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Electronic Publishing II

by: Maryjane Leuschke IV

Electronic Publishing II GCM 317

Maryjane Leuschke IV
GPA 3.92

Marlow Marchant

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About this Document

Marlow Marchant
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maryjane Leuschke IV on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GCM 317 at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Marlow Marchant in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/221446/gcm-317-eastern-kentucky-university in Communication Studies at Eastern Kentucky University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Marlow Marchant PhD Color Imaging 5 GCM 317 Electronic Publishing 11 Technology Department Copyright 2009 Eastern Kentucky University Process Color Printing 0 0 Though electronic devices like digital cameras scanners and computer monitors produce images with the colors of Red Green and Blue printers cannot Whetheritis aninkijet printer color laser printer dyeisublimation printer or a printing press the colors used must be Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black In theory printed together C M 81 Ywill produce Black but printing inks create a dirty muddy brown 50 we add Black Black only needs to print in the areas of high contrast and deep shadows Photoshop Colors 39 In a Photoshop RGB image the color picker Will show the values of each color 39 The scale is from 0 to 256With 0 being the darkest 39 Photoshop Will also show What the CMYK colors values Will be after conversion 39 CMYK colors are shown as apercent just like inks on a printing Press 100 being solid ink Impure Inks 39 The biggest problem with color printingis that the inks are impure Cyan should absorb all the red light and re ect all the green and blue however it does not absorb all the red and does absorb some 0 of the blue and green Magenta should absorb all the green light and re ect all the red and blue however it absorbs some of the blue light Yellow should absorb all the blue light and re ect all the red and green and it does a goodjob O O O This creates the need for color correction 39 Review Printing Ink information sheet 4 Spot Color Printing 39 Also called mechanical color as opposed to process color 39 A process color job is the four colors of CMYK and any additional spot colors added at the customers request 39 1 For a color that needs to be exact like a logo color 39 2 For a metallic color gold orsilver 3 For uorescent or pearlescent colors 39 4 For a varnish coat to protect ink and for gloss Halftones Q Q Q 9 Because the printing press is a binary device it can only print or not print a solidink no tints We printWithhal ones to produce a full range of tones In the past hal ones were produced in the darkroom 39 Photographs were exposed on large process cameras with light passing through a contact screen to create the halftone dots Today the imagesetter or platesetter uses a laser to create the halftone dots Lasers image With tiny square dots Each process color image must be converted into a hal one Colors and Shades of Gray 39 The postscript standard is an output at 2400 dpi Which provides for a halftone grid of l 6 X 16 laser dots and creates 257 different sized halftone dots These are also called shades or levels of gray See textbookpage 24512 X12 grid 0 The human eye is able to discern about 100 levels or gray 257 is more than enough 39 Halftone resolution is describe as Lines Per Inch lpi Which counts the rows of halftone dots in an inch Halftone Resolution 0 O O O O 9 To provide for a high quality hal one the resolution in Photoshop I must he set at a high Pixels Per Inch PPI 15 to 20 X LPI X Percent of enlargement Standard lithographic offset printing 39 133 lpi for single color 39 150 lpi forprocess color 300ppi2XlSOlpiX100 Images are to he acquired at a high resolution and then resampled down to the correct size and resolution for the job Avoid resampling up Halftone Characteristics 39 Dot size normally 5 in the highlights through 95 in the shadows 0 Dot shape normallysquare for single color and elliptical for process color See textbook page 251 0 Line screen the pi O ScreenAngle Each process color hal one must he at a different angle to prevent moire See textbook page 249 0 Traditional screen angles 39 Cyan 105 Magenta 75 Yellow 90 and Black 45 This is Amplitude Modulation screening or AM screening 0 9 Digital Single Color Halftonc FM Screening 39 Frequency Modulated Screening do es not group all the laser spots into the center of the grid to provide a halftone dot hutit randomly places the spots Within the grid 39 This is also called stochastic screening See textbookp 251 39 This is a better way to create animage 39 No screen angles thus no moire 39 There are no dot sizes or shapes 39 It is more dif cult to print onpress


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