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College Algebra

by: Lisa Wisoky

College Algebra MATH 123

Lisa Wisoky
GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lisa Wisoky on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 123 at Fayetteville State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/221587/math-123-fayetteville-state-university in Mathematics (M) at Fayetteville State University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
ALGEBRA REVIEW E Ar hme c Opera n5 be real number m m milmung pmpemes a b a b c abc albd A muvelmv m ab a Dumh mehw b t 1 lb r lb 1i a 3m mm 12 7 21m In 7 m1vg 49 qusur 07 If we m me msmmm Law um nmzs e gu mmm a brabdac5 ndbi Tins 571 am We mulnph m crms by mull 7 mg each m m sue mm by each mm m am mm mm m mm m gmdun Sdmmnutallj 72 hm a bllr dl K htheczseunzze r a mm a we um 39aubb E 3mm we abram E mmm 2 a 2x 1x27 7 75x42 71m 7 b ws 12x36 c 3r 71m 2 7 10 a u add ma Emcuuns my me same dzuommmax u use 1 17mm Law u ix 1X 1 b 1 b quot5 Thus nus m1 um Em unumbu a lvmd me faliwmg ccmumn um bic m mmm m a 7 a 7 1m 9 Vb mm To add hva athnns mu dx erem denammamb we use a comma denmnmavm L panmul l n b um um m m u E mm W nanng u m amnou up 5mm u 1033 a mu mag I m suuuunbg am Ag gamma aq m sanupmb mm amps rrxuxzrrrrrtz wqxs uwxnaumuamuadx 7 5mm HAW xzmxaj am 3n 101393 m m u we mu mu g 9 maugaaa am mm m3 mm 1L 7 xx mm a mwm 1 ksltsrltzr r amjnm 5 par 5 m h ms ax A du nm pnw 5 am my ypk mm slain am am nuumn r 7 A 1Awm5 r mwm 1an q um m pne Isleqnum asomp m pm m as HHVHAH mp man a 2 Xq It mm up 3n auupmb mpg n1 mans m Kane name a m unis max q nalpximna Imumuxs mm alu amua dnuua lanpm u n umssavdx we Emmqu A q W1 aumqlusl exp 5mm mm lt de qu Nam 01 pm mm was m sumsuxdx axuqa w mm plum n 1 amqmnqampmmq a a a w W u mm m uuuuu zxmm A a rim 72 b 4x 25 2 712 17 mom 7 Sxmphfy x 7 7A 7 3mm ananng nummm m enmnma ur w but 7473 4 Kuhn 2 Ra cals me most Cnmmonl acummg mdlcnls are squm39 mms The 5mm Vquot mum th pasm re squat mo cf 3911 r m xzo gm 0 a me mm 5 mm mmm a a a am m mung mm mm Home there 1 no mum ml far me squm mm an sum Lu fan ym 51mm xtmunbex m mm Ihe soxmmg mmmun exmx Tb d m mixante key 7 andb 15 a 1 m mm mm M Nance um quot bum f mdmzxes uh mm Wm M set Appemm 1n 2 1 my 5 n pmam xmegu 72 betauie 7 Ind Exponent Le a be any pmnn number and 1n n be a pnxme mugs Then by de mnon L a a m N am mega E L 0 mm Le a m b 7 Wm m m 1 m b My mm mm mm ms MW m 1 o3939 aquot ab 5 In arm Ines rm 1m can be mm mm Tn muluply m power an e um xmmhzr we add me xpmlems vu pm 2 mm Mgubommeu apuvyexma mumpym u Tn nan a pmducnn a pm e m each facmz m the pm 5 Tu nus a gunman m a power we nus hmh numeumr and rhepowu 1 2 ponzms dencmmxnz m Supplemental Practice Problems Problems 1716 Exgand and Slmgllfy l Mancunian 2m 7 39 714 7 3m so 74 413 2 r 2117 3 4 7 ml 7 m m 7 1H 2 ll 1x7 ll a a 5 74A2SUJZA1 ll 9 11 z N 15 41 2m 7 3 1 16 1 7 Answers to Problems 1716 735 c 22m shim kw 45 647 141m3 73 w 77 M 715v 7 39s31 1s x rzfrx22xl ProblemsZ 38 FactortheExgresslon FIE an 32 34 r as an rl rli Answers to Problems 2938 29 lxl39 61quot 30 th Scquot 31 x ll139 l 32 1 31 3 33 I39x HEX II 34 1x lilix 4 35 9f INK 139 36 4339 303 31 37 31 13339 3 38 x 5 Problems 4953 Simplify the Expression I3 5x Ex 52 x3 x 12 Answers to Problems 4953 9 392 50 2x1 51 x1 52gt 31 x I 31 x S x 4 I 3 53V19 Problems 5560 Complete the Sguare 55 x2 2139 5 56 x3 16 SD 57 Aquot 5139 10 58 x1 31 1 59 4X2 4 3 60 3x3 241 50 Answers to Problems 5560 55 13 1f 4 5a u 8quot 16 57 x 3 53 x f 59 2x 1quot 3 GB 31139 4 3 Problems 6166 Solve the Eguation B1X3939 100 621392 31 3D 631 29x 10 54r3 2x 3quotD 6533513910 6621 x30 Answers to Problems 61766 Problems 83 4 Use the Laws ofExgonents to Rewme and Slmgllfy 313 x 9 rm 2quot x 4 x 16 Answers to Problems 8 84 Ba 3 an 1


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