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by: Dessie Hand
Dessie Hand
GPA 3.8


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Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dessie Hand on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IS215 at Eastern Michigan University taught by FaisonGibson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/221477/is215-eastern-michigan-university in Science at Eastern Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Network Computing You do it all the time Agenda Google Earth example Internet Overview Network vocabulary Media Nitty Gritty Why it all matters 6 o 0 my arm 5521MashAveMunuvmuAl 5 q H g y due a gt gt Google Earth ME 39 r amp39 Business Value What are potential business uses of this software Who makes money 0 How Why is Google Earth free Components 0 Where does Google Earth get its data 0 How is the data delivered to the user 0 Why are images blurry then clearer Components 2 What enables Google Earth People Communication The Internet Backbone Packet Switching Chicago Lus Angeles Atlanta HEM Message Dallas reassembled NetworkVocabulary Soup 0 DNS 0 IP 0 LAN 0 TCPIP o WAN 0 packet 0 Intranet 0 twisted pair 0 Extranet 0 ber optics 0 Internet Coaxial cable Advantages and Disadvantages of Network Topologies Topology Advantages Dtsat lvantages Star It is easy to add a node N the centra computer 5 lost so is the network It provides fast communicaoons thh too many nodes m the star with on y two hops from one node centra computer performance is to anothen degraded Bus It is easy to add a node che bus is test so is the network many nodes wiH over oad the bus ng It can cover arger dwstances than Too many the other two topologies nodes wiH degrade network performance t 5 more dw icu t to add a node than Wlth the othertwo topologies Media Twisted Wire x quotp Media Coaxial Cable Media Fiber Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireline Communications Channels Channel Twsted pair wire Coaxial cable aberer cabre Advantages Inexpenswe Wlddy avarlable Easy to work with Unobtruswe Higher bandwidth than twrste rpair Less susceptib e x0 e ectrornagnetic interference Very hrgn bandwrdth Re atlvely inexpensive Dif cult to tap good security Disadvantages S ow low bandwrdth Subject to interference Easi y tapped low secumy Relatively expensive and In exrb e Easny tapped lowto medlum secum Somewhat dif cuk to work with Dl rcu t to work with dif cult to spncer Summary 0 The Internet is based on open standards 0 These standards power almost all networks now 0 Standards have lowered the cost of networks 0 Business is now network based 0 Dramatic impacts on the world economy


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