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Ch 6- Birth Control

by: Abigail Sanders

Ch 6- Birth Control 82679 - PSYC 3060 - 001

Abigail Sanders
GPA 3.8
Human Sexual Behavior
Bruce Michael King

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About this Document

These are the detailed notes on Chapter 6 on Birth Control. The notes cover everything we discussed in class plus extra notes from the book. I hope this is helpful!
Human Sexual Behavior
Bruce Michael King
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abigail Sanders on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 82679 - PSYC 3060 - 001 at Clemson University taught by Bruce Michael King in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Human Sexual Behavior in Psychlogy at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Chapter 6 Birth Control 0 About half of pregnancies to teenagers in the US are unintended 0 Contraception the prevention of conception 0 Perfectuse pregnancy rate the percentage of pregnancies during the first year of use by couples who use the technique properly and consistently 0 Typicaluse pregnancy the percentage of pregnancies during the first year of use y all couples who use the technique regardless of whether or not they use it properly or consistently CONTRACETPIVE MYTHS 0 If a man drinks Mountain Dew before sex it reduces his sperm count 0 If a woman douches with Coke or ice water afterwards she cannot get pregnant 0 Woman cannot get pregnant if she is on top or if she has sex standing up RELATIVELY INEFFECTIVE METHODS 0 Withdrawal coitus interruptus man withdraws his penis just before reaching organism and ejaculates outside his partner s vagina 0 Douching feminine hygiene practice of rinsing out the vagina ASTAINING FROM SEX 0 The most effective way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy is to abstain from sexual intercourse LACTATIONAL AMENORRHEA METHOD 0 Lactational amenorrhea method breastfeeding works by breastfeeding inhibiting FSH and LH 0 Fully breastfeeding during the first 6 months FERTILITY AWARENESS AB STAINING FROM SEX DURING OVULATION 0 Fertility awareness method rhythm methodnatural family planning 0 Religious beliefs Catholic 0 Fertility awareness is based on predicting when ovulation occurs 0 A woman can only get pregnant when sperm are present during the first 24 hours or so after ovulation 0 Sperm can live in a Fallopian tube for several days most do not live for more than 3 days 0 In a woman with perfect 28day cycle ovulation would be at midcycle 0 Calendar Method and Standard Days Methods calculates the unsafe period 0 A woman has to keep track of the length of her menstrual cycles for a minimum of six cycles 0 Subtract 18 from the length of the shortest cycle and 11 from the length of the longest cycle unsafe period would be inbetween those days 0 Standard Days Method avoid unprotect sex during days 819 0 Billings Method most widely used attempts to pinpoint the time of ovulation by noting changes in the consistency of a woman s cervical mucus 0 Woman notes changes with a finger test 0 Symptothermal Method combines the Billings method with measurements of basal resting body temperature BBT O A woman s BBT rises by at least 04 degrees about the time of ovulation and stays there for at least 10 days 0 Take temperature at same time everyday 0 The average period of abstinence for all of the fertility awareness methods is 12 to 17 days per cycle SPERMICIDES SUBSTANCES THAT KIM SPERM 0 Kills sperm used in combination with a barrier method of contraception 0 Foams jellies creams film tablets 0 Placed in the back of the vagina shortly before sex BARRIER METHODS PREVENTING SPERM FROM METTING EGG 0 Block sperm from getting into the uterus or vagina 0 Male Condoms rubbers 0 Made of latex rubber lamb intestine polyurethane or synthetic elastomers Rubber condoms prevent the spread of STIs Unroll it on the penis Hold on to the base of the condom when you are finished and withdraw Use only once Check the expiration date Do not use with oil lotion vaseline or other petroleum jellies 0 Many men don t use them because they are too embarrassed to buy them 0 Female Condom an intravaginal pouch 7inlong bad that is help in place in the vagina 000000 by two exible rings 0 Causes noise during intercourse 0 Diaphragm large domeshaped rubber cup with a exible rim that fits over the cervix 000 0 Woman has to be fitted by a doctor distance between cervix and pubic bone Used with jelly on the inside part of the diaphragm and rim Insert 3 hours in before sex Leave in for 68 hours after sex I Cervical Cap and FemCap 0 00000 O Cervical cap made of latex rubber smaller than diaphragm Used with small about of spermicide Fits over the cervix by suction Fitted by a doctor Left in for 24 hours FemCap made of silicone 48 hours 68 hours before sex I Contraceptive Sponge O O 0 Blocks the cervical opening and kills sperm One size sold without prescription Effective for 24 hours THE PILL PATCH RING AND SHOT I Oral Contraception birth control pill O O O O 0 Take pill every day at the same time Combination pills contain estrogen and progesterone Taken for 21 days and discontinued for 7 days to permit menstrual bleeding Seasonale taken for 84 days 4 periods a year Negative side effects and health risks I Symptoms same as early pregnancy when first take the pill I Older than 35 and smoke have high risk for blood clot stroke heart attack Health benefits I Decreased risk of cancer of the endometrium and cancer of the ovaries I Decrease in the number of breast tumors ovarian cysts pelvic in ammatory disease I Reduce menstrual related problems I Women who have taken the birth control pill have a lower rate of death from any cause I The Patch and the Ring 0 O OrthoEvra 20 squarecm patch that you apply to the skin Lasts for 1 week 3 patches are followed by a patchfree week during period 0 More women remember to change patch than take the pill O NuvaRing clear exible ring that is inserted into the vagina and worn for 3 weeks then week free for period 0 Injectable Contraception The Shot 0 DepoProvera an injectable drug containing a progestin 0 Shot every 3 months 0 Safe alternative for a women who should not take estrogen 0 Side effects I Irregularities in menstrual bleeding and weight gain EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION 0 Plan B OneStep Next Choice progestinonly emergency contraception product 0 50 effective if taken within 3 days 0 Ella 65 effective for up to 5 days after unprotected sex 0 Nonserious side effects 0 Nausea headache breast tenderness 0 The most effective method of emergency contraception is implantation of a copper IUD 0 Emergency contraception is not an abortion not the same as the abortion pill LONGACTING REVERSIBLE CONTRACEPTION 0 IUD small device of various shapes that is placed into the uterus by a doctor 0 Copper effective for 10 to 12 years increases vaginal bleeding 0 Mirena effective for 5 to 7 years decreases vaginal bleeding 0 String attached that protrudes from the cervix into the vagina so that women can check to see if their IUD is still in place 0 Hormone Implants Nexplanon single rod that contains progestin and remains active for 3 years 0 Inserted under the skin usually on the inside of a woman s upper arm 0 Side effect irregular vaginal bleeding VOLUNTARY STERILIZATION 0 The most commonly used method of contraception worldwide 0 Men 0 Vasectomoy Vas deferens is tied off and cut O Vasclip Plastic clamp that snaps on the vas deferens to black sperm ow 0 Other means of contraception should be used for 3 months and until the man has had 20 ejaculations 0 Women tubal sterilization O Transabdominal Fallopian tubes are cut tied or blocked With clips 0 TranscerVical no incisions deVice placed into the Fallopian tubes 0 A woman may engage in sexual intercourse as soon as she feels the desire to do so 0 Reversal O No guarantee of success 0 Success depends on the length of time since the surgery


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