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Week 1 Notes

by: Taylor Twadelle

Week 1 Notes HSTCMP 269 A

Taylor Twadelle
GPA 3.75
The Holocaust: History and Memory
Christopher Browning

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About this Document

Notes from the week 1 lecture on Thursday 10/1/15
The Holocaust: History and Memory
Christopher Browning
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Twadelle on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HSTCMP 269 A at University of Washington taught by Christopher Browning in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see The Holocaust: History and Memory in History at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Week 1 Thursday 101 HSTCMP 269 A General themes Difference between commemoration vs analysis Political exploitation trump card 0 In support of NeoNazism o In defense of Israel s policies quotcountry on the brink of a second holocaustquot As a historical manmade event product of human behavior Aftermath studies 0 International laws and trials 0 Creating consciousness cinema literature museums etc Historical frameworks German Jewish as an event of world history Terms War crimes violations of international law about what one can do in war 0 Ex killing prisoners doing certain things to populations of occupied territories Crimes against humanity 0 Fourth charge of Nuremberg Trials 0 Wasn39t de ned prior to 19405 overarching term invented to encompass various criminal offenses 0 De ned by int39l law or quotcustoms of civilized nationsquot Ethnic cleansing invented in 19905 by Milosevic Balkan wars 0 Population expulsion getting territory wo the inhabitants Raphael Lemkin 0 Polish jurist invented the term 39genocide39 killing of a particular group Genocide intent of destruction in whole or in part of an ethnic religious or national group 0 UN de nition see above many nd useful for prosecutors for a single event but not for a broad longterm process Product of political compromise in UN political views class etc excluded Sparks competitive victimization to get suffering elevated to 39genocide39 0 Partial no threshold established 0 Cultural forced cultural assimilation 0 Total kill all physically not just erase identity Holocaustholocaust o olocaust experience between 19331945 that culminated in Hitler s attempt to destroy all Jews 0 olocaust generic term for total genocide Historical backdrop Christ Jewish reformer and prophet o Emergence of Christianity as a separate religion distinct from Judaism 0 Paul sought to convert Gentiles people who were notJewish could become Christian 0 Christians seek to differentiate themselves from Jews in Roman Empire don39t want guilt by association 0 Christian triumphalism period during which Gospels are written Language of quotus and themquot Jews are quototherquot quotChristkiller accusationquot 50 years or so AD goes as far as to implicate Jews in cruci xion ofJesus quothequot Pontius Pilate handed quothimquot Jesus over to quotthemquot Jews for cruci xion False accusation Cruci xion was a penalty for political crime only administrated by Romans Teaching of Contempt Christians and Jews are demonizing each other competing as two small monotheistic sects in Roman empire Theology of Supersession Christians put forward that Jesus39 resurrection supersedes Jews39 covenant with God as chosen people 0 Christianity is only path to salvation 4th century Constantine legalizes Christianity and his successors move to make Christianity of cial religion of Roman empire 0 Now an unequal battle between small monotheistic religion and state religion of Roman empire 0 But Judaism is not outlawed unlike other religions polytheism abused mistreated discriminated against but not outlawed During Middle Ages gradual spread of Christianity into Germany Scandinavia etc until nearly entire population of Europe has been Christianized excethews Emergence of antiSemitism o Quarrel no longer solely theological 0 Gavin Langmuir medieval scholar argues antiSemitism was invented in Middle Ages 0 Emergence of broad negative antiJewish stereotype embedded in European culture 0 Langmuir antiSemitism is a form of prejudice Realistic prejudice prediction of what other is going to do based on what you39re doing behavioractions of other is same as yours Xenophobic prejudice quototheringquot of group ta king observable events of some people in group and attributing as characteristic of entire group paints a uniform false negative generalization Key to understanding the anxieties of group making accusation more descriptive of accusers than accused group Chimeric prejudice when people make totally madeup manufactured accusations against outgroup based on no observable behavior Grows from deeplyrooted xenophobic prejudice Way of diagnosing what social ills of society people are worried about Period of modernization anxieties that accompanied rapid growth projected on Jews 0 Usurers cowardly antisocial lnherently inferior broad socially constructed 0 Selfful lling prophecy did not bear arms because they were not allowed to usurers bc they were allowed to collect tax antisocial bc they were sequestered to separate living areas Majority steered behavior of minority in path that reinforced negative stereotypes First Crusade 1096 0 Christian crusaders attacked jewish communities on way to Palestine 0 First mass killing ofjews in Europe Accusations of ritual murderblood libel product of chimeric prejudice o Church39s validation increases credibility o Monarchs begin to resort to expulsion Why no holocaust in Middle Ages 0 Permeable borders people can escape 0 Church set limits okay to discriminate but they will be dealt with by God39s hand


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