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HVACR Building Systems

by: Jailyn Auer MD

HVACR Building Systems HVAC 483

Marketplace > Ferris State University > Hvacr > HVAC 483 > HVACR Building Systems
Jailyn Auer MD
GPA 3.82


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jailyn Auer MD on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HVAC 483 at Ferris State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/221604/hvac-483-ferris-state-university in Hvacr at Ferris State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Ferns Slate Univsrsl College of Technology HVACR Depanment Internshlp wirlun 1h HVACR Engineering Technology relamd cxpen39ences This course has been placed actwcen the third amp founh yams SD Ihal lhc experiences gained may be nnplren D Smiur year cuul susl The followlng assignments wauld constitulc an cxccllcnz internship system r m 39 r d km 1quot r m m balmml lcsling adjusting amp balance comm balancing and comm work allergy commerciul amp induslrial level onnutad Studcms who have completed lheirllmior year afHVACSLR Englncering Technology have bucomefamxharwith codes 84 srnndards Theyara capable of ductwoxk syslems and car selcck pumps arr fans for rhc glven applica on Thcy have been so ware 39 prodlwu39v part oflhc wm s force dunng the internship period cur mquimncnls ufprmicipadng cmpluycxs art simple39 wagss Dr snlnry is wnh the unplnycr39n deaigmucd Contact person merr HVAC knowledge and coursework to eld xpericnce We need your my The Success 0503 program is depmdml upon me um n 39 wlll b mulually bene cial Y ucctf Hy Don s Ich Assistant PmIessor Ferris State University HVACR ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY INTERNSHIP GUIDElINIES Table of contents About Your Internship Introduc on PhHosophy Intern s Responsibilities Rules Governing Internship Get ng the Most our of Your hnernship Trahnng She Responnbih es Onenta on to the Trahnng She The In1portance of the Internship Progran1 De nhmns Internship Contract Page Page Page Page Page 2 Page 2 Page 3 Page 3 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 About Your Internship This Student Internship Training Guide has been developed to make your internship a profitable and rewarding educational experience It strives to answer questions that you may have and gives common guidelines for everyone to follow Comments and suggestions for improvements to this guide are welcome Introduction Traditionally most engineering technology programs are centered around classroom activities with little or no involvement as to what actually takes place in industry The results of this are students who are not fully prepared to face the world of work This separation between industry and education has resulted in courses or programs not being in tune with where the state of the art actually is This internship is an attempt to better prepare out students for employment and to keep up our program relevant and up to date It is to this end that we at Ferris State University strive Philosophy For any internship to be successful the combined efforts of the training site University and student are essential Each party has an important function to fulfill and the combined efforts must be carefully coordinated Furthermore the training site must have a commitment and dedication to help educate the engineering professional of the future This is the most critical factor that determines the success or failure of the internship program This guide is provided to help the training site in fulfilling its essential function Intern s Responsibilities In accordance with the University s policy statement for the operation of the internship program each intern must be properly registered HIAC 483 and gaythe scheduled rate of tuition Room board and personal travel expenses are generally the responsibility of the interning student Each intern must conduct his or her activities in accordance with regulations prescribed by Ferris State University and shall abide by the personnel requirements of the internship training site Rules Governing Internship In order for the internship program to function and work successfully a number of rules and procedures have been developed The student is responsible to know and follow these rules Students must be conscientious and work to the best of their ability Any serious employment difficulties or serious misunderstandings must be reported immediately to the intern coordinator Interns are required to comply with all conditions of employment including rules of the employer federal state and local regulations The training site supervisor must be notified immediately in the event a student is unable to report to work If the absence from work extends more than three days the intern coordinator must be notified A student may not abandon a job Employment can be terminated only after consultation with both the intern coordinator and the employer Your status regarding financial aid Veteran s benefits etc is your responsibility and you must check with any such office prior to going out on the job The internsrig experience is a paid work experience Typically hourly wag es are commensurate with duties performed and are negotiated between the student and the employer Students who do not conform to the rules may receive an unsatisfactory grade for the course thereby jeopardizing their potential for graduation Getting The Most Out or Your Internship Remember that this is a learning experience How can you get the most out of your job How can you succeed on the job What can you do to establish a good onthejob reputation The answers to these questions are related When you are able to answer one question you will often find you will have an answer to another Before offering a number of suggestions we presume that as an employee you 1 want to do a good job and 2 are receptive to advice Most of our intern sites have been very eager to work with interns Your supervisor understands that you are still learning and will help you adjust Many students have a fear of failure which is generally unjustified Do your best and everything will work out fine Training Site Responsibilities The main function of the training site is to provide various opportunities for the intern to learn first hand about the HVACR Engineering profession The training will vary form intern to intern as well as from company to company Each site should however be able to provide appropriate training opportunities for the intern Orientation To The Training Site The intern should be oriented to the organization and operation of the training site Organizational charts program plans personnel regulation procedure manuals and other pertinent material should be reviewed with the student during their first week The Importance of the Internship Program To the employer Opportunity to select and test talented professional personnel without a permanent commitment Opportunity to preview prospective fulltime employees over an extended period Opportunity to participate in the student s career preparation Reduces temporary work overloads To the student Practical application of classroom studies Accumulation of professional experience in their field Help in determining general and specific career opportunities Development of maturity professionalism selfconfidence and decision making skills Improved prospects of career employment and higher earnings potential upon graduation Earnings help defray educational expenses Develop an awareness of industrial realism To the faculty Establishes rapport with the business industrial and governmental community and the public at large Enables students to gain practical experience while joining classroom theory with real world application Improves students academic performance in the classroom Definitions Intern Coordinator A member of the HVACR faculty who has the prime responsibility for supervision of the internship program Training Site A company that agrees to provide a minimum of 10 weeks 400 hours of training in HVACR Engineering Technology Ferris State University IIVAGII Internship antiact This document is intended to be a working a between Student and Company as to the primary goals and expectations between both parties It is expected that the student will perform the stated goalsobjectives listed below and that the company will furnish support toward these goalsobjectives It is also expected that the basic intent of the 10 week internship will involve some knowledgeexpertise learned from the 4 year HVACR program examples load estimating controls energy auditmanagement cost estimating pipe design duct design or something else approved by the internship coordinator The stated goalsobjectives listed below should be jointly created by both the student amp the company It is expected that this document is to be billed out and faxed to the Ferris HVACR Internship coordinator prior to the start ofthe internship GOALSOBJECTIVES 1 The above is agreed upon by Student Date Company Rep Date


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