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Ottoman Empire

by: juan gomez

Ottoman Empire Middle East Humanities MENA 160A2

juan gomez
GPA 4.0
Middle Eastern Humanities
Yaseen Noorani

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About this Document

Ottoman Empire Notes
Middle Eastern Humanities
Yaseen Noorani
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by juan gomez on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Middle East Humanities MENA 160A2 at University of Arizona taught by Yaseen Noorani in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Middle Eastern Humanities in Language at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Khayr alDin The Surest Path Ottoman Empire 0 O O O O O Began in 14th century Anatolia Great part of Europe Constantinople 1453 Istanbul Eastern Europe Middle East Millet System Different from modern system seyhiilislam Shaykh allslam Religious scholars gave legal opinions Ottoman state paid them Major gure in government seyhiilislam Janissaries Elite military group Originally slaves High status in the military rich Had enough power to depose the ruler Opposed the changes Group that had an interest in the old system Su orders Opposed the new system Very powerful in the Ottoman Empire European power 16th century Ottoman Empire was the most powerful country in Europe Started to get weaker and European countries became stronger Sick man of Europe National rebellions 19th century 0 Muslims and the West before the 18th century 0 O O The quotWestquot Prestigious nations China big kingdom all the inventions India great production science and math Greek they had the philosophers Franks Spain Crusades Uncivilized group of people in Europe Battle of Lepanto 1571 Ottoman navy was sunk 0 Venice 0 European kingdoms 0 Important Events 0 00000 00000 O 1757 Battle of Plassey East India Company takes over Bengal 17981801 French occupation of Egypt 1831 French colonization of Algeria 1839 Ottoman Tanzimat reforms 1843 most of india under British control 1857 Sepoy rebellion East india company gives way to British crown 1869 opening of Suez canal 1870 s Egypt call for constitutional government 1876 Ottoman constitution 1881 French colonization of Tunisia 18811882 Egypt quotUrabi Revoltquot 1882 British invasion and takeover of Egypt 0 Political Ideas Premodern 0 Individual desires chaos O quotRestrainerquot Political authority Caliph King Sultan Religion King not very admirable or heroic Never questioned to have a king 0 Justice virtue 0 Justice hierarchy 0 Circle ofjustice 0 Chaos or oppression o Beginnings of Modernization 0 Egypt Muhammad Ali ruled 18051849 Army hospitals education industries European advisors private property taxation Established a standing army Established rst hospitals OOOO Tanzimat in Ottoman empire Tunisian rulers in 19th century Printing press Government bureaucracy Arrange society for it to be productive Establish infrastructure 0 Rise of national feeling 0 New political ideas 0 Ideas about family role of women 0 Tanzimat 0 18391876 0 Causes 0 Rights of citizens o Taxation system Directly to the government 0 Equality of citizens Idea that citizens should be equal 0 Law codes criminal commercial 0 Western style courts shrinking of Islamic courts 0 Regional representative assemblies 0 Education 0 Army reorganized conscription draft 0 Western style uniforms for army gov o Abolition of slavery 1847 0 Parliament 1876 Suspended until 1908 0 Social changes 0 quotmiddle classesquot professionals bureaucrats o Centralization of government 0 Schools 0 Communications 0 European economic system 0 Transport 0 European in ux 0 Urban replanning New Ideas 0 Progress Unity of human history Increasing perfection of human life O O O O Increasing perfection of human beings Freedom Freedom within human beings Increases over time progress Constitutional government limitation of ruler Unity of world Greatness and decline of 0 European threat O 0000 O Colonialism European economic system markets etc European traders workers Capitulations Protections of European subjects Economoic treaties o Khayr al Din Pasha 18221890 0 00000000 0 Circassian slave educated in turkey Brought to Tunis as a teenager Court of Ahmad Bey military school Cavalry diplomatic missions 18405 Minister of marine 1857 Lived in Paris Istanbul Wrote the surest path 1867 Chief minister of Tunis 18731877 Chief minister of Ottoman Empire 18781879 1881 Tunis taken over by France 0 Argument 0 00000 0 Europe civilization Sciences and industries Justice and freedom Principles of Shari39a Islamic law Past Muslim power Justice and freedom restriction of the power of the ruler Restrainer shari a public welfare the purpose of the ruler restrainer institution parliament or council justice and freedom lead to prosperity economic growth sciences and learning


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