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by: Giovanna Schroeder

Endocrinology BIOL 610

Giovanna Schroeder
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Giovanna Schroeder on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 610 at Fayetteville State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/221591/biol-610-fayetteville-state-university in Biology at Fayetteville State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Neural endocrine glands HypoThalamus and PiTuiTary HypoThalamus PreSenT in all verTebraTes InTegraTive siTe ConTrols piTuiTary RegulaTes behavior Sex drive TemperaTure feed inTake releaSe of oTher hormones FuncTions and ComponenTs AnTerior Middle PosTerior Bordered anTeriorly by The opTic chiasma Bordered posTeriorly by The mammary nuclei ComparTmenTalized and sends axons To The piTuiTary gland SCN VMN FuncTions and ComponenTs USes individual pockeTs of nuclei To regulaTe The piTuiTary HypophysioTropic area 11 relaTionship beTween hypoThalamic and piTuiTary hormones Cyclic and Tonic releaSes FuncTions and ComponenTs DirecT regulaTion of piTuiTary Axonoplasmic flow of oxyTocin and vasopressin Through axons IndirecT regulaTion of piTuiTary Median Eminence To anTerior piTuiTary Through The circulaTory sysTem FuncTions and ComponenTs HypoThalmal Hypophysial porTal sysTem The vessels ThaT connecT The hypoThalamic circulaTion wiTh The piTuiTary circulaTion All hypoThalamic hormones are pepTides BesT known are TRF LHGHIF GHSF Releasing facTors HypoThalamic hormones are called releasing facTors RegulaTed by boTh inTernal and exTernal sTimuli as well as chronoTropic effecTs Examples PiTuiTary SiTs in The Sella Turcica MusT be direchy connecTed To The hypoThalamus To funcTion correchy NoT really a masTer gland Dual organ AnTeriorposTerior ESSenTial To life Pi rui rary Adenohypophysis anTerior glandular Pars Dis ralis Larges r 80 Pars in rermedia Small in adul rs large in infan rs Pars Tuberalis Wraps around PI con rains por ral sys rem produces 8 hormones Pi rui rary Neurohypophysis posTerior neural Pars Nervosa Pars infidibulum S ralk a r raching rhe PP ro rhehypo rhalamus Turns info The Median eminence releases 2 hormones Pi rui rary Nerve Supply Blood Supply ZonaTion STarT here Pi rui rary Micr oana romy Par39s dis ralis 75 o chromophils Acidophils 6H PRL Basophils FSHLHTSH 25 o chromophobes Cells change morphology No r clear where ACTHLPH and MSH are formed Pi rui rar y Micr oana romy Par39s In rer39media No r present in all mammals Con rains Type I MSH Type II cellsMSH LPH ACTH Pl l39Ul l39Or39y Micr oana romy Neur39ohypophysis Modified neural Tissue Neurophysin Pi ruicy res Quiz 2 Compare The An rer39ior39 and posterior pi rui rar y


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