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Ch 7- Pregnancy & Childbirth

by: Abigail Sanders

Ch 7- Pregnancy & Childbirth 82679 - PSYC 3060 - 001

Abigail Sanders
GPA 3.8
Human Sexual Behavior
Bruce Michael King

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About this Document

These are the notes on Pregnancy and Childbirth that we are required to know for Exam 2. Note we are not required to know everything in Chapter 7.
Human Sexual Behavior
Bruce Michael King
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abigail Sanders on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 82679 - PSYC 3060 - 001 at Clemson University taught by Bruce Michael King in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Human Sexual Behavior in Psychlogy at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
Chapter 7 Pregnancy and Childbirth CONCEPTION AND IMPLANTATION Capacitation a process that sperm undergo while traveling through the woman s reproductive tract in which their membranes become thin enough so that an enzyme can be released to soften the egg s outer layers The egg sends out tiny projections and pulls one sperm to its surface the zona pellucida That sperm secretes the enzyme and penetrates the egg s surface and conception takes place Conception the union of an egg and a sperm Zygote the onecelled organism created from the fusion of a sperm and egg The zygote splits into two separate cells then four then eight and so on Morula the collection of cells formed when the zygote begins rapid cell division Blastocyst when the conceptus has about 100 cells it has developed a uidfilled center Implantation the process by which the blastocyst attaches itself to the wall of the uterus by this time the endometrium has a large supply of blood that can serve as a source of nutrients and oxygen The blastocyst is now called an embryo it is called a fetus at about 8 weeks PREGNANCY First sign of pregnancy missed period To determine if a woman is actually pregnant they take a pregnancy test The test works by determining if a hormone secreted by the placenta HCG is presented in a woman s urine HCG hormone released after implantation Tests that measure HCG in blood can detect if a woman is pregnant SEXUAL INTERCOURSE DURING PREGNANCY General reasons for a declining interest in sex during pregnancy 0 Physical discomfort man on top 0 Women feel that they no longer appear attractive 0 Fear about the pregnancy or harming the fetus EFFECTS DURING PREGNANCY 0 Smoking 0 Associated with an increase in the risk of having a lowbirth weight baby and increases the risk of miscarriages preterm births infant mortality death 0 At least double the risk that their baby will die of sudden infant death syndrome 0 Alcohol 0 Causes physical deformities andor mental retardations fetal alcohol syndrome 0 Facial deformities spaced eyes small heads 0 Maximum effect on the developing fetus in the 3rd week of pregnancy 0 NarcoticsDrugs O The addicted infants must go through withdrawal after being born showing symptoms such as fever tremors convulsions and difficulty breathing O Cocaine slow growth preterm birth small head 0 Other Drugs 0 Prescription drugs antibiotics O Aspirin O Caffeine reduce birth weight 0 Vitamin A SEXUAL INTERCOUSE AFTER CHILDBIRTH 0 Most physicians advice sex not be resumed until 46 weeks after the birth 0 Postpartum depression often results in reduced sexual relations after childbirth 0 Women worry about their sexuality because of decreased satisfaction with their bodies 0 The stress of being a new parent negatively affects a couple s sexual relations 0 For women relationship satisfaction and fatigue are good predictors of a woman s sexual desire after childbirth 0 Despite these concerns couples do resume sex an average of 7 weeks after childbirth INFERTILITY 0 Infertility the inability of a couple to conceive Within a certain time period 0 Men 0 Low sperm count I Arti cial insemination method of treating infertility caused by a low sperm count in men Sperm are collected during several ejaculations and then inserted into the partner s vagina at the time of ovulation I Sperm stored by freezing I Intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI injection of a single sperm directly into an egg 0 Blockage of a man s duct system I Surgery to unblock duct system 0 Women 0 Failure to release eggs ovulate I Fertility drugs I Good diet I A woman s egg and a man s sperm put together in the same dish and then but back into the woman 0 Blockage of the Fallopian tubes


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