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Anthro 201 Art and Society The Inuit Lecture

by: Megan Lester

Anthro 201 Art and Society The Inuit Lecture Anthropology 201

Marketplace > Washington State University > anthropology, evolution, sphr > Anthropology 201 > Anthro 201 Art and Society The Inuit Lecture
Megan Lester
GPA 2.8
Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
Emily Casillas

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About this Document

Anthropology 201 Art and Society: The Inuit Class Lecture Notes
Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
Emily Casillas
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Megan Lester on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anthropology 201 at Washington State University taught by Emily Casillas in Fall 2013. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Washington State University.

Popular in anthropology, evolution, sphr


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Thelnut Inuit North American Arctic o Eskimo Inuit range from western Alaska to Greenland o Aleut occupy the namesake Aleutian islands of the Bering Strait Inuit and Eskimo Two Terms 0 The term quotEskimoquot means quoteater of raw meatquot 0 Now quotInuitquot meaning quotthe peoplequot in native Inuktitut 0 Local peoples are named with the suf x miut which also means quotthe peoplequot 0 For example residents living near the Utokak River are known as quotUtokagmiutquot Inuit o Subsist mainly on sh and sea mammals 0 Dog sleds main form of transport Homes 0 Tent o Qaqmaq o Iqu 0 Double iglu 0 One room 0 Natiq and ikliq Inuit today 0 Generally left alone until Cold War 0 Airbases set up in Arctic Inuit forced to relocate o Staterun school and healthcare access increased population 0 Now largely sedentary lifestyles 0 Christianity dominant Inuit Today 0 Modern homes 0 Still use igloos for camps during hunting Inuit Technology 0 Relatively complex 0 Parka and mukluks boots 0 Kayaks top closed except for the paddler39s perch are easily righted if capsized Inuit Technology 0 Geodesic dome o Igloos afford low wind resistance 0 Ice window provides both light and heat Social Organization 0 Egalitarian o Nomadic o Nuclearfamilies o Emphasis in family relations is control of aggression Cooperation 0 Hunting partners binds households 0 Obligation to share if one household gets a seal 0 Sometimes families strike out on their own a The downside risk of starvation Leadership and Politics 0 They have quotno bosses on top of each otherquot but leaders do emerge when hunting in groups 0 Leadership advisory 0 Male leadership Social Life 0 Warfare is almost nonexistent but has been reported 0 The ideal man quothard working generous who has no wish to place himself above the heads of othersquot 0 Shamans hold important positions in society Con ict and War 0 Overaggressive men are ostracized o Warfare is rare but has happened 0 Issue of con ict extramarital sex Language 0 lnukitut written in two forms Roman alphabet or symbols both created by missionaries during 19th century for the purpose of translating the Bible 0 Alaska only area were the Inuit developed their own system of writing early 20th century muta 0 quotHigh degree of manual and perceptual skillsquot 0 Great memory excellent map makers mutA o Emphasis on portability o Utilitarian items in form of animals 0 Masks lnuit art continued 0 Sewing of clothing and embroidery is women39s art 0 Clothing shows group membership and position in society Basketry and Pottery Carving 0 Men39s art 0 Ivory bone wood Cat39s Cradle 0 Catch the sun and keep it from disappearing 0 Songs sung with it Tattoo 0 Important for women 0 Beautiful attractive Throat singing Only done by women Game who could outlast the other Throat singing link usic and storytelling Storytellers highly respected Dynamic Brings people together Pass on culture myth history Songs that accompanied stories were verbally quotcopyrightedquot torytelling Subject matter focused on animals and hunting ance and ritual Ritual houses karigi Accompanied by drums Poetry dance important quotPoetryquot same word as breath anerca Derived from word for soul 0 Shamans were singers Power to cast spells Ritual and Feasts Winter and Spring December Messenger Feast potlatch Spring whaling festival nalukataq Blanket toss Coming of the sun Inuit aesthetics OOOOUOMOOOOOZOOO 00000 0 Despite vast expanse of cultural area many similarities among groups 0 Inuit art has three integrated aspects 0 Art enhances a person39s life today 0 Art transcends reality 0 Art improves a person39s prospects for tomorrow Enhancement of present life 0 Art makes life more enjoyable o Enjoyment in making and appreciation of art 0 No single term for art takminaktuk quotit is good to look atquot 0 Body adornments to enhance beauty 0 Tattooing for aesthetic and religious purposes 0 Games toys and performing arts Art transcends realityInuit religion 0 Inuit worldview divided world into three realms Supernatural world a Living social world 0 Natural world 0 Shamanism important 0 Men and women created through art 0 Several taboos dictate daily life 0 Art aided in transition between worlds Improvement of prospects o Facial tattoos in uenced the future and linked to a women39s fate after death 0 Ivory carvings used as amulets 0 Natural objects as amulets Signi cance of art 0 Important for social relations 0 Important for recording events and passing on culture Inuit art today 0 Basic components of Inuit culture still underlie art important for heritage and identity 0 Major source of income helps reinforce traditional ways of life 0 19th century Alaska Gold Rush led to commercialization of art Billikins 0 Famous market art 0 Not traditionally Inuit Created by a Kansas City school teacher named for the Billikin Company of Chicago 0 quotthe god of things as they ought to bequot 0 Formerly from ivory Inuit art today 0 Other forms of market art Wooden masks Paintings Baskets As market art increases traditional forms decrease Many artist cooperatives that make carvings from soapstone and serpentine stone cut and linocut paintings 0 Increase in use of details on carvings OOOOO


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