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Intro to Physical Geog

by: Guiseppe Kuvalis PhD

Intro to Physical Geog GEO 210

Marketplace > Eastern Kentucky University > Geography > GEO 210 > Intro to Physical Geog
Guiseppe Kuvalis PhD
GPA 3.9

Glenn Campbell

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About this Document

Glenn Campbell
Class Notes
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Guiseppe Kuvalis PhD on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 210 at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Glenn Campbell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/221447/geo-210-eastern-kentucky-university in Geography at Eastern Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
LANDFORMS AND TECTONIC FORCES Folding Faulting and Volcanism in a T 39 n u 2 r 3 t h g lg n 39 e I maquot 4 39 z r If I QJPIE L 41 Rigid Earth to Plate Tectonics Unifying theory of earth development and change Consistent with all observations Explains both present processes and existing features Rigid Ea Nth to Hate Tectom39cs HZ D r S uth W 4 Almen ca Plate Tectonics Theory Plate boundaries main location for Earth s volcanic and earthquake activity This 39 is main place where mountains are created Type of plate boundary determines activity o 3 gazes diverging spreading converging colliding transform sliding past each other What is a Plate c Lithospheric plate crust upper mantle Aesthenosphere plastic mantle History of Plate Tectonics c Fit of coastlines recognized early Sir Francis Bacon 16005 No mechanism for motion o 1915 Alfred Wegener proposes theory of continental drift Supercontinent Pangaea Callearth 225mya Fragmentation and drift to current positions Hate Movement History PERMIAN 225 million years ago 200 million years ago 135 milliun yeals ago PRESENT DAY o Wag mjrna a w dcama Fri lt2 manta Wk garamgy o rm pma ta grammars Grpoves caner by glaciers shqwn by arrows provided I emdance for continental dl l This dlagram assumes the The dislriputlon at glacial features can be best explained comments were In thew presentday locations If the continents were part of Pangaea Seafloor Spreading Divergent Boundaries 7 Granddad r T Seafloor Spreading EURGPE Partial melting ii Asme s he e Asthvenasphere I39 Subduc on Rocks increasingly older Transform Rocks increasingly older Volcanoes 12 I39E mlt Midocean ridge ga grsaread lg 39 397 ki s LD Ht 4 f lq i 5 1 v quot3 Sediments 39 A A I 7 39 4 39A 4 a E Oceanic crust M h K x Llquot Manmg H g g p n f 24 a L Er W L magma j A 39 0 y VV77 E I r 7 27 g 747 Rismg quot7 gt7 7 r Sublimith 069 r J 7ltr magma quoti 39 i39 v I x l I mars Ast w enosphere Convergent Plate Bounda es w Lilhosplmre Lilhosph ere Limpr are Velaelm W I cumin 5 L Lilhosphere a T M r V V 7 quotr I quot 0v 39 di g plate 4 gammy Li39khosphefe Li39thusiyhefe ch Formation of AccretedJ Terrane Equnam I 3 quotW M Antamtic Circle 31 5 AMAIruIm a Pinatubo 0039 mtl u 39 md Muir 7 NmmluA Iu Ruiz F f EOUATOR 4 SUND Copyright 2008 Pearson Prentice Hall Inc Vulcanism Volcanism Types of Volcanic Cones Shield Volcano Composite Volcano Lava Dome Cinder Cone 439 Distribution of Active Volcanoes c Volcanic Hazards Intrusive Vulcanism La md mrmsa give L mwm d V H m m 39iigmfaw m r mitt bw d Mp mme w f m Dg im i tram 89331 Izwa imamp a mu I Mm remm um quotN m Mma m macg Q E 0 Mt ij Mia Mammy m gm M 3 Crater Pyroclastic layers d Composite volcano Copyright 2008 Pearson Prentice Hall Inc Vc cames Exp asve Youngeg pyrnclast ics 39 Feeder pipe vent 3 6me 0 WWW o H gh y ea yr 0 me Em mm mm d rnwmol gm Crater Pyrocma stic layers Centra vemt Magma chamber N a Cinder cone dam ng dmgg o mag Wm CA 0 Imam WEE M Sit Viscous lava Pyroclastics Pyroclastics c Lava dome Plug dome Copyright 2008 Pearson Prentice Hall Inc VQICZanic Emmaquot E39W on Proud IV 39kgm ilfall V Pyrocfasrm a Bum Lava dome mummy Wind The Geography of Volcanism Volcanism primarily submarine several thousand volcanoes are continental about 600 are active over 50000 in the Paci c Ocean alone Hot Spots 0 Isolated columns of hot magma rising slowly within the aesthenosphere mantle n Melts overlying crust burning a hole through It Can be underneath continents or ocean plates


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