oipreiuiiite Ihere are also tooseoueotes ior majority orou m mh neteot researth suggests that whites are very sensitive to the that the at velytryto disprove t However the e ezlivmess oi these atterrpts is are ratist m i How Can Prejudite Be Reduzed the Cootatt Hypothesis Ihe milled hypothesis is the idea that merdyhrinqinq members oi di ereht groups into tohtatt with 2th other will erooe prejudiza How Can Prejudite Be Reduted wh ooiari Reduus mioorts Six nos dii Nlpnn soppssiso hz sixmnd us are ostssssryior39 isrqmop nllz n rsriots rs39o rgroop mauheis me ma mom ads ooh senEva mauhers or g ssma in azthalvimimesludiw How Can Prejudite Be Reduted Ennpeminn sod ioiaospsoosots ihs Jiqszw Elzssmnm Ai sw Izssmnm is z Izssrnnm sa 39qu designed n rsoots pnildit and raise the selh sem oithihirso hy pistiop them In small ossspraysiso qmups and rushing h r d soosoiooihsoihsrthiiorso In his orhsrpmop n in the muse material and u wdl in the tisss NPW Psy300 w dwamir39 Lu a mumnuwm HHMHMTN HII m1 amnm J1 m mum1 nayHm 91 amp 1 I NPW Psy300 SOCIAL PERCEPTION Chapter 4 Social Perception How We Come to Mam aflmprasim Formah39on stsBe thag39s Modal risEeMmheyg39s 1m Imm39nuum Model mmnu nuum is 2 mm at snmeminq Wu 5zr ll all and um nllinlllml 2nd pruned n quotI um and il usury nr desirai Fi e Be Neubag s Model Viiaig Nalbe g39s Mndel g 1 m mvrssanan g mews Whallmnlhinqsdelamine how fa we an in he mndel 2 mnkahumwhethev 139 as are numb 2 a B xmvrssanan mmde haraneusus NPW Psy300 FWImurE inus SOCIAL PERCEPTION nH mha nn v 7mm u M man mamde Hw man quotmm W mum sA1i y swampn m rmmmpmsinns mellbamwz 7mm is all mm m an m MM 39 ML 2 gm Causd A ribu on Mswan39nq ms why une5inn ohu numnmnmrmm rmm us msmm nHlukngsnmhlA M W n mum m Itmnsmhnslinnmmhmlq Alzhzrsusnlmlhdlm dmcmm Mum mnwmus m sum ml mm uAJMumww Causal Allrihun39nn o is a desuipn39nn nr Ihe way inw llhp npleexpla39n me muses of Iha39r awn and nlher people39s hehavinr NPW Psy300 SOCIAL PERCEPTION Causal Amihun39nn Ihe N amre of he Allrihulinnal Prnzess m Nadel ls arsldered we fallel am menu new Nehdlaaill lvslvlealehle 7 w ng m umasland mlel venue39s helmml w as ng whey mimmallan uml 02v sunEat a rewna ecalse Causal Allrihun39nn Ihe N alure of he Nlrihulinnal Prnzess New aslmvledlchmmvfm name39s exvlanallans allu mums and allu huuuns Causal Allrihun39nn 39lhe Fundamental Attribution Errnr People as PersonalilyPsyzhnlnqisls We 7 ilsllelendenw mammammm W vmvle s helammlsdlemlmemdmswsnana films and m undelsllmalelheldeafsmalmral films Causal Amihun39nn Ross Amahile u Sleinmaz 1977 qane sham study i 3 a a t EEESEEHEEE mmnm mama was um um Causal Attribution Gilbert39s IwStep Pmess nl Attribution when Dali s ardsz amlhev vasmfs helmml 0W Natalvmakean l nl ma allu human A quot 3le me Mlle ma Frans MEle mama ymmanne grams engagmgmnemm sea lhelmalauusmay m as m quota alluhuuanmlalemmmm mama may mwssue e Causal Allrihun39nn mum39s twnrslq quotmass at Alln39hulinn l Mmutmlllluhllm 1 mmnuslmmu 3 MRIlDlhIlnl w mu lVPW Psy300 SOCIAL PERCEPTION NPW


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