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by: Miss Olaf Jaskolski
Miss Olaf Jaskolski
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 86 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Olaf Jaskolski on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IS215 at Eastern Michigan University taught by FaisonGibson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/221477/is215-eastern-michigan-university in Science at Eastern Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Kodak amp the digital photo market What is this market demanding and how does IT t in Ofoto k EasyShareGailery unmdsmu mmg MvGchw mmmmm mm x 5mm x m w an mmmnms sharephums UP nadPhnms mum Shun Mam mamber 5m w Create a free account and get in tree prinlsl M Find a spol for summer with Phoio Books Frames Album ans and more 7 39 2mm Pc World Warm Chas Award quotBest thn Puming Sewice39 m auua Free so wave Photobucket Uphotobuck t gs m 2 Video and Wage Sharing member login quotWWquot quot1 m 39 i quot 3 link to webswte emau amp 1M not a member yet Register Now C reate amums shrieshows amp Drmts yam I Phutabucket provides free video I and ammo 5 anna Eazulv hat Flickr flick 39 Hume You Omanlu Cnnacs Groups Explnre Explore New abs have been hard at creanng a way 7 Shaw yuu s the musawesams pnalas on Ws MKS In caH ll Imamquot n Exp ure ms gnrgeuusmy by ch 3 pmnl in mg SeIect a monih Chuuse Vuu can a sujump mm a ca sndarwsw 11 quothis mum in Site Review 0 What s easiest to do on each site 0 What is each site s revenue model 0 Which site do you prefer In terms of our framework Data Management The Modern Business Dynamic People Communication Kodak 0 What is its business 0 What are its competitive advantages in that business 0 What challenges does it face in digital photography Can Kodak succeed in digital photography 0 What are sources of competitive advantage in digital photography 0 How does Kodak rate relative to competitors Summary 0 The digital economy can change the basis of competition 0 Drives the pro t out of traditional businesses 0 Revenue models ecommerce advertising subscription limited Acquiring IT Applications Managers do this all of the time Today s Message Our economy runs on information technology Acquiring IT applications is complex 0 Only build from scratch when you have to for strategic reasons 0 Failing to get the right applications can spell disaster Agenda Where we are in the semester Agribusiness case Elie Tahari Intelligent Systems Term Themes Modern Business in the Digital Economy Databases Networks Analysis Business communication Putting It Together The modern corporation is enabled by information systems Its purpose is to process information and create connections that customers value Communication People Agribeef What is the business Size What was the problem Describe the solution What were the major issues in implementing the solution IT Planning Options for Acquiring 0 Buy 0 Lease 0 Develop inhouse Make vs Buy Advantages and Limitations of the Buy Option Advantages u Many different types of oHtheshelf software are avarlable a Software can be trie o Much time can be saved by buying rather than bui dmgo n The company can know what it rs getting before rt mvests in the product a The company is not the rst and only user D r a r r Dlsadvantages D Software may not exacny meet the company39s needs a Software may be drtficult or rmpossrb e to modrty or it may require huge business process changes to rmp ement o The company w rH not have control over software improvements and new versions o Purchased software can be orthcuhro Integrate wnh exrsnrrg systems a yehoors may drop a product orgo out ofbusmess D So ware IS controHed by another company With Its own pnorutr es and business consideratronss o Lack of m mate know edge m the purchasing company about how the sottware works and why rt works that way Issues with SDLC Complex 0 Slow Expen ve Scope Creep Solutions Prototyping JXE CASE 0 FLAE Enduser RAD Traditional Develupment Summary 0 Complexity of software development 0 technical needs 0 business needs 0 Current solutions attempt to compress time to get to problems earlier A Million Kinds of Information Systems Let s see if we can make sense of it Our Plan Pictures A few missed points from last time Boston Red Sox case The modern business dynamic Understanding the million kinds of information systems Boston Red Sox What business are the Red Sox in Describe their information system How did it help their business Can they get a sustained advantage from it The Modern Business Dynamic Management The Modern Business Dynamic A Man Machine Hybrid Communication Data Info Knowledge 0 Data Facts 0 Information Organized facts 0 Knowledge Organized facts used to infer other facts Executives S alegic Decisions cais Supporting leferem Execuiwe IS Expen Sysiems 055 m Business inleiligence Systems OAS Know adge Workers j 055 Business inieiiigencei L Daia Mining Expen Sys ems Middle ManageisiTachnal Decisions 2 ms OAS r i w i m g Dss Business inleiligence 3 s Lower ievei quot Data M39inin MIS OAS 8 anagers D g39 6 y g Operanonal Decisions 0 g N Y 1L cierical Siaii MIS OAS ianning Systems gt System Developmeni Managing Seculily and Risk IT Services Da a nagemem IT Personnei Wireless Communica ions i Telecommunications and Nalworks iT Componenis 0M s Hamwave seaimam Euowzue Jo Types of Organizational Inlormalion Systems 39lype of System Functional area IS Transaction processing system Enterprise resource planning system Of ce automation system Function Support the activities within specific iunctionai area Process transaction data from business events integrate all iunctionai areas of the organization Support daily work activities at IndIViduals and groups Example System for processing payroll WaiaMart checkout pointrofrsale terminal Oracle SAP Microsoft Of ce Management information ystern Decision support system Expert system Executive information system Produce reports summarized from transaction data usually in one functional area Prowde access to data and analysis tools Mimic human expert in a particular area and make a decision Present structured important to executives Report on total sales for eaen customer quotWhatii analysis ol changes in budget Credit card approval I ana ysis Status of production by product Suppiy Chain management sys em Electronic Commerce system Manage ows oi products services and information among organizations Enable transactions among organizations and between organizations and customers WalrMarI Retail Link system connecting suppiiers to WairMart wwwdeicom Summary 0 Boston Red Sox is a great example 0 My de nition of IS Data management analytics networks communication people 0 Information systems map social groups and business processes 0 Lots of different kinds Data Management amp Databases Why we need it and how it works Security Summary 0 Tradeoff between security ethics and privacy 0 Too much security makes systems unusable 0 Network paradox the larger the network 0 The more valuable it is O The less secure it is The Modern Business Dynamic Management The Modern Business Dynamic Communication Example Uses of Databases 0 mxemich 0 m 0 Both of these are transaction based 0 Data insertions frequent 0 Data updates frequent 0 Data deletions frequent Example Database StudentID Name CourseID C Name RBarrat Ryan ISZ 5 Intro CLoomis Collin S449 Capstone RFrancis Ryan ISZ 5 Intro DoIIaGirI Annette 3696 Enterprise Vocabulary Drill Table File Field Attribute Record Row 0 Primary Key 0 SecondaryForeign Key 0 Byte 0 Bit Anomalies 0 Insert the course S30Advanced Introduction 0 Delete the student Ryan 0 Add a student Lottie A simian can have 1 many mums have M A student can A pmlug perm can nu nnly 1 luv mlly 1 mum parking DemIL Clu nave A Danna un mm many m enls M A cuum can have 0an t proiessor can I1le Relationlhlpl A pmnsmr can have many courses M Ksy eld ER Exercise What are the entities in our example What are the relationships What are the tables What are the primary keys How do you relate everything Summary 0 We care about network security because we put sensitive data on there 0 Database management is about transactions 0 update 0 deletion O insertion Wireless Big issues are standards and accessibility Today s Message WiFi has arrived because of standards Mobile commerce may arrive Big security issues Universal access may in fact be universally desirable Wireless Standards IEEE 802 5 Bluetooth IEEE 802 WiFi IEEE 802 6 WiMax IEEE 80220 Wireess wide area networks WiFi Speci c O 802 la longer range lower bandwidth 0 802 lb shorter ranger higher bandwidth 0 802 lg longer range higher bandwidth Pervasive Computing 0 RFID 0 Wireless Sensor Networks 0 What about privacy Security Issues 0 EviITwin O War driving 0 eavesdropping Mesh Network in Philadelphia 0 Is universal access universally good 0 Is free wireless technology all that is required 0 What is needed to connect to the network 0 Can we enable everyone to connect How Summary 0 The network effect 0 Networks tend to be more valuable the larger they are 0 Things that impede network growth 0 Lack of standards 0 Lack of access ECommerce 2 San Francisco Giants Case and BZB Giants Case 0 What business are the giants in 0 How much revenue comes from ticket sales 0 What is the information system solution 0 What are its quanti able bene ts BZB vs BZC O BZB 0 Fewer customers 0 Higher sales per customer 0 Which is bigger in terms of total sales volume BZB Models 0 Sellside marketplace O Buyside marketplace 0 Electronic Exchanges 0 Vertical 0 Functional 0 Horizontal Further Issues 0 Payment 0 Sales tax 0 MikeRoweSoft eCommerce Summary 0 We re aware of B2C and C2C 0 B2B uses similar models 0 Transaction volumes much higher 0 SCM a key component 0 eCommerce is a phenomenon of the Internet Wireless and Mobile Computing Standards are helping here but costs are high Agenda 0 Google and the CIS Club 0 Philip Morris Case 0 Wireless 0 Earthbound O Satellites 0 Wireless protocols Google amp CIS Club 0 Google coming to the new Union November 9 from 330 to 430 0 You should go 0 Having our inaugural CIS Club meeting in Room 227 COB at 500 PM 0 Pizza amp pop 0 How to get jobs at places like Google Today s Message 0 Wireless is expanding and holds great promise 0 Wireless is expensive limiting some of its potential applications Philip Morris What is the business problem What are the costs ls Philip Morris doing anything wrong What is one lT solution Should Philip Morris go for it WAP 2mm m Au 2 mm r39vrmmnmmnv mm mun mm m w m u M m m Wm Sunvawuns rams Runmm mm o s we Qwr w Nmm PlHlqu Meansm H 391 Da hrmnmr red V n m supmmmwm nn mmmzsy m arms mm Dscmev Hui ny nuns and m Pmmmu aquot Suva us mm m summ am mm m rumpus harmsrs m mum mmmm mnmmwu 139 MM grggmmmynmntna zsnnp wwwmmm an k WWW mm aww mm mm mu m 1 mm mutuqu gamma 5m mama WWW mwmww WWW g wwwsmrliaj 3 mm mm m a llnum mum m m pug m 2mm Emmy Fm Ham mmmm v w u m m hem mm Mm m mm mm x a 5 mm w mm W W Network hardware 0 Earthbound 0 Satellite Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Media Channel Advantages Microwave High bandWidth Reiatlvely inexpensive Dlsadvantages Must have unobslructed line of Sight Suscepilble to environmentai interierence Expensive Must have unobstructed line of slght Signais experlence propagation deiay Must use encryption forsecunty Sateil39lte High bandwidth Large coverage area Radio High bandwidth Signals pass ihrough walls inexpensive and easy to instali Infrared Low to medium bandWldth Creaies eiectricai inierierence problems Susceptible to snooping unless encrypted Must have unobstructed line oi sight Used oniy ior shon distances S k F O m e N d C Satellite satellite MEO satellite LEO Coverage Three Basic Types of Telecommunications Satelmes lype GEO Characlerlsllcs Satellltes remalrl statlonary relatlve to point on ea l39l Few satellites needed For global coverage Transmlsslon delay approximately 25 sec rl M051 expensive to bulld and launc Longest erbrral llfe many years Satellltes move relall ve lo point on earl Mo e global eovera o Requ39lres mediumypowered ers Neglrgrble transmlsslon delay Lransmllt Less expenslve to lld and l Negllgrble transmlsslon delay bu d rate number needed for ge aurlch Moderate orbltal lrre 5712 years Satellltes move rapidly relatlve to n h polm o earl Large number needed for global coverage Requlres only lowepower tranSmltters Leasr expenslve to bulld and launch Shortest orbital We as low as 5 years Orbll Number Use 22300 miles 8 TV Slgnal 6434 mlles 10 12 GPS 400 700 Many Telephone mlles Summary 0 Some clear wins 0 Cell phones 0 Satellite TV maybe radio 0 Sticking points 0 Cost 0 Open network standards WaIMart VsAbertson s A rst look at the business value of IT What is their business 0 WaIMart O Alberston s What is their IT 0 WaIMart O Albertson s In terms of our framework Data Management The Modern Business Dynamic People Communication Can Albertson s compete Consider the store of the future Consider Albertson s Have a look atWaIMart ConsiderWhole Foods Key takeaway 0 IT alone does not create competitive advantage 0 IT business model does 0 IT helps 0 with effectiveness 0 with ef ciency Managerial Support Systems What do people at the top of the pyramid use Today s Message 0 Managerial support systems seek to help managers create knowledge from the information stream passing through the organization 0 Managerial support systems operate at multiple levels Term Themes Modern Business in the Digital Economy Databases Networks Analysis Business communication Putting It Together The modern corporation is enabled by information systems Its purpose is to process information and create connections that customers value Communication People Zarlink 0 What is the role of SAP in the organization How is it evolving 0 What was the new IT strategy What was its reception 0 What were the quanti able bene ts of the strategy Models Knowledge 0 Cause and effect 0 If we lower price sales will increase 0 If the iPod is black it will sell more 0 If we offer snow shovels people will buy more beer Managerial Support Systems 0 Allow access to the corporate data stream 0 Help managers discover models 0 Help managers validate models 0 Figure out if and why the models work 0 Help managers manage models Types of Decisions Nature ol Decision Operational Managemem Strategic Suppon Contra Control Planning Needed Slruclured Accounis VSCHIVZNB Budgeianaiyse urdarenlry sharHerm forecasting personnel reports makem buy analysis MIS management science models iinanciai and statistical modeis Semisimeiured Produciion Credit evaiuation scheduling midget reparation invanturyconirol a nine a new ion Unsirucmree Selec ng a cover Negotia ng R a n manning ass 17 a magazine recrumng newiegnngogy Es Mm 39gi 39 39 uymg gsvelo quot neuiai neiwoms Suppnn Needed Mis Managemeni EIS ES managemeni science science Dss EIS ES neural networks Anatomy of a D88 other Computeriased Systems Dala Externa and merna 1 Exce Funcuuns Linear Dam Model I Programmmg Management Management Custom Models Data Warehouse Carporale Knowiedge Base memel Knowledge Managemem User Interface Manager User and Yasks Eesl Prachcas A Problem Solunon Executive Information Systems 0 Like a D88 but more high level The Capabilities of an EIS Capability Drilldown Critical success factors CSFs Descnption Abilityt go to details at several levels can be done by a series of menus or by direct queries using intelligent agents and natural language processing The factors most critical for the success or business These can be organizational industry departmental etc Key performance indicators KPls Status access Trend analysis Adehoc analysis Exception reporting The specific measures or CSFs The latest data available on KPl or some other metric ideally in real time hone medium and Iongrterm trend of KPls or metrics which are projected using forecasting methods Analyses made any time upon demands and with any desired factors and relationships Reports that highlight deviations larger than certain thresholds Reports may include only deviations Based on the concept oi management by exception Summary 0 Information systems make organizations run 0 Ef ciencies 0 New capabilities O Managerial Support Systems 0 Extract knowledge from the data stream for better decisions


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