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Week of October 5th

by: Iliana Elias

Week of October 5th BIO 106 - M001

Iliana Elias
GPA 3.75
Ocean Life
S. Parks

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About this Document

Ocean Life
S. Parks
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Iliana Elias on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 106 - M001 at Syracuse University taught by S. Parks in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see Ocean Life in Biology at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
MARINE PLANTS Autotrophic vs Heterotrophic Autotrophs producers in the food Are marine seawee js chain plants Heterotrophs consumers in the NOt a de n39t39ve food chain claSSIfIcation What is a plant 0 Autotrophs BUT not all autotrophs are plants Endosymbiosis o Chloroplast enters Eukaryotic cell develops phagosomal membrane double membrane Marine Autotrophs Primary endosymbionts 0 Green algae 0 Red algae Algae seaweed 0 Parts of seaweed in comparison to plants holdfast root stipe branch frond stem blades leaves 0 Why is it important Food Carrageenan algae extract makes things thicker o 3 main types chlorophyta green often found in shallow water 0 sea lettuce dominant species in intertidal pools tolerant of salinity amp temp changes bright green and thing fronds sailor s eyeballs found in tropical areas 0 most ancient rodophyta red their color comes from the absorbing of blue light 0 most diverse group 0 common in cooler waters coralline red algae found in tropical waters 0 major food products irish moss dulse Nori phaeophta brown color comes from absorption of blue green to yellowgreen light 0 need a lot of nutrients to grow abundant is cooler waters 0 Giant sea kelp grow up to 24in 60cm a day Motile or swimming zoospores Light and Depth 0 Distribution of algae determined by light levels 0 At lower light levels pigment concentration increases MARINE PLANTS 0 Typically don t grow below 30m but in clear water they can be found down to 100m 0 Coastal plants 0 Palm trees 0 Intertidal plants 0 Salt marsh grasses special tissue shed excess salt Mangrove adaptations 0 Similar to salt marshes tissue sheds excess salt 0 Find salt crystals on the backside of their leaves 0 Exchange gases through roots and leaves Primary conservation issues 0 Coastal run off 0 Ocean acidi cation 0 Habitat destruction DOCUMENT TITLE Importance of Plankton o Plankton make up the base of the marine food chains on the planet 0 They contribute a major portion of the oxygen you breathe Dominant autotrophs 95 What are Plankton Classi cation of a species doesn t tell you if it s a plankton Classi ed by habitat and motility Unable to swim against currents Able to adjust buoyancy Diverse in appearance cocopods most interesting looking Separated into categories based on size 0 Femtoplankton viruses produce most of the DOM in the ocean o Picoplankton archaea and bacteria 0 Nanoplankton you can see with your eye start of phytoplankton o Microplankton most of the rest of phyto start of 200 major divisions autotrophs vs heterotrophs 0 Two Siphonophores Longest animal on the planet Clonal organism Food web connection between different organism that eat each other Terrestrial vs Marine Primary Productivity More total primary production on land than in the oceans but most productive habitats are coastal marine habitats Epipelagic Biology plankton Old method using nets problem was it missed many types of plankton New technique 0 MOCHNESS a mult openingclosing net and environmental sensing system open at different levels of the water to observe the plankton at each level 0 video plankton recorder underwater video microscope takes snapshots when particles pass the camera Primary Producers 0 Cyanobacteria bacteria NOT algae 0 Tiny architects of the earth s atmosphere 0 Prochlorococcus 50 of oxygen production 0 Millions in a single drop of water Dino agellates 0 Both marine and freshwater species 0 Some species responsible for 39red tide due to potentially harmful toxins DOCUMENT TITLE 0 Diatoms Coccolithophores 0 Major phyto in temperate subtropical oceans o Armorlike plates 0 Healthy when exposed to plenty of acidi cation Satellites used to measure phytoplankton blooms Zooplankton heterotrophs o Foraminifera 0 Fish larva start as plankton and turn into something else Radiolarian Copepods o JeHy sh Other crustaceans krill Noncrustaceans salps larvaceans chaetognaths arrow worms Meroplankton larval stages abundant in coastal waters Holoplankton spends entire life as plankton Euphausiid copepod amphipod How do Plankton stay near the surface 0 Body shape resists sinking Buoyancy adjustment gas lled sacs oil droplets Migration of zooplankton o Might migrate to follow their food avoid predation avoid very strong light energy conservation Clicker questions Single most productive habitat open ocean Example of meroplankton crab larvae Diatoms are likely to experience problems from ocean acidi cation false


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