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10/12 notes STHM

by: Sara Will

10/12 notes STHM STHM 1113

Sara Will
GPA 3.3
Altschuler, Benjamin

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About this Document

Notes from today Chapter 6 and 8!
Altschuler, Benjamin
Class Notes
25 ?





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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sara Will on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STHM 1113 at Temple University taught by Altschuler, Benjamin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see THE BUSINESS OF LEISURE in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Temple University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
IIOOOOOOOIIIIOIOOOIIIO 101215 NOTES 1246789 Chapter 6 systems and leisure choices SYSTEM 1 AND SYSTEM 2 System 1 marketing What you want Why based on experiences associations emotions quick positive decisions halo effect emotional attachment 2 different vacations cancun and orida if one is appealing emotionallythink about pricepaceactivities this will have halo effect due to emotion attachment Example Crossing road experience says best outcome Do not think just go system 2 marketing bene ts essential for repeat business consider price and place always be enabling Example Long Term thinking business decisions 2030 years down the line LEISURE CHOICES we want leisure with people we relate to have good time best way to make associations LIFE COURSE general progression of life that acknowledges the uniqueness of this progression preparation establishment consolidation and acceptance provides important info into market no longer traditional sexual norms OO OOOOOIIIOIIOIIO Chapter 8 gt big picture larger businesses bigger business opportunity great place to learn and nd rst job low paying can be hard to advance ability to lose capital and rouses to take a hit more money to screw up butmore visibility to socially screw up investment in status quo has money but often risk averse want to keep things stable innovation hard to achieve business is theater all about personal experience not just about entertainment but eliciting a response from audience transformational experience big business has the ability to control environment for its purposes can maximize positive experiences through their control it39s a small world people like small groups leisure business should be working at that level IOOOOOOIIOOOIOIIOOOIIIIO 0000 Exam 2 on 101915 notes 4550 multiple choice questions material up to chapter 9 know case studies leisure theories and representative scenariosdo not know people example what theory explains why basketball game people clap symbols symbolic interaction theory social justice concepts know groups not covered in class normalization diversity leisure as a right scenario pick out what normalization is self determination 45 smaller larger social justice impacted groups we already know need to know more LGBT disabled laws parity between men and women sports law 9 opportunity between disabled americans disabilities act leisure business strategies what makes leisure different no one has to pick a leisure appealing to emotions keyword quality not quantity system 1 and 2 target markets and basics of life cycle plateaus fads viable trends CASE STUDIES IN BOOK scenarios videogame yoga racquetball fail why TARGET SEGMENT NOT CHALLENGING DID NOT CHANGE LIVES leisure decisions and big vs little business


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