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Anthro 201 Art and Society The !Kung San Lecture

by: Megan Lester

Anthro 201 Art and Society The !Kung San Lecture Anthropology 201

Marketplace > Washington State University > anthropology, evolution, sphr > Anthropology 201 > Anthro 201 Art and Society The Kung San Lecture
Megan Lester
GPA 2.8
Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
Emily Casillas

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About this Document

Anthropology 201 Art and Society: The !Kung San Class Lecture Notes
Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
Emily Casillas
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Megan Lester on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anthropology 201 at Washington State University taught by Emily Casillas in Fall 2013. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Washington State University.

Popular in anthropology, evolution, sphr


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Date Created: 10/12/15
The Kung San The San of Southwestern Africa 0 Commonly known as the Kung Ju hoansi Juwasi or Bushmen derogatory o Kalahari o Foragers nomadic o Egalitarian live in bands based on kinship Location of the Kung San o Shaded area major Kung and related peoples 0 Most of the Kung live in Namibia and Botswana 40000 Foraging among the Kung o Hunters always men use spears and bows and arrows with tips of weak poison 0 Main animals kudu eland wildebeest giraffes o Gatherers always women dig up roots gather berries and leaves and pick nuts Kung Social Organization 0 Little social strati cation 0 Male line slightly emphasized 0 Family may be parentchild sibling or even unrelated persons 0 Families like live in small temporary huts called sherms o Camps ve or six families and their huts Property Or Lack Thereof 0 Hunting territory is open to anyone within the band but other bands often cross it 0 Water holes are owned by each band but neighboring band may use them with the headman39s permission which is always granted 0 Foraging families own the food they have gathered Reciprocity 0 After a successful hunt share game 0 Rules of sharing distribution within the family and others 0 typical example of generalized reciprocity 0 Meat cannot be preserved so hoarding makes no sense o It must be consumed quickly 0 Sharing is social insurance the unsuccessful hunter still has meat Why is sharing important 0 quotArrogancequot 0 quotWhen a young man kills much meat he thinks himself as a chief or big man and the rest of us as his servants We cannot accept this Someday his pride will make him kill somebody So we always speak of his meat as worthless That way we cool his heart and make him gentlequot San art 0 Everyone produces art to one degree or another 0 Visual arts not much symbolism 0 But ancient San rock art had more Household and utilitarian items Ancient rock art ave paintings San ancestors to creators of rock art Last recorded painting 18605 Most common subjects are humans and animals Eland is most important animal depicted usic Very important Song used everyday Most can play an instrument Onestringed bow Onestringed violin Ankle rattles Four to ve string instrument resembling lyre gwashi Dance accompanies music Lots of freedom allowed in music Few lyrics itual healing dance Protect and cure those who are sick Music is important Women clap and sing Dance moves around re Rhythm of music and dancers causes num to boil this causes the trance state kia Num o Cultivation during the Ritual Healing Dance is important for healing and for aesthetics 0 Event is important for bringing people together San philosophy of art 0 quotArt brings pleasurequot 0 Art is important for both the sacred and secular line between these two is blurred 0 San have two supernatural forces one good one bad 0 Ostrich egg important medium Ostrich eggs 0 Scarcity of resources require ef cient use of the egg 0 Important source of food and art 0 Egg shell rst used for water storage 0 Once it breaks made into beads o Beads made by women 0 Worn as jewelry on garment in hair 0 Important for gift giving symbolizes bonds holding society together Other forms of art 0 Body decoration 0 Clothing 0 Music 0 Dance 0 o C OOOZOOOO OOOOOWOOO 0 San recognize and value beauty 0 Art never used as status symbol no one wants to be the object of envy remember quotarrogancequot San today 0 Life has changed dramatically in last few decades 0 No more foragers 0 Men were recruited to ght with South African Defense Force during 1970s 0 Active removal of San from Central Kalahari Game Reserve late 19905 in 2006 ruled unlawful San art today Painting encouraged in camps to earn money Incorporation of native images with modern ones Replacement of traditional pigments Linocuts ceramics textiles jewelry Some San art is highly valued Ritual Healing Dance OOOOOO


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