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by: Alexis Braun


Marketplace > Eastern Washington University > OTHER > TECH 462 > INDUSTRIAL SAFETY ENGINEERING
Alexis Braun
Eastern Washington University
GPA 3.67


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Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Braun on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TECH 462 at Eastern Washington University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/221490/tech-462-eastern-washington-university in OTHER at Eastern Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
CHAPTER 1 m w I Safety and Health Movement Then and Now I What shaped where we are today I Before the Industrial Revolution I England and Beyond I Organized Labor I Specific Health Problems I Lawyers Public Option Before the Industrial Revolution W 39 I I I Code of Hammurabi I Babylonian ruler 2000 BC I contained clauses dealing with injuries I allowable fees by physicians I monetary damages assessed against those who injured others Before the Industrial Revolution W 39 39 I I I Ramese II I Egyptian 1500 BC I wanted the slaves to be able to do the work on his temple I created one of the first medical care services to take of the needed slaves I baths medical examinations sick workers isolated Before the Industrial Revolution I Romans I aqueducts I sewage systems I Public baths I Aureolus 1567 Miners sickness I Ramazzini occupational diseases Industrial Revolution I Used machines to replace people I more dangerous I more complex I new methods of production I specialization of work I division of labor England and Beyond w 39 39 I l I The US traces its roots to England I So then does our safety movement I 1802 Health and Morals of Apprentices Act I child labor and working conditions I Marked the beginning of governmental involvement in workplace safety Beginnings in America w I 39 39 I I I See figure 11 in text I The 1892 fleheel explosion in a steel plant lead to the first committee of managers to study the accident and resulted in the first recorded safety program I Note that mining seems to be a big topic I 3200 killed in 1907 alone Beginnings in America m w I Workers Compensation I Had its beginnings in Germany I Provided an amount of compensation for on thejob injuries I kind of a no fault insurance I Today in all 50 states Beginnings in America w r 39 39 I l I World War I to 1950 Industry comes to the Big 2 conclusions I Quality and safety are connected I offthejob accidents have a negative impact on productivity If the skilled trained worker is not on the job then this creates a hardship in the company costs money Beginnings in America I II I 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act OSHA I why Laws up to that time were industry specific I Stop gap measures to fix a given problem Injures were growing in a large way 14000yr I Public outcry Organized Labor w 39 39 I I I Fought from the earliest times for safer work environment I Helped do away with the Fellow Servant Rule I employers not liable for workplace injuries that were the result of negligence of other employees Organized Labor I a I Helped abolish doctrine of Contributory Negligence I You got hurt you should not have done that I Helped do away with the Assumption of Risk I You took the job so you should have known you could get hurt So don t complain to me Employer is never liable w r 39 39 I I I The rules and concepts above usually let the employer of the hook I Because one or more were usually involved I Since this worked employers had little or no incentive to improve the work environment I Public out cry has solved most of this today Role of Specific Health Problems I Most safety laws were a response to a specific threat or illness I Black Spit led to ventilation in coal mines I Coal Expositions Mine and Safety Act I TVA Silica deaths silicosis I Mercury Poisoning Japanmaterial substitution Accident Prevention Programs w39 39 39 39 I I I Reasons we use them I Improved engineering could prevent accidents I Employees are willing to learn and accept safety rules I Safety rules can be established and enforced I Financial savings from safety improvement could be reaped less compensation and medical bills also less training expense Accident Prevention Programs I The Three E s of Safety I Engineering I Educa on I Enforcement Health and Safety Today I We now use an Integrated Approach I Share knowledge about health problems in the workplace toxic substances I Use a greater level of trained expertise in evaluating health and safety problems I Use a broad database for comparison different companies in the same industry I Encourage accident prevention I Make health and safety a high priority Who is on the team w r 39 39 I I I Industrial Hygiene chemist andor engineer I Testing of environmentcorrective action I Radiation Control Specialist I Industrial Safety Engineer Manager I responsible for developing and carrying out company safety and health program Includes accident prevention accident investigation and education training Chapter 7 stress and Safety I What is Stress l Stress is the reaction of the human organism to a threatening situation I Corporations view stress as the employee s problem life style psychological personality Unions view as results of excessive demands Most likely due to both Sources of Workplace stress I Task complexity to hard or to easy I Control participatory better I Feeling of responsibility home and work I Job security I Work load demands I Lack of psychological support I Environmental safety stress can cost Money I Stress may lead to l decreased productivity I higher absenteeism l job turnover l poor morale I greater numbers of stressrelated illnesses Human Reactions to Workplace stress SW I anxiety aggression guilt Behavioral I prone to accidents trembling I Cognitive I lack of concentration can t make decisions Physiological I heart rate blood pressure Organizational I absenteeism and poor productivity Selye s stages of Human stress I Alarm I pallor sweating increased hear rate I Resistance l body adapB to stress I Exhaustion l body s failure to be able to adapt any more to the stress than it already has What can we do I Do away with all stress I Avoid stressful situations I Learn to adapt to being sick I Learn to adapt to workplace stress stress Reduction Shift Work Recommendations I Body has its own rhythm I Provide mental health benefits I Change in shit is a stress on the body I Realize there is a problem I rotating shifts is the most stressfull I employee communications programs I Training on how to cope with stress I Clear current job descriptions I Open lines of communication I Exercise and other stress reduction classes stress Reduction stress Reduction Recommendations Recommendations I Recognize employee contributions Do not Crowd workspaces l Publish work rules I Personal items in work spaces l Child care programs I Appropriate humor in workplace l Flexible work hours I Match workload and pace to training I Be fair same perks on same level Try to match shifts to people I Train workers for their job technology Promote teamwork I Support Groups I Involve employees in decisions I Breaks during the day I Kill the rumor mill let them know what s l Elder care programs a happening m


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