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Folk Music Notes

by: Shakeitha Notetaker

Folk Music Notes 40653

Shakeitha Notetaker

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About this Document

Fame Studios American Folk Blues Festival Sister Rosetta Tharpe Folk Music Bob Dylan
Popular Music and Record Industry- Modern Blues
Dr. David Whillock
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shakeitha Notetaker on Monday March 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 40653 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. David Whillock in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Popular Music and Record Industry- Modern Blues in Film at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 03/21/16
FAME STUDIOS - Started in the 1950s by Rick Hall in Alabama - Used a tobacco warehouse from over a drugstore when his coworkers left - First hit “You better Move In” - Artists came to him to record because of the rhythm section - “I Never Loved A Man” by Aretha Franklin - Jerry Wexler, a big LA producer, used the Swampers, which was the rhythm section - Signed a deal with record company and the Swampers left Fame Studios - 1969 Rolling Stones recorded “Wild Horses” and “Brown Sugar” there - Expanded with teen hits like the Osmond Brothers “One Bad Apple” - In the 70s Hall went to country music with Mac Davis - Duane Allman played guitar with Wilson Pickett on “Hey Jude” - “Chain of Fools” by Aretha was also recorded here AMERICAN FOLK BLUES FESTIVAL - Horst Lipman and Joachim Berendt in Germany wanted to the American Folk Blues Festival as a tv show - Called the show “Jazz Seen and Heard” - Jazz accepted in Europe way before blues - Willie Dixon let players go over to Europe to be on the show - 1969 tour Europe and became an annual show - Giorgio Gomelsky had a club and got some people together to play in his club, that became the Rolling Stones - Alexis Korner played jazz and went to blues - Giorgio got Sonnyboy, Howling Wolf, and Muddy Waters over with him - People heard about the blues and wanted to hear them and the artists were treated well in Europe, which was shock because of the treatment back in the States was different - First show was in England in Manchester - 1963 Sonnyboy stayed in Europe and recorded with Yardbirds with Clapton called “Pontiac Blues” - 50s Big Bill Broonzy was the first to come to Europe - May 7, 1964 in Wilbraham Station recorded for tv “Blues of Gospel Train” and “Didn’t It Rain” by Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Introduced large white audiences to African American music - Britain’s youth expanded on the music and loved it, so the replicated it and it led to rock n roll SISTER ROSETTA THARPE - Born Rosetta Nuban in Arkansas - Guitar prodigy, first began playing at age 4 - Playing in a COGIC church - Her church allowed her to travel and play - At age 19 she married Thorpe and changed his name to Tharpe - Went to NY and played with Cab Calloway and became known in the secular areas - Decca Records recorded her - Gospel rock performer - “Strange Things Happen Everyday” 1944 - Broke all stereotypes - 1964 toured with American Blues and Gospel Caravan - Gave the feeling of no glass ceiling - “Rock Me” - Died in 1973 of a stroke FOLK MUSIC - Resurged - Newport Folk Festival in 1959 wanted Delta Blues in - Old Delta Blues players had resurged - George Wein helped bring them back - Joan Baez first festival had a big impact - Son House and Muddy Water played also - Bob Dylan played with Paul Butterfield blues band and got booed - Still popular today - Brought blues back BOB DYLAN - Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in 1941 - Got his name from a famous Irish poet - Wrote anti-civil war and civil rights songs - “Blowing in the Wind” - “Times Changing” - Influenced by Robert Johnson and Hank Williamson - Known for his songwriting - Folk writer - Crossed genres, like rock, blues, and folk - “Knocking On Heavens Door”


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