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Week 7 notes

by: Emmanuel Ayanjoke

Week 7 notes PHYS 1750

Emmanuel Ayanjoke
GPA 3.8
Introduction to Physics
Dr. Lawrence Anderson

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About this Document

Introduction to Physics
Dr. Lawrence Anderson
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emmanuel Ayanjoke on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 1750 at University of Toledo taught by Dr. Lawrence Anderson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Physics in Physics 2 at University of Toledo.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Week 7 notes Harmonic Motion Definition of terms Harmonic motion is an oscillatory motion under a retarding terce proportional to the amount of displacement tram an equilibrium positien Circular motion is a movement at an object along the circumference of e circle or rotation along a circular path Angular Speed is defined as the time rate of change of angular displacement Angular emplacement is the angle in radians degrees revolutions through which 1 point or tine has been rotated in a Specified sense about a specified axis Angular acceleration is a quantitative expression of the change i n angular velocity that a spinning object undergoes per unit time It can also be clled retetienel acceleration Centripetl acceleration is the velocity change with respect to time that is constant when an object undergoes circular motion Daariving 1mg formula for Congeriteration of energy for a Spring A wig mwz Ll 2 U Cora gmda 2 49ng WQQM t ma a11 Vt quot M 4 g mm auxaw m Twice a I 0 a i da e 0quot 3 pm 1 Ff S i wk 3 Pk 133 f r Lu 3 I a It i 53 r a L f Vi in It r 5 1 r I g39 I iii I 39 11 I 1311 139 gt H I m L 7 f KL f i i i l jquot quotTr 1 arm m j 9 M HFMQI mi 39hvt M1 Im w Might Va Finmi 0d 05 U quotEMEM wimts mi a4 wwij if va Ed Ham 010 3 P 0339 Waves DefiniTien of Terms waves are any regularly recurring event such as surf coming in Toward a beach ThaT can be ThoughT of as a disTurbance moving Through a medium They are characTerized by wavelengTh frequency and The speed aT which They move LangiTuclinal wave is a wave ThaT is prapagaTed in The same dir39ecTian as The d39i39splacemenT of The TransmiTTing medium A Transverse wave is a wave in which parTides of The medium move in a direcTion perpendicular To The direcTian ThaT The wave moves PWaves39 These are compressional waves ThaT are longiTudinal in naTure They are also called Primary wavee The speed of P waves is greaTer Than aTher waves They are called The primary waves as They are The firsT To arrive during The earThquake because of large velaciTyp SWaves waves ThaT Travel Through The surface of The earTh The speed of surface wave is less Than body waves This is The mosT dangerous and desTru39cTive Type of desTrucTive wave due To The long Time period larger ampliTude and law frequency The effed ar sTrengTh of These waves diminish as They move away from The Surface Superpasi Tioa simply means whenever Twa ar39 more waves Travelling Through The same medium aT The same Time The waves pass Through each aTher wiThouT being disTurbed The neT displacemenT of The medium eT anyquot painT in space or Time is simply The sum af The individual wave displacemehTs ConsTrucTive inTerference The i39nTer ferenee of Two or more waves of equal frequency and phase resulTing i n Their muTuai reinforcemenT and producing at single empliTude equa l To The sum of The ampliiTudes of The individual waves DesTrucTive i nTerTerence The inTer ference of Two waves of equai frequency and opposiTe phase resulTing in Their canceileTion where The negnTive disPIacemenT If one aiways coincides Wi39i39i39i The posiTive displacemenT of The oThen Phase is defined as The diS Tance beTween The firsT zero crossing and The puinT in space defined as The origin STending wave also known as sTaTionary wave IT is a wave in a medium in which each poinT on The axis of The wave has an associqTed consTanT a mp iiTude BeaTsi a phenomenon T39th occurs when Two sound waves of differenT frequency approach your ear The eiTernaTing consTr39ucTive and desTrucTive inTerfer ence causes The sound is alTerneTiveiy sofT and loud HEAVEN LY SOLUTIONS 15200 w 8 MiLE 100 OAK PARK Ml 43237 INVOICE 1065 DATE 106115 DUE DATE 107f15 BILL TO Akegun investments 30 North franklin Hempstead New York 11743 ESCRIPT IION 8490 Auburn Electric with Extra xture and socket pictures 150000 TOTAL 1 50000


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