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Appendicular Bones and Muscles

by: Kasandra Strunk

Appendicular Bones and Muscles BIOL 103 - 07

Marketplace > University of Indianapolis > Biology > BIOL 103 - 07 > Appendicular Bones and Muscles
Kasandra Strunk
Principles of Human Anatomy
Nelson H. Kraus

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About this Document

Principles of Human Anatomy
Nelson H. Kraus
Class Notes
appendicular, bones, Muscles, Shoulder, forearm, scapula, clavicle
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kasandra Strunk on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 103 - 07 at University of Indianapolis taught by Nelson H. Kraus in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Principles of Human Anatomy in Biology at University of Indianapolis.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
The Pectoral Girdle Bones Sunday October 11 2015 744 PM The clavicle is the only connection between the pectoral girdle and the axial skeleton Clavicle Sternal end 0 pyramidal o articulates with manubrium of sternum Acromial end 0 broad and flattened o Articulates with acromion of scapula o Acromioclavicular joint Superiorsurfacesmooth nferiorsurface roughed Conoid tubercle interior surface ofacromial end Costal tubercle inferior prominence of sternal end Scapula Triangular shoulder blade Spine o Posterior ridge 0 Continuous with acromion Acromion bonytip ofshoulder Coracoid process 0 Smaller anterior o Hooked shaped projection I Muscle attachment 0 Superior border 0 Horizontal edge 0 Superior to spine of scapula Medial border 0 Edge closest to vertebrae 0 Lateral border closest to axilla Suprascapular notch foramen passage of suprascapular nerves and blood vessels 0 Superior angle between superior and medial border Inferior angle between medial and lateral border 0 Lateral angle made up of glenoid cavity cup shaped o Glenoid cavity articulates with humerus Bones of Upper Limbs 1 humerus 1 radius 0 1 ulna 8 carpals 5metacarpals 14phalanges Ulna and Radius Olecranon articulates with the olecranon fossa to form bump ofthe elbow Coronoid process inferior lip of trochlear notch Interosseous membrane composed of dense regular connective tissue Carpals Metacarpals and Phalanges Proximal row lateral to medial o Scaphoid o Lunate o Triquetrum o Psisform Distal row lateral to medial o Trapezium o Trapezoid o Capitate o Hamate Upper Extremity Muscles Monday October 12 2015 1107 AM Muscles that move elbow jointforearm Anterior Compartment contains elbow flexors flexor compartment 0 Biceps brachii Posterior Compartment contains elbow extensors extensor compartment 0 Triceps brachii Muscles ofAnterior Compartment Biceps brachii anterior surface of humerus Brachialis deep to biceps brachii 39 Most powerful flexor Brachioradialis anterolateral surface III Synergistic in elbow flexion All three muscles form a synergistic group Muscles of Posterior Compartment Triceps brachii o 3 headed 0 Common insertion on the olecranon of the ulna Muscles that move the wrist hand and fingers forearm Anterior Compartment 0 Originate on medial epicondyle of humerus via common flexor tendon 0 Flex the metacarpophalangeal joint MP wristjoint Muscles of Forearm Anterior Compartment Superficial layer 0 Intermediate layer Deeplayer Superficial and intermediate are on the medial epicondyle Deep layer in on the bones of theforearm Superficial Layer Lateral to Medial o Pronatorteres o Flexor carpi radialis I Flexes wrist and abducts hand 0 Palmaris longus I Assists in wrist flexon I Absentin some 0 Flexor carpi ulnaris I Flexes wrist I Abducts hand at wrist Intermediate Layer 0 Flexor digitorum superficialis I Splits into 4 tendons I Inserts on middle phalanges 25 I Flexes wrist MP PIP I canNOT move DIPjoints Deep Layer 0 Flexor poilicis longus I Distal thumb I Flexes MPamp IPjoints o Flexor digitorum profundus I 4tendons I Distal phalanges 25 I MP PPDP o Pronatorquadratus Forearm Posterior Compartment Wrist and Arm flexors Superficial layer originates in common extensor tendon III Lateral epicondyle of humerus o extensor carpi radialis longus I Extends wrist amp abducts hands 0 Extensor carpi radialis brevis I Works synergistically with above 0 Extensor digitorium I Splits into 4 tendons I Inserts on distal phalanges 25 I Extends wrist MPjoints PPjoints DP joints of 25 0 Extensordigiti minimi 39 Attaches to distal phalanx of pinky o Extensor carpi ulnaris 39 Inserts on fifth metacarpal bone 39 Extends wrist and adducts hand 0 Deep layer Weakly extends wrist o Abductorpollicis longus abducts thumb o Extensor pollicis brevis attaches to proximal phalanx ofthumb o Extensor pollicis longus 39 inserts distal phalanx ofthumb I Extends MP P joints of thumb o Extensor indicis extends MPPP and DIP of index finger Intrinsic Muslces ofthe Hand 0 Three groups 0 Thenar o Hypothenar o Midpalmer Small flexors flex thumb and little finger o Flexor pollicis brevis thenar o Flexor digit minim brevis hypothenar Abductors abductthumb and little finger o Abductorpollicis brevis o Abductordigiti minimi Muscles that move the Shoulder Latissimus dorsi broad triangular inferior back 0 Extensor adducts medial rotation Pectoralis major fan shaped covers superior part ofthorax o Flexon adducts medial rotation Deltoid prime abductor rounded contour ofshoulder Coracobrachialis synergist to pectoral major Teres major synergistically with latissmus dorsi to extend adducts medial rotates Rotator cuff muscles Strength and stability of shoulder o Subscapularis o Supraspinatus o nfraspinatus o Teres minor Pectoral Girdle Muscles Pectoralis minor 0 Deep to major o Depress and protract scapula Serratus Anterior o Scapula protraction o Stabilze scapula Subclavius stabilze and depress clavicle Levator scapulae elevate scapula Rhomboid majoramp minor elevate and adduct scapula Trapezius elevate depress retract or rotate scapula


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