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Digital Photography

by: Desiree Erdman IV

Digital Photography TEC 313

Desiree Erdman IV
GPA 3.91

Marlow Marchant

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About this Document

Marlow Marchant
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Desiree Erdman IV on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TEC 313 at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Marlow Marchant in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/221464/tec-313-eastern-kentucky-university in Tec Technology, General at Eastern Kentucky University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
MarbwjMamlmazPhll Phat gmphy 2 TEC 3 I Digital Photagmphy V Mmlo DWt CW 2969 15mm mm Digital Phiomgraphy Digital vs Analog Analog 39 Having to do with continuous signals of varying intensity such as the subjective more or less rather than the objective on or off which is digital Analog data is displayed as a sine curve Sine Curve copyright C l997 l999 Western Kentucky University Digital Data Expressed in Binary Language two characters 0 or 1 Yes orNo 39 On or OH 39 Think of it as discrete slices of analog data 1 lImuumuuwim KMuquotmW 1 Advantages of Digital Photography 0 No Film is needed 0 It provides for instant grati cation Instant turnaround is possible 0 It offers lower ongoing costs 0 No darkroom or chemicals are needed It offers easy proo ng and presentation of images 0 Digital images can hold information about the image There is no generational degradationwhen making copies 0 Great for illustrating Web pages 5 Advantagm Aiming Phamgraphy 39 quoti I 5 L 1 h I lv 1 Graphic Images ew N H m 942 Vector and Raster 7 nr Mn mW u HY Av rv v at f Vquot H v39 Raster Graphic Images Pixels Each digital image is composed of small Pixels or Picture elements The number of Pixels in an inch immensely effects both the quality resolution and size of the image 39 Digital Photography is Raster Digital 30161quot a EMMQr pmlde hjkmadm V Skitsafdm r td 39 hksafdmfm ucn Shm dmfm hm quot Amthcimwmal 1 Using Raster Images 3 You cannot change the resolution of an image Without having an effect on the image quality The higher the required de nition the higher the required original image resolution and therefore the larger the size of the le This 0 3 requires a more powerful computer Always resample an image down to the required output requirements Almostnever resample up


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