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Week 8: China (continued)

by: Mariah Armstrong

Week 8: China (continued) HST 106

Mariah Armstrong
GPA 3.2
Asian Civilizations

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About this Document

Notes on the history of China and characteristics of the civilization during the Qin and Han dynasties.
Asian Civilizations
Class Notes
Asian Civilizaitons, China, Confucious, Asia, Qin, Han, dynasty, Chin
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariah Armstrong on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HST 106 at Arizona State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Asian Civilizations in Global Studies at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
China cont 0 Early Thoughts 0 Zhou and Warring States 403221 One Hundred Schools Freelance advisers o Confucious 551479 BCE GentlemanSuperior man as educated for services Analects lead by example his works published by his students Zhou as Golden Age 0 The Chinese Canon Confucious o I Ching Book Part of 5 Classic of Changes 0 Mencius 371289 BCE Disciple of Confucious Man is good People have the right to revolt especially the king s relatives 0 Man is Evil The Legalists Xun Zi 298238 0 Carrot and stick 0 Man is evil and must be controlled by the government system Han Fei Zi d 233 BCE o Daoism The Way Do nothing The Dao is the basic substance of the universe Daode ng Lao Zi Zhuang Zi 0 Wu Wei Do nothing Te on presidency Reagan actions side right off you 0 The Concept of the Golden Age Confucianism Sages Human institutions Daoism Possibilities before human institutions 0 Babies and drunks Human institutions block creativity Nature Yin and Yang 0 Five phasesagents Qin 221206 and Han 206 BCE 221 AD 0 Qin Dynasty 7th c BCE from caretaker to full control of one of the 4 powers 4th3rCI c power decreases Succession problems Falling behind economically Jin Recruits advisers from the east Duke Xiao and Shang Yang d 338 Ruler becomes absolute monarch Merit on battle eld replaces od aristocracy Dependence on farmers o Rewards for surpus tax exemptions o Households divide 0 Nuclear households on small farmsteads o Selfgoverning 510 Administration Old feudal domains to private estatetax Scattered settlements organized in countries Appointed a magistrates Codi ed aw supreme over even heir Impacted on people 0 Lawabiding increased production more revenues from direct taxation best governed and most ef cient Qin Shi Huang Di First emperor of China r 246 210 0 Li Buwei 0 Li Si d 208 0 Both were her advisors Project empire 0 From 340 war to begin uni cation 0 King Zheng amp Li Si Bureaucracy no hereditary aristocracy 36 provinces Korea Sichuan Gobi Governor reported to king Laws spell out everything for magistrates Highway system canal Yantzi to Pearl Great Wall against Huns Features Capital at Xian Standardization ability to impose 1 model on an area to facilitate messages laws etc o Axle lengths for new road system 0 Weights and measures 0 Coinage 0 Writing Thought 0 Educated only for future bureaucrats o 213 burning books amp Confucianists o Centralize local elites amp wealthy none in local areas or provinces Emperor o Micromanager from dawn to midnight 0 Tours of country 0 Burden of military and corvee duty 13 of males in gov39t service 209 BCE peasant rebellion o 206 BCE rebellion reaches capitaI D killed emperor39s grandson end of Qin dynasty Legacy 0 Imperial system 0 Bureaucracy based on merit o Examinations of performance 0 0 Han Dynasty 0 Chronology Western or former Han 206202 BCE 9 CE Liu Bang 247 195 BCE CapitaI at Chang39an Interregnum of Xin Dynasty 0 923 CE 0 Wang Mang emp Eastern or Latter Han 23220 CE 189 court to warlord CapitaI at Luoyang 0 Basic themes Internal problems creating empire External problems Huns Politics reform vs Zhou Central power vs local power private wealth intellectual diversity Hereditary aristocracy vs emperor vs bureaucrats inner vs outer 0 Emperor Inherited power Primogeniture Weakness of heir Wang Mang o Bureaucracy Service merit Wu Di 141 87 BCE Imperial university 30000 recommended Confucianism experts in court ritual Histories for legitimacy Censors Faithful service of ministers w simiIar background and education 0 Con ict between Monarch amp Confucianists Latter Han stronger monarchy Persecution of Confucianists 161169 amp 171184 BCE 0 Politics Emperor amp eunuchs vs ministers Agriculture Basis of prosperity of gov39t Army 0 Land tax 0 Head tax Protection of small cultivator Stabilize grain prices Ever Normal Granary Curb great merchants rate of lending 0 Bad times and the End Cycle of Dynastic Decline Narrowing of tax base 0 Large estates avoiding taxes and burdening peasants Wu Di rejects Dong Zhongshu39s proposal to limit size 0 Technology ploughshares from 48 to 21 Rebellions 0 Red eyebrows 23 CE 0 Yellow Turbans 184 CE


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