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by: Miss Olaf Jaskolski
Miss Olaf Jaskolski
GPA 3.66


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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Olaf Jaskolski on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IS215 at Eastern Michigan University taught by FaisonGibson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/221477/is215-eastern-michigan-university in Science at Eastern Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Information Security Laying the groundwork for discussion SPIM Ethics security amp privacy all in one 0 What is SPIM 0 How is it different from SPAM 0 Who is most likely to receive SPIM 0 How can you defend against it 0 What are the costs of SPIM SPIM Weak points and solutions 0 What were the threats exploited 0 What are possible defenses Intemm m Ihe Outside horn Ihe Inside EMPLOYEES HAHDWAHE THREATS ume w mm M w M V my nyrh w u 1 Juan General and Application Controls for Protecting Information Systems 39lype of Genital General Controls Description ol Pti rpose Physical controls Access controls Data security controls Administrative controls Communications network controls Border secur39ty Firewalls Virus controls intrusion detection Virtual private networking Authentication Authorization Application Controls Input controls Processing controls Output controls Physical protection of computer laCiIities and resources Restriction of unauthorized user access to cornputer resources concerned with user identificatlon Protecting data from accidental or intentional dISC osure to unauthorized pe ns or from unauthorized modi cation or destruction issuing and monitoring security guidelines Major obiective is access control accessrcontrol policy works Antiwrus software see www trendrnicrotom wwwcert g pgpcorn www5yrnanteccom lee corn and wwwrsasecuritycorn wwwmca WWWJSSJTET Major obiective is to detect unauthorized access 0 networ l Uses the lnternet to carry information WIil39ilri a compan and among business partners but with increased security by use of encryption authentication and access control Major obiective is prool of identity Permission issued to indiViduals and groups to do certain actiVities with information resources based on verified identity Prevent data alteration Or loss Ensure that data are complete valid and accurate when being processed and that programs have properly executed Ensure that the results of computer processing are accurate valid complete and consistent The Difficulties in Protecting Information Resources u Hundreds of potential threats exist a Computing resources may be situated in many locations n Many Indlvlduals control information esse s a Computer networks can be outside the organization and difficult to protect a Rapid technological Changes make some controls obsolete as soon as they are installed a Many computer crimes are undetected tor a long period oi time so it is ditticuit to learn from experience a People tend to via ate security procedures because the procedures are inconyenient r c r r r c r u n x c The amount or computer knowledge necessary to commit computer crimes is usually minimal As a matter oflact one can learn hacking forfree on the lnternet The cost of preventing nazerds can be very nigh Tneretore most organizations slmply cannot afford to protect against all possible hazards u it is difficult to conduct a costebenefitJustification for controls before an attack occurs cause it IS difficult to assess the value ofa hypothetical attack a Summary 0 Security is about risk 0 Risk 0 Accept 0 Limit 0 Transfer


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