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Introductory Chemistry

by: Thomas Murphy

Introductory Chemistry CHE 101

Marketplace > Eastern Kentucky University > Chemistry > CHE 101 > Introductory Chemistry
Thomas Murphy
GPA 3.94

Joseph Bequette

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About this Document

Joseph Bequette
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Thomas Murphy on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHE 101 at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Joseph Bequette in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/221449/che-101-eastern-kentucky-university in Chemistry at Eastern Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
CHE 101 INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY Fall 2011 PARTIAL FINAL REVIEW 1 Measurement Key Concepts intensiveextensive properties chemicalphysical changes homogeneousheterogeneous mixtures significant figures scientific notation Englishmetric conversions density volume Sample Problem If a person smokes 100 packs of cigarettes a week and each cigarette contains 500 mg of tar how many years will they have to smoke to inhale 0250 pounds of tar Use 20 cigarettes 1 pack 1 pound 454 g 1 year 52 weeks A 218y B 218x10392y C 106y D 286y 2 Atomic Structure Periodic Table Key Concepts atomic symbol average atomic mass metalnonmetalmetalloid electronic configuration valence electrons octet rule charges ions trends in atomic size trends in electron affinity trends in ionization energy Sample Problems An atom cannot be created divided destroyed or converted to any other type m or w of atom Valence electrons are involved when atoms form bonds m or Cations tend to be formed from metal atoms while anions are formed from m or nonmetal atoms The atoms of smallest radius are those of elements in the top left hand part of m or w the periodic table Short wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation have more energy than long m or wavelengths How many orbitals are in a s sublevel A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 How many orbitals are in a p sublevel A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 Why do atoms gain and lose electrons to have eight electrons in the valence shell Which of the following ions does not followthe octet rule A Na B AI3 C s D N3 Page 1 of 4 CHE 101 INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY Fall 2011 What is the name of the atom with the ground state electronic configuration of 1522522p63523p6 The modern periodic table is arranged according to what property What accounts for the fact that chlorine has an atomic mass of 3545 amu rather than a whole number Which of the following atoms and ions has the largest radius A S B 82 C CI D F Which of the following elements has the highest electron affinity A Li B K C C D CI 3 Ionic Covalent Compounds Key Concepts ioniccovalent bond polarnonpolar bonds naming oovalentionic compounds chemical formula Lewis structure VSEPR theory intramolecularforces lonic compounds tend to have lower melting points than covalent compounds m or Six electrons shared between two atoms corresponds to a triple bond m or Because the CH bond in methane is polar the CH4 molecule is polar m or w A polar substance will be a good solvent for nonpolar solutes and vice versa M or What kind of bond results when electron transfer occurs between atoms of two different elements What kind of compound results when two or more different nonmetals share electrons Predict the formula of the compound formed when ions of sodium and sulfur oombine Predict the formula of the compound formed when ions of calcium and nitrogen combine What is the name of CCI4 What is the name of NH4N03 What is the name of Cu F2 Which pair is most likely to form a covalent compound A Li B NaO C C O D Ca CI In the molecule AX2 the central atom A has two lone pairs of electrons in addition to the two bonding pairs What is the shape of this molecule A linear B bent angular C trigonal planar D trigonal pyramidal Page 2 of 4 CHE 101 INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY Fall 2011 According to the VSEPR theory if the central atom has three bonded atoms and one lone pair the geometry shape at this atom will be A tetrahedral B bent angular C trigonal planar D trigonal pyramidal Determine the type of intermolecular attraction in each of the following substances and choose the one expected to have the highest boiling point A 002 B HCI C CH30H D CH4 E BF3 4 Calculations Chemical Equation Key ConceptsAvogadro s number 5 39 39 39 t 39 reaction classification percent yield cacuation Sample Problems One atomic mass unit is the same as one gram True or False One mole of Ca3PO42 contains 602 x 1023 atoms of calcium True or False One gram of gold contains more atoms than one gram of copper True or False Classify the following reaction Ce4aq Fe2aq gt Ce3aq Fe3aq A precipitation B acidbase C oxidationreduction D decomposition Classify the following reaction HZSO4aq 2KOHaq gt KZSO4aq 2H20aq A precipitation B acidbase C oxidationreduction D decomposition How many grams are there in 00200 mol of nicotine C10H14N2 Use formula mass C10H14N2 1622 amu A 123 x10394 g B 0308 g C 324 g D 811 x103 g How many molecules are there in 00200 mol of nicotine C10H14N2 Use formula mass C10H14N2 1622 amu A 00400 B 120 x1022 C 602 x1023 D 241 x1022 ron reacts with oxygen to form iron oxide Fe203 How many grams of product will be formed from 1255 g of Fe Use atomic masses Fe 5585 amu O 1600 amu A 5980 g B 1794 g C 3585 g D 1597 g Page 3 of 4 CHE 101 INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY Fall 2011 5 States of Matter Key Concepts pressure conversions Kinetic theory of gases Boyle s law Charles s law combined gas law STP Ideal gas law Dalton s law Henry s law surface tension viscosity typesproperties of solids Sample Problems What quantity is directly proportional to the kinetic energy of the particles in a gas A mass B volume C density D temperature Which of the following statements conflicts with the kinetic molecular theory of gases A Gas particles are in constant random motion B Gas particles occupy a negligible volume compared with the volume of their container C There are no forces between gas particles D Gas particles lose energy only when they collide with the walls of the container Which gas behaves most like an ideal gas A N2 B HF C NH3 D CH3 E CO If a gas sample is at STP Standard Temperature and Pressure what are its temperature and pressure How can pure water be made to boil at a temperature below 100 C A increase the volume of the water B decrease the volume of the water C increase the surrounding pressure above 1 atm D decrease the surrounding pressure below1 atm Consider 100 L of air in a patient39s lungs at 370 C and 100 atm pressure What volume would this air occupy if it were at 250 C under a pressure of 500 x 102 atm a typical pressure in a compressed air cylinder A 135x10393 L B 480 L C 208x10393 L D 192 x104 L A heliumfilled weather balloon is launched from the ground where the pressure is 752 mmHg and the temperature is 21 C Underthese conditions its volume is 750 L When it has climbed to an altitude where the pressure is 89 mmHg and the temperature is 0 C what is its volume A 824 L B 956 L C 588L D 682 L Page 4 of 4


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