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by: Ole Hilll

IntroductoryBiologyI BIOL110

Ole Hilll
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ole Hilll on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL110 at Eastern Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/221473/biol110-eastern-michigan-university in Biology at Eastern Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Your Insfrucfors 6D Winning Dr Eisenbach Yur Insfrw a Dr Winning a Dr Eisenbach Required Texf a H illis at 01 Principles oF LiFe by Sinauer AssociafesWH Freeman Exams 6 5 fofal 4 term exams and comprehensive nal 5100 poin rs each 64 exams coumL Toward grade 6 NO MAKEUP EXAMS Clicker Quizzes Use igtclickers a May be a r he beginning of lec rure or in he middle of lec rure 6 Based on The previous lec rure amp readings For rha r day 6 Typically 5 mul riplechoice ques rions For a o ral of 3 poin rs plus 2 bonus poin rs Grades 64 lecfure exams 400 poin rs Lab reporfsassignme n39fs 355 poim s Clicker Quesfions 7O poinfs 6 TOTAL 825 poinfs Rules oF Cour resy 6 Turn your cell phones OFF 6 IF la re si r only in he back lwo rows eWhen in class Focus on Biology 6 Lapfops in class are lo be used for nofe Jraking ONLY and mus r be used only in lhe rsl Four rows Email Cour resy e Iden rify yourself by name rs r and las r 6 Include your sluden r ID 6 Indica re which course you are in 6 Include some rhing in he subjec r line 6 Use proper grammar and punc rua rion 6 Begin wi rh Dear 9 Check your emichedu email REGULARLY BioPor ral a h r rpcoursesbprubcomhillislephp Regis rer using he ac riva rion code in your book and using YOUR LAB SECTION NUMBER 6 Course Syllabus e Pre lab quizzes due 10 pm fhe evening prior Jro lab Lec rure Slides 6 Online Assignmen rs Tu rorials anima rions self quizzes This is NOT High School a You have Freedom 6 You also have responsibiliy 6 There are no Jrrophies jus r For showing up Success or Failure is up ro YOU I merry we HUG 810064 mAmosnap PEOJECT THE MINUTE T has mm 1999 MW ON n39 A 39 39 Hm w EVERY PM MD Razz 1139 WEE W m HEDGE Resources 6 Professors GAs in Of ce Hours S rudy Desk email a Lec rure slides Biopor ral a Lec rure Recordings Panop ro e Biopor ral ru rorials anima rions selffes r quizzes The Big Ideas and REALLY BIG IDEAS A Cells are composed of ve Func rional in rerac ring sys rems 1 The genome produces Jrhe pro reome 2The plasma membrane manages in rerac rions beween he cell and HS environmen r 3 Cells arise from division of exis ring cells The Big Ideas and REALLY BIG IDEAS BThere is energy Flow in cells 1 ATP provides her energy For me rabolic reac rions in cells 2The breakdown of sugars and ofher molecules is used o produce ATP in he mi rochondria 3Chloroplas rs use solar energy o produce sugars The BIg Ideas and REALLY BIG IDEAS C There is informalion ow wi rhin cells 1 Gene ric informafion is sl39ored in he language of nucleo rides and used in he language of amino acids 2Geneic informafion is reproduced rhrough rhe process of replica rion 36ene ric inForma rion is expressed using fhe processes of ranscripion RNA and rransla rion pro rein 46ene ric informafion is changeable 56ene ric inForma rion can be manipula red Two Objec rives in BIOL 110 1To provide broad educa rion in biological principles Army Of ldentical Scientists Demands Legislative Support For Cloning February 20 2006 l Issue 4208 WASHINGTON DC Thousands of idcnliral scientists traveled to 1m y 1 l l L and research Jib ENLARGE lMAGE quotRadius and gentlemen of Congress we stand united bcfnrc you in day ta speak with one voicequot said Dr Geno Science Tuesday 2 implore Dr 5 muprxuu 39 Cmmmm F 53m research and acknowledge the growing support of many who share our views Two Objec rives in BIOL 110 2 Teach you ro rhink scienti cally 335135 f 23132 S C i e n C Me rhodology Use statistical tests to evaluate the signi cance of your results 1 1 Signi cant results Results do not support hypothesis support hypothesis 1 Experiment repeated and results veri ed by other researchers PRINCIPLES OF LIFE Figure 18 2012 Sinauer Associates Inc Variables e Independen r Variable Wha r you manipula re Dependen r Variable Wha r you expec r To change during rhe experimen r Confrol39s Addi rional samples done o ensure minimal in uence from o rher variables El Nega rive Con rrol sample designed so you expec r no effec r u Posi rive Con rrol sample designed so you do expec r an eFFec r 335135 f 23132 S C i e n C Me rhodology Use statistical tests to evaluate the signi cance of your results 1 1 Signi cant results Results do not support hypothesis support hypothesis 1 Experiment repeated and results veri ed by other researchers PRINCIPLES OF LIFE Figure 18 2012 Sinauer Associates Inc Scien ri c Theory A sys rem of ideas Supported by a preponderance oF da ra Wha r you should know Undersfand and use fhe informa on in The syllabus Unders rand how 0 use sciem i c mefhodology Know wha1L a sciem i c fheory is


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