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Social Psychology Week Twelve Notes

by: Caspar Snyder

Social Psychology Week Twelve Notes 21198

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > 21198 > Social Psychology Week Twelve Notes
Caspar Snyder
GPA 3.8
Social Psychology
Mark Seery

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About this Document

After our exam last Wednesday, we begin the last quarter by discussing interpersonal attraction.
Social Psychology
Mark Seery
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caspar Snyder on Friday November 14, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 21198 at University at Buffalo taught by Mark Seery in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 52 views.


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Date Created: 11/14/14
Social Psychology Week Twelve Notes Interpersonal Attraction I reading intensive 1 Familiar People We tend to like them Example mom s meatloaf 0 Grew up with it 0 Liked it better 0 Biased preference 0 Same with people Example MrMs Right 0 Seven billion people 0 Ours goes to our school Work etc 0 Coincidence 0 We romantically pair up with people we re familiar with o Subtle Obvious but easy to overlook How does familiarity develop 0 Proximity 0 Exposure Proximity Your friends 0 Odds are you met in high school or college Single biggest predictor of attraction 0 Most social interaction with people in the same place 0 Or via technology 0 Leads to biggest liking Festinger et al 1950 0 Friendship patterns in married student housing 0 Results friends with neighbors 0 Residents in busy areas were more often listed as close friends Classroom the alphabet Segal 1974 0 Selfreported reasons for friendship o They have stuff in common 0 Actually because they sit next to each other 0 Alphabetically Stages of life 0 High school 9 college transition 0 Go away for college 0 Don t spend as much time with high school friends 0 Fall out of touch Exposure Mere exposure effect and uency 0 Works for people too Usually attributed to liking 0 Not always Ebbesen et al 1976 and enemies Mirror images Mita et al 0 Two pictures actual Versus mirror 0 Which do youyour friends prefer 0 Results 0 Friends actual 0 You mirror Moreland and Beach 1992 Real college classroom Four typical female student confederates 0 Took pictures 0 1 never came to class 0 2 came five times 0 3 came ten times 0 4 came fifteen times End of semester showed photos to class Dependent variable rate liking of the students Liking of Confederate versus Times in Class 45 35 25 I Liking of Confederate versus Times in Class 15 05 Female 1 Female 2 Female 3 Female 4 2 Physically Attractive People We tend to like them Is beauty only skin deep 0 We don t act that way Research examples 0 Texas judges lower bail and smaller fines 0 Across occupations attractive men and Women earn more 0 Face only a mother could love 0 Mothers more attentive affectionate and playful with cuter babies What is Beauty Evidence for universal agreement on face 0 Different ethnic group faces rated similarly by different people 0 Twomonthold infants look longer at attractive faces 0 Unaware of cultural standards 0 Young or old 0 Male or female 0 Black or White Average Faces Computer generated average faces look more attractive Tend to prefer symmetrical average faces Langlois et al 1994 yearbook photos 0 One versus averages of four eight sixteen and thirty two 0 Results more faces higher rating 0 Why 0 Average is familiar 0 Sign of good genes


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