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Ch 6 Learning and Performance Management

by: Ashlie Meckley

Ch 6 Learning and Performance Management Mana 3318

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > Business, management > Mana 3318 > Ch 6 Learning and Performance Management
Ashlie Meckley
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin

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About this Document

Book notes and class notes.
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashlie Meckley on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Mana 3318 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Janice Baldwin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Management Organizational Behavior in Business, management at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Ch 6 Consumer Descion Making Lecture Dates September 22nCI to September 24th what are a consumer and a customer and what are the differences between them Consumer Decision Making 0 Consumer Behavior 0 5 steps it can go through doesn39t have too 1 Need Recognition Result of imbalance of actual and desired state 0 Actual Desired Want 0 Recognition of un lled need and looking for product to satisfy Need Recognition 0 Internal 0 Experience inside 0 Ex hunger amp thirst amp pain 0 External 0 In uences from outside 0 Ex billboard amp advertising Want Got Gap 0 Difference want and desired 0 Large enough gap to do something 0 Within reason 0 No need no purchase 3 TVpes of Needs 1 Functional 0 Related to product solves functional problem basis ofneeds 0 Ex clothes tooth paste 2Social o Desire for belonging and social recognition 0 Ex fashionable new bag fancy new car to show off 3Change 0 Consumer want to change complete change 0 Ex new decorations 2 Information Search Internal 0 Inside brain recall from memory and past experiences External 0NonMarketing 0 Product source not associated with marketing 0 No marketing 0 Ex reviews and friends and family 0Marketing 0 Biases trying to sell you product Ris 0 Ex advertising sales promotion labels internet 0 Risk increase increased time to search 0Showrooming 0 Practice at looking at products in store in bu 0 Ex TV fridge clothes 0 Problem store didn39t make purchase Price matching to try and x this problem Sear Ch 6 Learning and Performance Management Lecture Dates September 30th October 5th 0 How we learn active practice 0 Def Learning a change in behavior acquired through experience 1 Classroom 2 Doing 3 Selftaught 0 Classical Conditioning 0 Def Modifying behavior by using a stimulus to bring on an unconditioned response 0 Criticism 1 Humans are more complex then dogs so it wouldn t work on humans 2 Real life is much more complicated then labs 3 Human beings are different then animals because we have free will and can change our minds Operant Conditioning 0 Def Modifying behavior by using positive or negative consequences of specific behavior 0 Dr Scinner 0 Leader of operant conditioning 0 Ethics problems 0 Mice amp electric shock o Maze go wrong way get shocked 0 Made live maze for his daughter to run through and see if it worked on her Reinforcement can be negative or positive 0 Def a strategy to cultivate desirable behavior by wither bestowing positive consequences or withholding negative consequences 0 Def Positive Consequences results of a behavior that a person finds attractive or pleasurable 0 Def Negative Consequences results of a behavior that a person finds unattractive or aversive o Withholding something of value 0 Increase desirable behavior with positive consequences Punishment 0 Def discourages undesirable behavior with negative consequences or withholding positive consequences 0 Extinction usually used with children 0 Def Weaken behavior by attaching no consequence to it 0 Two new areas of research 1 Social Learning Theory 0 Positive 0 Def Task specific selfefficacyIndividual s internal expectancy to perform a specific task effectively 0 Learning occurs by observing others amp modeling their behaviors Negative 0 Child research 2 Cognitive Theories Whole is greater than a part 0 Goal Setting at work 0 Def Process of establishing desired result that guide and direct behavior 0 Functions Increase work motivation higher goal higher performance and task performance Reduce role stress associated with conflicting or confusing situations ambiguity leads to conflict Improve accuracy and validity of performance evaluation 0 Validity direct relation to job description amp performance 0 Management by obiectives MBO 2 3 Def goal setting program based on interaction and negotiation between employees and managers Performance appraisal instrument 0 Def evaluations of a person s performance 2 vital parts 0 Planning and evaluation All levels have to be involved in planning starting with management each year Regular communication by supervisor amp employee at least one a quarter 0 Rewarding Performance can be demotivator if promote or raise pay of slacker o Correcting poor work performance 1 2 3 Def Performance Management a process of defining measuring appraising providing feedback on and improving performance Identify primary cause not symptom or responsibility Determine problems source employee or company Develop corrective plan of action 0 Kelley s Attribution Theory managers drawing conclusion off observation Consensus 0 Def information cue indicating the extent to which peers in the same situation behave in a similar fashion 0 Supervisor compared current event with employee to others employees 0 Ex john acting differently from his peers today Distinctiveness 0 Def informational cue indicating the degree to which an individual behaves the same way in other situations 0 Behavior with how he has acted in similar situation in past 0 Ex has Susie acted this way before Consistency 0 Def informational cue indicating the frequency of behavior over time 0 Behavior current events over time 0 Ex how often has Mark acted this in last 3 months 0 Mentoring Def Work relationship that encourages development and career enhancement for people moving through the career cycle Formal program upper management No program learn from management


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