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by: Dewitt Paucek


Marketplace > Eastern Washington University > ComputerScienence > CSCD 543 > DISTRIBUTED MULTIPROCESS ENVIR
Dewitt Paucek
Eastern Washington University
GPA 3.86

Timothy Rolfe

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About this Document

Timothy Rolfe
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dewitt Paucek on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCD 543 at Eastern Washington University taught by Timothy Rolfe in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/221498/cscd-543-eastern-washington-university in ComputerScienence at Eastern Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Fortran Interface include fpvm3h Proc Control pvmfmytidlt tid call pvmfexitlt info n m lnforination t call pvmfconfiglt nhost nar h speed arc call pvmftaskslt which ag task 1nf call pvmfgetoptlt what va call pvmfsetoptlt what val oldval Group Operations in mm l ll l ll call pvmfgsizelt group slze call pvmfgettidlt group call pvmfgetinstlt group call pvmfbarrierlt group call pvmfbc tlt grou call up options Pvml lax PVIII Message Buffers call pvmfmkbuflt encoding bufid pvmfsetsbuflt bufid oldbuf call pvmfsetrbuflt bufid oldbuf call pvmfinitsendlt encoding bufid Em ding 0ptl0ngt PvaataDefault U Pvaata s1 noemmding PvaataInplace 2 dataieuinpme pvmfk111 tid 1nfo vmfdelhostlt host info pvmfnotifyltabout msgtag ntask tids info call pvmfspannlt task flag where ntask tids numt pvmfjoingrouplt group 1 as pvmfreducelt op xp nitem type tag group root info Pvaum Sending call pvmfpacklt type xp nitem stride info l ltukunpzltuk and Rednee type options ST EAL4 4 BYTEl INTEGERZ IMTEGER4 U R 1 2 5 CUMPLEXl call pvmfsendlt tid msg call pvmfmcastlt ntask tid call pvmfpsendlt tid msgta Receiving call pvmfrecvlt tid msgtag bufid call pvmfpro c 11 pvlufnre call pvmftre call pvmfpre call pvmfbuf belt tid msgt m m CUMPLEXS 5 5 6 7 tag info s msgtag info g xp nitem type info bufid cvlt tid msgtag bufid cvlt tid msgtag sec usec bufid cvlt tid msgtag xp nitem type rtag ritem info rtid infoltbufid bytes msgtag tid info call pvmfunpacklt type xp nitem stride info INTEGER CHARACTE iype I V ink I VmBad l aram I VmMir mat cl e a l VmDupEer 733 rgron Declarations INTEG about bulid Count INTEGER dtid encoding nag inro innm lnr gtag metal R o I barn hoot functi failed alread no par no end no rnon groupinotance pjnotance already exists rt niiem n ark uf oldest dval prrar pud foot nag mid rec r i rpeed riride id rim type nreo Wlu 39ch a group norr mrg ark Where Xigniiemmridej OKZOS Sr KNEE o ay bad parameter 39er count mirmaron read pail end of onner no rnon hoot ch executable Jemon i decode received mrg d not rerponding rrem buffer bad n 39 ierrage i ronp name ir i11ega1 dy in group no gro not in group no rnon inrianoe in group ai1ed up wiin inar name en tark on not implememed v m erro ewe rpde protocol mirmaron r reronroer ady con gured to exec new riave pde y doing operation tark Parallel Virtual Machine Quick Reference Guide Release 33 Malch 21 1994 University of Tennessee Oak Ridge National Laboratory Emory University Obtaining PVM l39tp netlib2csutkedu diretttory pvml email netlibQornlgov with the message send index from pvm3 C Interface Ginclude quotpvm3hquot Control pvnnytidltvoid pvmexit void pvmkill int tid pvnaddnostsltcnar tthosts int nhost 1n tinfos int info pvnde1nostsltcnar tthosts int nhost int tinfos int numt pvmspannltchar ttask Char ttargv int lag char tnhere int ntask int tids MEANING Spay n lag options PVIII skDefault don t care where PvaaskHost 1 where contains host PvaaskArch where contains arch PvaaskDebug 4 start ta k PvaaskTrace start ta PvaostCompl 32 use complement host set Information 3 pvmparent void int dtid pvmtidtohostint tid int info pvmperrorchar tins int info pvnconfigltint tnhost int tnarch s ruct hostinfo tthostp int info pvntasksltint which int tntask ruct taskinfo tttaskp int val pvmgetoptint what int oldval pvnsetoptltint what int val what option I 39 3 v Pvaoute 1 routing policy PvaouteDirect Pvaebug Mask 2 debug level I PvalloHDirect P mAutoErr 3 auto error reportin r PvautputTid 4 stdout device for children PvautputCode 5 output msgtag PvaraceTid 6 trace device for children PvaraceCode 7 trace msgta r PvaragSize 8 message fragment size Signalling int info int info pvmsendsigltint tid int signum pvmnotifyint about int msgtag i t ntask int tids About options MEANING xi not v as deletion PvaostDelete 2 V notily il39 addition Pvaost Add 5 sage Buffers Me int pvmmkbufint encoding int pvnfreebnfltint bufid int int int int pvnsetrbnfltint bufid int bu i pvninitsendltint encoding Encoding options MEANING PvaataDefault U X PvaataRan 1 no encoding PvaataInPlace 2 data left in place Sending 39nt info pvnpackflt printflike format int info pvmpkbytelt char p int cnt int std pvmpkcp1xlt w pvmp cp ubl 2 int cnt int std pvmpkdoub1eltdoub1 dp int cnt int std vp t 1tcnt1ntstd int info pvmpkint int np int cnt int std int info pvmpk1onglt long 311 int cnt int std int info pvnpksnortlt short np int cnt int std int info pvmpkstrlt char int info pvmsend int tid int msgta int info pvmmcastlt int tids int ntask int msgtag int info pvmpsend int tid int msgtag void vp int cnt int type Receiving int bufid pvnrecvlt int tid int msgtag int bufid pvmprobelt int tid int msgtag int bufid pvnnrecvlt int tid int msgtag int bufid pvntrecvlt int tid int msgtag struct timeval tmout int info pvmbufinfo int bufid int 3 int msgtag int tid int info pvmunpackf printflike format pvmupkbyte char cp int cnt int std pvmupkcp1x float txp int cnt int std pvmupkdcp1x double 32 int cnt int std pvnupkdoub1eltdoub1e tdp int cnt int std pvnupkf1oatlt a t p in cnt int std int info pvmupkint 39 811 int cnt int std int info pvmupk1ong long 311 int cnt int std int info pvnupksnortlt short 811 int cnt int std int info pvmupkstr char tcp Group Operations int pvmjoingroupltchar tgroup int info pvm1vgrouplt char tgroup int size pvmgsizelt char tgroup int tid pvmgettidlt char group int inum int inum pvmgetinstlt char group int tid pvmbarrierlt char group int count pvmbcastlt char group int msgtag int info pvnreducelt void top void v int cnt int type int msgtag char group int root op options vp type options Pv Vl LB ITE Pvain PVl LSHURI PVMDUUBLE Pvaum L PVl LCPLX Pvaroduct PVl LLUHG PVl LDCPLX Starting PVM pvmd nnostnane ddebugmaskgt hostfile pvm hostfile starts console t t P nsole nlnlands help connand g t information about commands conf Lists hosts in virtual machine add host s add liosts to virtual machine delete host s delete liosts spasm opt file spawn proc v countgt number of tas s to span n lt ostgt host to spawn on gt redirect ta k output to console redirect task output to le gtgtfile append task output to le ps a Lists 1 sses on virtual machine alias de nelist command aliases unalias unde ne command a ias setenv setslim environment variables echo echo arguments version print Libpvm version id print console tid sig num tid send signal num to process ki ti terminate a process reset kill all processes and reset I VM quit exit console I VM continues halt kill all pvmds and console cc o task myprogc libpvm3a 77 o task myprogf libf vn3a libpvm3a For groups add libgpvm3a before libpvm3a


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