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Anthro 201 Art and Society Sepik River Region Lecture

by: Megan Lester

Anthro 201 Art and Society Sepik River Region Lecture Anthropology 201

Marketplace > Washington State University > anthropology, evolution, sphr > Anthropology 201 > Anthro 201 Art and Society Sepik River Region Lecture
Megan Lester
GPA 2.8
Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
Emily Casillas

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About this Document

Anthropology 201 Art and Society: Sepik River Region Class Lecture Notes
Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
Emily Casillas
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Megan Lester on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anthropology 201 at Washington State University taught by Emily Casillas in Fall 2013. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Sepik River Region Art of the people of the Sepik River Region Papha New Guinea Art of the people of the Sepik River region 0 Papua New Guinea Sepik River Region 0 300 languages spoken in the Sepik River Region alone 0 Before European contact trade between villages important Subsistence o Horticulturalists o Taro yam bananas pigs dogs 0 Higher specialization in labor than foragers Taro Political Organization 0 Each village is relatively egalitarian o Headmen quotbig manquot important leaders 0 Men dominate public and private life Social structure Land divided among clans Marriage uni ed clans Patrilineal and patrilocal Men form genealogical core in the village Women link clans together Clans quotownquot totems ocial structure Land is passed through kinship Strict divisions of labor Men hunt partake in ritual activities Women control trade economics eadhunting and cannibalism Warfare important part of society Practiced until 19305 Missionaries ended this ironically executed headhunters O MOOOOO rl39 Art serves many functions Almost entirely men s activity View of art Traits of art OOOJgtOOOIOOOO Sculpture in the round High relief Red is the primary color Geometric curvilinear designs Anthropomorphic gures with long noses Types of Art 00000 0 Human body important 0 medium 0 Music dance 0 Sculpture 0 Carvings o Paintings Social functions of art 0 Body art identity and group membership 0 Trade 0 Recognition of kinship 0 Religion Tambaran cults o Yam cults Marsalai Yam cults Religion 0 Spiritbased marsalai o Marsalai created everything 0 Everyone related by decent to mythical being 0 Ancestors were transformed into various elements of the earth totems Art and religion 0 All Sepik art is sacred even secular art uses sacred themes 0 Myths are quotownedquot 0 Tambaran houses important artistic element 0 Marsalai spirits live in art pieces Tambaran houses 0 Presence usually dominates village 0 Belong to one clan source of prestige 0 Inside covered with clan art bark paintings sculpture masks 0 Several clans will come together to build the house Tambaran houses Men spend the majority of their time here Political gatherings Ritual Women forbidden to enter Nggwalndu kept inside Spirits inhabit artwork Mortal spirits can also inhabit artwork Tambaran houses 0 Paintings highly stylized abstract 0 Design elements circles ovals dots waves 0 Depict totemic plants and animals OOOOOOO 0 Best artists are creative and embellish paintings in their own way 0 Yena spirits phallic masks and carvings Sex gender and art 0 Art represents only souls of initiated males 0 Art is solely men s activity 0 Embodiment Sex gender and art 0 Women39s participation puts universe in danger 0 Men39s art assert dominance and control 0 Phallic aggression o It is believed that women hold great power and can take power away from men Sex gender and art 0 Isolation of women from art and religion 0 Sex is not favorable activity 0 Men took control from women if women see art they gain that control back 0 Sex can make men passive danger of 39conquer39 0 Women can drain the 39heat39 of men 0 Sacred objects are 39hot39 Phallic traits of art 0 Yena carvings large heads long noses extended tongues o Nggwalndu large heads large downward pointing penises pig or bird touching tip of penis 0 White nourishment men as guardians of fertility Sex gender and art 0 Pole of Tambaran house phallic and pierced as are noses of men 0 Men represent themselves as creators and destroyers of life 0 Women actually dominate household and daily activities 0 Important for fertility and reproduction Sepik region today 0 No contact until 1930s 0 Women no longer completely excluded from men39s houses 0 Christianity dominates 0 Tourism main source of income 0 Tourist art women39s bilum 0 Much architecture re ects Tambaran houses


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