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Week 2 - American Indian Lit Notes

by: Ashley Sowle

Week 2 - American Indian Lit Notes T LIT 432 A

Marketplace > University of Washington > Arts and Humanities > T LIT 432 A > Week 2 American Indian Lit Notes
Ashley Sowle
GPA 3.4
American Indian Lit
Miller, Danica

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About this Document

This notes package covers everything from Haboo to Lushootseed. I am trying out a new method of typing my notes rather than writing them down. Give me some feedback if you are looking for something...
American Indian Lit
Miller, Danica
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Sowle on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to T LIT 432 A at University of Washington taught by Miller, Danica in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see American Indian Lit in Arts and Humanities at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Week 2 American Indian Literature Notes 10615 Reading Review History Myth and Identity in the New Indian Story by Elizabeth CookLynn Maypiyato signifies something more than just a cloud hovering over a body of water to the native tribes It signifies a human like creature one that is meant to teach a lesson without a lesson actually having to be taught What does quotindigenousquot mean 0 Specific geographical location are that gives specific cultural meaning Epistemology theory of knowledge of place Inherent Sense of belonging Not just placement but displacement 0 Understanding of ourselves OOOO Modern storytelling 33 em gmmm o Texts in school 7 0 L MW r O mmde ha maiwe M e m f w El39 Ob the dvspilpfir 392 49 F A Saw05 12a e ec1 e l O L I what it meant to be M I dww a 9V m 0l KA H PMC G LQJ WC 39 0 5 ngml W d m o g indigenous and to be and American Indian storyteller She also projects onto specific writers authors that they are somehow not indigenous But we bailey r don t know what the mmmu m 3M mm Wavy M on MA In NH OLQlQrminb true intentions of their writing were in the first place Maybe they didn t intend for their stories to be anything 7 QOLDQ 0 M MM 8 WWW more than Amy HindiRd W O entertainment quotw Ogden 939 L giggled LQvxd Biographies are 39 I I lu m voyeurism v 0 Stories are very 7W r 7 W W M r r r 39 easily manipulated even if you are welcomed into the society culture you are still viewing it through different eyes with different values Concomitant histories two histories developed they existed at the same time and then they converged because of closeness 0 Ex Lewis amp Clark Salish tribes Sovereignty 0 Dedicated to the culture Having high respect for the nation Separate from others Depending on ones self 0 Self identity self governance Elizabeth is worried about misinterpretation Master narrative colonial hidden agendaquot Navajo believe that they used to be from the stars 0 Known as star peoplequot There is much lost in translation when stories are transferred Some topics stories aren t supposed to be transcribed in written language because there are some that believe that they lose their meaning their sacredness What are the moral issues in producing art 0 Art for arts sake is bad 0 Totem poles from British Columbia area were transplanted here as a way to take away sovereignty OOO 10815 Storytelling reading was the former entertainment 0 Now we have TVs Reading was historically a community event and only recently has it become a personal moment Video Interview with Elizabeth CookLynn 0 Indigenous culture and studies need to be in current culture they need to become a personal moment 0 Crazy horse not realistic nobody knew what he really looked like Extreme stereotypes are still current even though there are many Indians that are successful We need to change the dialoguequot Her interest is language Writing is just an experiment with wordsquot She is intolerant of people that write books about themselves I Should be writing about politics and history 0 quotWriters know little editors know very little and publishers know nothingquot 0 I think it s time for the west to know who we really arequot Haboo Lecture 0 Respect elders I Elders have responsibilities too though 0 Aspects of a story that directly affect it I Storyteller I Family clan I Audience I Event I Context that the story is told in O 0000 Ex stories that are told as a right of passage tradition What does Haboo mean I Encourages the storyteller I Indian equivalent of keep goingquot Why do elders not want these stories written I There is a significant difference between written and spoken language You are trying to plot words when writing talking is just train of thought Lushootseed people don t like to say some English words like quotgoodbyequot I It is too permanent Boil amp Hammer I The nature of what it means to be a boil and a hammer I Boil popped hammer rock sank in water river The Basket Ogresses chase Coyote I Trickster what is his job To fool people or teach a lesson I Coyote is cunning not wise


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