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by: Elmer Hagenes


Elmer Hagenes
Fashion Institute of Technology
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elmer Hagenes on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IN 312 at Fashion Institute of Technology taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/221577/in-312-fashion-institute-of-technology in Civil Engineering at Fashion Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
m N312 International Trade Chapter 4 Trade Barriers amp Regulations Department or rrrterrratrorrar Trade amp Marketing WM mtp vvvvw3 FiTnyC eduiTM Chapter 4 Trade Barriers amp Regulation The Evolution of Trade Globalization Countries 14001865 Colonialism 18661914 Golden Era Companies 19151945 Keynesian revolution 19461989 GA I39I39 MFA 19902000 WTO outsourcing Individuals 2001Present Global markets Chapter 4 Trade Barriers amp Regulation Protecting Trade Customs services Harmonized System HS World Customs Organization WCO Tariffs Specific Ad Valorem Effective SIdeg What s the Transaction Value SIdew Free Trade Zones FTZs Non Iallrr Barriers labeling exchange rates subsidies VERs etc Quotas Examples of Tariffs PRODUCT RATE OF DUTY Specific Tariffs Chickens ducks turkeys 002 each Cattle 1550 Kg or more 0007 per kg Ad Tariffs Reptile leather luggage 85 ad vaorem Women s raincoats 89 ad valorem Combined Tariffs Baby sweaters of wool 0318 per kg 144 ad Men s M v made fiber 0248 per kg 127 ad Going Global page 93 Transaction Value Price of goods when sold for export or Import Value FREE ON BOARD COSTINSURANCEFREIGHT FOB CIF Value of good when loaded on Value of good when it arrives to carrier to leave exporting country importing country Seller pays for freight to the Makes transaction value higher carrier Used by the European Union Cost of freight to the carrier is inCIUded on prOdUCt price Hence European retail prices of imports ten to be higher than US s Used by the US Going Global page 94 Chapter 4 7 Trade Barriers amp Regulation 5 Trade Ag reements Agreements bilateral regional multilateral General Agreements of Tariffs amp Trade GATT 19471994 Multifiber Arrangement MFA 19741994 i teral agreements Square H Equivalent SYE now SME Aggregate Ceiling Quota management a Swin 9 using an unused Mota categmy for another oateg e Carryaover use unused quota next year 7 Carryaforward borrow from next year quota to this year World Trade Organization VVTO K1994 VVTO Agreement on Textiles amp Clothing ATC 19952004 A PostQuota world General Agreement on Tariffs amp Trade GATT was created in 1947 to liberalize trade using a multilateral aggroach 120 contracting partners plus associate subscribers 3O Em L 15 ost Favored Nation Protection through tariff 3 A stable basis For trade 4 Quotas are prohibited MFN Trade Wo discrimination Instead of other barriers Agreed upon tariffs are binding But permitted under some circumstances Developing countries used 2 tools to continue restricting TampA irnports 1 Irnport substitution policies 2 A Balance of Payment provision of GAI I article XVIII WTO Ministerial Conference General Council meeting as General EDIInc mean S 35 Dispute Settlement Body Trade Posluii39 Re39ll39lem o I General Council ppellaite Body Dispute Settlement panels committee on I I r Trade and Enid ronment Council For 0quot 339 or Council for Trade in Good Trade 93931quot Jumped 0r Trade in Services Trade and DEVElC39Pmenquot Intellectual Property Soo Commi tree on Leas t Rights Dare pr Coun tries Committee on Committee on Regmnal Trade Agreements E rket Access Trade in Financial Se ruices Balance of Payments Restrictions ngr1culture Spec1 c comm1tments Budget Finance and Sanita r and Phytosanitarg Neasu res Mmimstrahon mthnical Barriers to Trade 39w orlung partle on Domestic Re ulation Sub51d1es and countervailing Measures 3 mrklng parties on em Rules AntiDumping Practices Accession Customs Valuation Plurllatelals Whrklns STOIIPI 039 quot4135 OfDF39IS n Trade in Civil Aircraft Committee Trade debt and nance Impo rt Licensing cue rnment Procurement Committee Trade and tEChnC39lOS39EI Trade Related Investment Measures transfer Inactive safegu rds Doha Development Agenda THE and its bodies Relationship between Trade Ne minions 39 O I O C e and Investment mrk39ng Party on to If e Interaction between Trade StateTrading Enterprises Competition polio Spetlal senon of Services Council I TRIPS Council I39 Dispute Settlement Trans arenc in I omfnmentyprocurementj Body 939 Agriculture Committee and Cd tron Committee a e an eveloprnent Committee I Plurilatem Trade and Environment Committee Information Technology negotiating group on As Feel nerd commutee market access I Rules I Trade Facilitation


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