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Week 7 Notes

by: Alyson Hankins

Week 7 Notes History 1200

Alyson Hankins
Survey of American History Since 1865

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About this Document

Survey of American History Since 1865
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyson Hankins on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 1200 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Survey of American History Since 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Tuesday October 6 2015 American History Lecture Short answer structure midterm 46 sentences per paragraph ex what was the Haymarket affair and how did it impact the labor movement of the 1880s Bring a BLUE BOOK lined paper packet World war 1 and the wilsonian movement Archduke Franz Ferdinand June 28 Black hand ambushed Franz Ferdinand AstroHungary declared war on Serbia Also known as the Great War Death of 10 million soldiers 19141918 US was neutral until mid 1917 Wilson has a moral diplomacy idea Path to war Sinking of Lusitania by German Uboat kills over 100 Americans In response America initiates preparedness campaign to bolster military forces creation of national defense act and council of national defense Wilson aims for peace without victory hoping to broker deal between Allied powers Great Britain France Russia and Central Powers Germany Astro Hungary and Ottoman Empire US enters war on side of Allies after Germany resumes unrestricted submarine warfare and sends Zimmerman Telegram Wilson s 14 Points Free trade Tuesday October 6 2015 Freedom of the seas Open covenants Reduction in Armaments Selfdetermination Formation of a general association of nations Bernard Baruch and war industries board Liberty bond loan of money to the government with interest Committee of public information CPI 4 minute men Movies meant to show patriotic enthusiasm Wartime repression Espionage act 1917 unlawful to make false statements that hurt war effort also allows for government censorship of mail Sedition act 1918 criminalizes political opposition Dissenters can be sentenced to prison for being critical of government Socialist leaders Eugene Debs serves time for having spoken out against the war Widespread harassment of antiwar radical groups The industrial workers of the world is stamped out GermanAmericans suffer discrimination and harassment Great migration Rural south to urban north Chicago race riot 1919 Treaty of Versailles The big three in paris David Lloyd George Britain Georges Clemenceau France Woodrow Wilson US Tuesday October 6 2015 The crisis of 1919 Many disappointed with the treaty of versailles which fails to live up to the lofty promises of wilson s 14 points The end of world war 1 unleashes social unrest and upheaval string of race riots labor conflicts and even bombings Wave of labor strikes Workers expectations raised by lofty promises of wartime rhetoric see end of conflict as opportunity to press for gains But many political elites fearing the influence of Bolshevik communism view these acts as evidence of oncoming revolution Conservative backlash ripples throughout US society exemplified by the Red Scare A clash of cultures America in the 1920 s Anglosaxonism Native born Americans largely of English and northern European descent increasingly identify as White AngloSaxon Protestants or WASPs Attempt to differentiate old stock Europe from the new immigrants from southern and eastern Europe Wanted to reassert its dominance in the US Some Americans openly resisted this Nativism and the new immigrants Calls for 100 percent Americanism during WW1 an attempt to foster a more homogenous national culture based on behavior and values of anglosaxon elite Nativists warn of dangers of hyphenated Americans germanamericans Italian Americans etc Massive social campaign to Americanize the new immigrants led by people like Henry Ford and his national americanization committee Melting pot adopting the language habits and values of americans Racial nationalism Scientific racism based on belief that there were identifiable biological differences between human populations and that these distinctions allowed scientists to categorize mankind into races Tuesday October 6 2015 Almost always implied a racial hierarchy defined by superior and inferior races Examples of scientific racism Madison Grant s The Passing of the Great Race and the original IQ test Eugenics Late 1910s and 1920s heyday of Eugenics Movement Eugenics movement aims to identify particular racial characteristics through scientific analysis Social engineering component for the good of the nation and all of humanity it was desirable to stop biologically inferior specimens from engaging in reproduction Many states pass sterilization laws Practice upheld by the Supreme Court in Buck v Bell 1927 Calvin Coolidge said America must stay American Immigration act of 1924 Set strict quotas on the number of people that can immigrate from each country Heavily discriminates against southern and eastern Europe Totally cuts off immigration from Asia Billy Sunday and fundamentalism Scopestnal Clarence Darros William Jennings Bryan Prohibition Part of fundamentalist protestants crusade against moral evils of alcohol Also seen as a way to control New Immigrants making them more efficient workers ad less rowdy soldiers Passage pf 18th amendment in 1920 outlawing the manufacture and sale of alcohol The 2nd Ku Klux Klan Tuesday October 6 2015 The Klan gathered together all the seething currents of the postwar reaction nativism isolationism antiradicalism white supremacy male dominance and Protestant moralism Claimed over 3 million members Lynching of Leo Frank Was a factory superintendent in Atlanta GA who was accused and eventually convicted of raping and murdering his 13 year old employee Mary Phagan Instead of getting the death sentence he was issued life in prison KKK didn t like that but ended up hanging him before he was moved to prison Randolph Bourne and TransNational America Horace Kallen and Cultural Pluralism


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